Saturday, January 21, 2017

Don't Get Lost, Get A Compass!

My family likes to go geocaching, hunting, fishing, 4 wheeling, snowmobiling, hiking and more. These are all fun things to do but should be planned appropriately. Which includes carrying safety items in case of an emergency or mishaps. When doing any of these activities in unfamiliar territory it is important to carry a good survival compass. It's easy to get turned around in the thickest of forest here in the deep woods of Maine. No one wants to get lost when hiking but many have when wandering off the trail. Unfortunately it can end in tragedy. Be prepared! That is why this
Dead End Survival Co. SharpSurvival Compass is so important to have with us. I like that it is in a closed case to protect it because I wanted this compass to add to one of our several emergency kits and sometimes the gear bangs around. This way I know when it gets tousled it isn't so apt to get broken.

One night years ago while snowmobiling back home after a long day of events at a local fund raiser an unexpected snow storm started while riding on the way back home. It was a long sled ride and the trail disappeared under the snow. I was nervous because when you hit open fields and there is no trail in the pitch dark it's easy to get lost and the wind made it extremely cold. We had a trail map, compass, thermal blanket and first aid kit with us even though we knew where we were going that day because the weather can change in a minute here. The compass we had didn't have the glow in the dark feature like this Survival Compass so when we hit an open field and needed to know which direction to go we had to stop and get off the sled to use the snowmobile headlight so we could see the compass. This compass makes it quick and easy to check our direction due to the glow in the dark feature. Keep in mind this is solar powered so it needs to be left open to restore the glow in the dark feature from time to time. I have a grow light for starting my seedlings for my vegetable garden and I just pop it open and leave it sitting under that for a bit and it keeps it glowing nice and bright. You could always leave it open on a window sill until you need it. Just remember to make sure it has been open and is ready to use if planning some night time trips.

This also comes in handy for night geocaching which is so much fun but sometimes you need a compass to find the cash. That's when the glow in the dark feature comes in handy on this Survival Compass too. It makes it easier to read. Of course we wear headlamps but the glare makes it hard to read so the glow in the dark feature eliminates that problem. It's also an added safety measure in case the batteries ever did go dead we could at least read the compass and work our way out of the woods slowly.

With this compass you'll know where north is day or night. They have North very clearly marked so you can tell easily which way is north. It features 360 degree rotating bezel which makes it easy to navigate or as we say find your bearings. I like the style of this compass very much. It has a ring at the top so I can attach it to a day pack, cable on the sled or 4 wheeler and more. It's light weight so when hiking you won't have added weight and as any hiker knows every ounce counts. To give you an idea of the size I would compare it to an average pocket watch. It measures about 2" inches wide and a 0.5" half inch thick. It has etching of the company's logo on the outside. It comes as pictured on Amazon and I'm super happy with this product. 

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