Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Need A Drummer~!

Sometimes life moves on. In this case it's my son's life. He will be leaving us soon to attend college. Which means he won't have the time to dedicate his time as the drummer to the band any longer. Attending full time college and work study is going to take up most of his time. He wants any extra time that he does have to explore other avenue's . He wants to be able to spend time with his friends and maybe even take a nice girl out from time to time. He is currently single and wants it that way. As he put it "Mom I'm to busy to have a girlfriend" . This was actually great because it gave him a chance to do what he wanted when he wanted and not feel like he had to please someone else. He was really busy in school activities such as football, weight lifting, band, marching band and bowling. Plus he played in the classic rock band with my fiance "Border Crossing". We have had no luck finding a drummer. With all the musicians you would think that wouldn't be a problem but in this area it is. No one seems to be available. We are hoping on Wednesday we will have a drummer show up for an interview because we are running out of time because in just a short 5 months my son will be on to bigger and brighter adventures.

Monday, March 29, 2010

$25 GC for Sunglass Warehouse @ Piece of Me

I just found the coolest glasses at the Sunglass Warehouse from a review I read at Piece of Me. I used to have a pair like them a long time ago but they are so hard to find that I just couldn't get another pair and I really liked them. Sunglass Warehouse has tons to choose from. If your looking for a special pair that you can't seem to find they just might have them. The best part is you can enter at Piece of Me to win a $25 Gift Card to Sunglass Warehouse just click here.

VTech WiFi Internet Radio Giveaway @ Mommy Goggles

I just read a review at Mommy Goggles about the VTech WiFi Internet Radio. I was so excited after reading the review because her readers can enter for a chance to win one. This piece of equipment is awesome. It has so many stations your bound to find the music you want to hear. Radio reception stinks where I live and I would love to have this VTech WiFi Internet Radio. Check out her review & giveaway here.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House Stork Craft Giveaway

Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House is having a fantastic review & giveaway from Stork Craft. This is your chance to read a great review and enter to win an Aspen Changing Table in the winner's choice of color and maybe even a Rocking Horse~! It is available in 8 different finishes how cool is that~!?!
It has two large shelves and an over-sized draw to hold all those necessities right in reach. I love the baskets idea that is in the picture above. If you would like to enter and read a great review skip over to Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House just click here.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Real Heart Prints Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6 Quart Slow Cooker Giveaway

Real Heart Prints is currently having a review and giveaway for a Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6Qt Slow Cooker. This thing rocks. The features are wonderful. I really like that it has Clip-tight lid that prevents spills and that it's dish washer safe. I love using a slow cooker. The roast is always so tender when cooked in a slow cooker. The slow cooker I have now is to small for my family. It was ok when there were just two of us but as our family grew it just isn't big enough any longer so I rarely use it any longer. Check out her complete review and enter to win one. Just click here.

Blog Makeover Giveaway Going On at Etsy It Up~!

Ok I have had this same style from day one with blogging. I would really like a new look and my own button. I've tried to make it look interesting and all but there is just so much you can do with the free basic design offered by blogger. I don't like the comment section at all. I would love to have a different option for that. I also would like tabs below the header. This would come in handy for not only myself but for my followers as well. So when I received an email from Etsy It Up about a giveaway for a blog makeover I was thrilled~! Check out the review about dumplin design studio and enter the giveaway while your there. Don't wait long because this giveaway ends 3/21 just click here.

Home Construction Improvement Giveaway Is Going On Now~!

Don't miss out on the review & giveaway going on at Home Construction Improvement right now. I just read a review about a great tool that will get the job done. If you have a big paint job that needs to be done then you might want to read the review about the EZ Twist PaintStick. I have a closed in 2 1/2 story hallway and when it comes to washing or painting that hallway it's no fun~! I hate ladders and refuse to use one on a pair of stairs and that's why my hallway has not been painted in 18 years. I have a long handled sponge mop and that is how I wash the hallway walls and ceiling. I keep this long handled mop just for that job. I would like to paint the hallway and I was so excited when I saw the EZ Twist PaintStick. This is the tool I need to get the job done. Of course then I'll want to do the kitchen and the living room oh and why not just the whole house. If you want to enter to win an EZ Twist PaintStick click here to go to Home Construction Improvement.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Prize Pack Giveaway @ Mommy Goggles

