Friday, July 17, 2009

Win a Steamboy Mop @BlessingsAbound

I have been washing floors on my hands and knees for years now. I just can't seem to get the floors clean enough with an ordinary mop and I have tried several over the years. However I don't like the chemicals on the floor especially after I read on a blog site of how sick pets can get from them. Who knew that the swiffer mop solutions caused animals to get sick. Not me, until I read a great review on a blog post. So the idea of using steam to clean my floors instead of chemicals really excites me. It would be great to have clean floors without chemicals and not having to scrub on my hands and knees anymore~! If chemicals make animals sick think about our children. I switch to murphy soap since I read that but now I have to scrub and scrub. The best part is you can actually win a Steamboy Steam Mop at "Blessings Abound".
Just click on the link above to her site and read her full review and then enter. It's that simple.

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