Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mommies With Cents Insignia Digital Picture Frame Giveaway

Mommies With Cents is having a review & giveaway for the Insignia Digital Picture Frame. Just check out some of these wonderful features:
* 7" widescreen LCD display with 16:9 aspect ratio
Creates an impressive display for viewing your pictures.
* 800 x 480 resolution and 500:1 contrast ratio
Provide an accurate display of your photos' details.
* Supports JPEG picture format for convenient viewing.
* 1GB internal memory lets you save and manage your digital images.
* Supports multiple memory card formats including CompactFlash, Secure Digital,

That's not all it comes with a remote and power adapter too~! Want to read the complete review and enter the giveaway for your chance to win one? Of course you do. Just click here.

Enter to win Nikon Coolpix 10.0 megapixel digital camera @ACouchWithAView

Would you like to win a Nikon Coolpix 10.0 megapixel digital camera to capture all your pet memories??
You know you do!! I just came from "A Couch With A View" where you can enter to win one.
We all love our pets and if you would like to find some fun and helpful information for all you pet lovers like myself check out Petcentric. I love the "place" tab at Petcentric because it will find Lodging, parks and more for you and your pet for when traveling. And if you win this too cool giveaway from "A Couch With A View" just think of all the great photo's you can take of your extended family when on vacation. If you would like to read her complete review and enter to win a Nikon Coolpix 10.0 megapixel digital camera click Here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

100 Uprinting Postcards Giveaway @AHappyHippyMom

My son will be graduating this year and it is very expensive their senior year with all the added cost for prom and such but I found a way to save a bunch by using Uprinting Postcards for graduation announcements. I just entered to win a 100 at A Happy Hippy Mom giveaway. That would save me from having to purchase announcements which are very expensive. Then there is postage cost and again by using Uprinting Postcards I will save money because instead of paying .44cents for mailing an envelope I will only have to pay .28 cents per postcard. That's a $16 savings per 100 mailed. Then the cost of 100 invitations $44 so if I win it will save me a total of $60 bucks. Now that's a great deal~!!!! It's a win win situation. If you would also like to enter just click here.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Butterscotch Personalized Throw Blanket Giveaway @Sweeps4Bloggers

Every child should have their own special Blanky. Remember Linus from the peanuts lol What would be better than a special personalized Blanket for your baby!?! Valerie at Sweeps4Bloggers is having a giveaway for not one but two Butterscotch Personalized Throw Blankets from Butterscotch Blankees. I love that you can pick the colors and the emblems at this site. To learn more about Butterscotch Blankees read her complete review and enter while your there for your chance to win one. Just click here.

Anne Geddes Tiger Jacket Giveaway @Sweeps4Bloggers

Valerie from Sweeps4Bloggers is having an adorable giveaway for the Anne Geddes Tiger Jacket pictured above. It is soooooooo cute. I collect lions and tigers so when I saw this adorable Tiger Jacket I just had to enter. I just checked out some other items at Anne Geddes and found some wonderful items. They even had a Tiger Plush Toy that just tugged at my heart when I saw it.

Can you picture your baby wearing this adorable tiger jacket holding this tiger plush toy. Too Sweet~! So what are you waiting for read Valerie's full review and enter for your chance to win here.

Enter To Win Epson Artisan 710 All-in-one Printer @Piece of Me

I just read a GREAT review at Piece of Me about the Epson Artisan 710 All-in-One Printer. This printer is awesome. It does everything but dance. I am soooooooo wanting one now. The Epson Artisan 710 All-in-One Printer offers so many wonderful features including built-in Wi-Fi, Ultra Hi-Definition photo prints, individual ink cartridges, and one-of-a-kind projects. You can charge cell phones or MP3 player from the USB port on the printer or printing from a iPhone or iPod Touch which is handy for sure. It also contains two automatic photo trays, one for standard paper and one for photo paper which this feature is great for me because I switch back and forth a lot in a matter of minutes so this will save me time and hassle. It also has advanced face detection to distinguish people from scenery and even automatically removes red eye. I could go on and on at what I learned from reading her review but instead read it yourself you'll be amazed and while your there enter for your chance to win one. Just click here.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Enter Kindle2, E-Reader or Nook @Park Avenue Princess

Over at Park Avenue Princess she has a great review about Matthew Carter's book "Liquid Soul" Not only do you get to pick your choice of the Kindle2 , Sony E-Reader or Barnes & Noble Nook but it will come with an ebook copy of LIQUID SOUL!
I'm so excited about this Grand Giveaway. I have had this on my wish list for a long time, ever since the first Kindle hit the market.