I just entered a real fun giveaway at "Mommy Goggles". She is having a giveaway for a Alice in Wonderland Prize Pack~! We have been waiting for this movie to come to our area because we are so excited to see it. We live in a very small community in the middle of no where and it takes forever for new movies to get here. We are always 3 months behind. I try not to read about any of the new releases on blogs or groups that people have seen because it ruins it for us. I end up knowing how the movie ends usually so I avoid it at all cost. However with Alice in Wonderland we all know the movie inside and out and we can't wait to see the new version with Johnny Depp and the graphics. Mommy Goggles has a trailer you can watch that shows some of the new version. It's really an interesting review not to mention while your their you can enter to win a fun filled Alice in Wonderland Prize Pack that includes one OPI Alice In Wonderland Mini Nail Lacquer Set , One Alice In Wonderland Nintendo DS™ game, One Alice In Wonderland soundtrack CD, and one mini poster from the movie. How fantastic is that~!!! If you would like to read her complete review and enter her giveaway just click HERE.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Working for the Census

I'm usually so busy reading other blogs and commenting that I don't have time to write on my own blog. I enter giveaways and blog them here to pass on the links and that's it. But now that I have a little more time I thought I'd write about this family from time to time.
My son is a Senior in High School and graduates this year. He will be going off to college next fall and he needs a job so when I read a post at work that they were recruiting so I decided to give them a call to see what it was all about. I found out you need to take a test first. If you pass the test then they will hire you and then you have to attend training. It sounded fairly simple and they sounded eager to hire. I have seen on the news a few disturbing flicks about these workers having some trouble. These were women and I decided that it's just not safe for women to go alone. We had a few that were assaulted and threatened while knocking door to door. We hear of crime every day on the news which automatically tells you there are some really bad people out there. When working for the census you have no idea who is behind that door and what kind of person you will be dealing with. I must say it is very disturbing thinking about that. With jobs so hard to find some are forced to do jobs they normally wouldn't do. The money the Census pays is real good. A lot hire than most jobs in this area so that makes it even more tempting. Many jobs here pay less than $7 to $8 bucks an hour. For teens working at McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts that is about there pay so for a teen to get a job making more than $13 an hour is real appealing. I just don't know how much I like the idea of my son working knocking door to door for the Census. I keep saying to myself that well he isn't a girl he is a boy. He will be 18 in two months you got to let him do this. He is a strong young man who body builds every day. No one will bother him. He will have his cell phone at all times etc etc. Even though I keep telling myself all this I can't seem to convince myself. Well he took the test and he passed so now if they call in 2 months he will have the job. It is so hard as a mother not to worry. We all do it but this time I just have that pit in my stomach that keeps annoying me. So this morning while having coffee with friends and family I brought up the topic. Well my father age 72 who is retired and spoils all the children rotten pipes up and says he isn't going alone I'm gonna ride with him. He said I like to ride in the country and I don't have anything better to do. Now I thought what a great idea. I will feel so much better. I know we need to let are children grow up and experience life and all but I don't feel that we should disreguard our gut feelings either.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Campus Quilt Giveaway @Lipstick to Crayons

My son is graduating this year and I would love to have a quilt made out of his favorite cloths from the hat he came home in from the hospital to the jersey he wore this year in football. I showed him a shirt that he had made when he was in preschool and a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon came across his face and he said "Mom you saved that?" I said "Of course I did" I just know he would treasure a quilt made by Campus Quilt out of his old clothes. The best part is you can win a quilt from Campus Quilt because Lipstick to Crayons is having a review and giveaway for one. If you have an idea of a quilt you would like made Campus Quilt can do it. They even had one on their site made out of ties. For ideas you can check out Campus Quilt site and click on their tab Pictures & ideas. If you would like to read her complete review and enter just click on any Lipstick to Crayons in this post.