I just read the first three pages of Matthew Carter's book LIQUID SOUL and I can't wait to read the entire book. I love a good thriller. If you would like to check it out for yourself just click here to read it. The best part is you can actually win a copy along with a reader of your choice. This is such an UNBELIEVABLE Giveaway~!!! If you would like to enter for your chance to win just click on the button below or any highlighted link to Park Avenue Princess. So what are you waiting for check it out~!

@MommiesWithCents enter to win the Phillips DC912 Docking Entertainment System

Are you looking for a great Docking System for your iPhone or iPod? Check out the review for the Phillips DC912 Docking Entertainment System at Mommies With Cents . She is also having a giveaway for one. How fantastic is that!!! Here are some of my favorite features:
It has table stand and wall mount option.
Your iPod can charge while on the system
You can enjoy videos from your iPod device by rotating it from horizontal to vertical
There are six built-in speakers and a wireless subwoofer.
This is just some of the features so to find out more you'll have to go to Mommies With Cents and read her complete review and enter to win while your there. Just click here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Get The Hits Giveaway @Maria's Space

I grew up on AC/DC music and could never get enough. I can remember cruising in my first car with the Back In Black tape maxed on the car stereo system. With the generation gap I never dreamed any of my children would have music interest the same as mine. but My son is their ULTIMATE fan. He loves them more than I do and it's so nice to have something in common with my teenager.When he pops in AC/DC on my car stereo today I grin thinking that was me years ago except it was a cassette not a DVD back then.

Maria's Space is having an amazing 12 Days of Christmas Get The Hits Giveaway~! I am so excited about today's giveaway because it is for an AC/DC Deluxe Box Set :) My son is their biggest fan for sure. He actually is a drummer but because he idolizes Angus and can't get enough of their music he just had to learn all their hits on guitar. By age 12 he was jamming out AC/DC and loving every minute of it. Some have a favorite band for a while then a few months later a new band hits the charts and they now have a new favorite band but not my son. Once he heard AC/DC that was it for him and he has been hooked on their music ever since. That's him in this photo enjoying some great Angus leads lol . Told ya he is their biggest fan.
I just entered Maria's Space AC/DC Deluxe Box Set Giveaway because I would love to be able to give this to him. You can enter too by clicking here.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

You can enter to win a Sleep Number Bed @OurOrdinaryLife

I just came from "Our Ordinary Life" where you can enter to win a Sleep Number Bed. How sweet is that~! If you suffer from joint pain or back pain or maybe both like I do then your definitely want to read her review and enter yourself. I had a real bad back injury in 1983 and have had a hard time sleeping ever since. Not to mention that I was diagnosed with RA which is disease that attacks your joints usually crippling limbs. It is very painful and it's been a long time between a full nights sleep for me. I decided I needed to spend the extra money and invest in a new sleep system so I bought an adjustable air bed which wasn't the sleep number bed and spent lots of money on it. Unfortunately it last just about a year then all of a sudden I was sleeping on plywood because the air would seep out every 2hrs. I would have to get up every two hours and pump it back up. Talk about a night mare. Any how this went on for another year because I just didn't have the money to replace it and the company went Bankrupt. (Go Figure right) so I spent all my money and had to wait until income tax time when I could afford a regular mattress. That is all I could come up with after spending all that money on the air bed that went flat and bankrupt. How I wished I had known about the Sleep Number Bed back then. They have been around for some time now and looks like they stand 100% behind their product.
Of course the regular mattress I bought just isn't working. I have pressure points and it wakes me up every hour or so and I have to move into another position. How I wish I owned a Sleep Number Bed~!!!! That's why I just entered for my chance to win and you can too by clicking here.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Enter to win a Scentsy @MommyGoggles

Don't you just love it when your house smells of your favorite fragrance. I could not believe all the fragrances that Scentsy has to offer. They even have one that smells like a coffee house to me lol. Like the smell of new leather? They have that too. Bubblegum? Toast? you name it they have it. I myself love the smell of Mulberry. I would love to try the Blackberry Vanilla~! They have some really beautiful warmers too. I myself like the plug-ins. I would like one for every room in the house. You can enter to win a Plug-In Scentsy Warmer with three Scentsy flavors at Mommy Goggles. And if you win I bet you'll have a hard time picking just 3 since they have tons to choose from. To read her full review and enter her giveaway just click here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Kolcraft Sesame Street Tender Vibes Bouncer Giveaway @JLeighDesignz

I have never owned a bouncer before because I could always picture myself sitting there pushing this bouncer up and down, up and down. I just figured I would much rather rock my children then to sit them in a seat and push up and down on the edge of it but then I read this great review about the Kolcraft Sesame Street Tender Vibes Bouncer and decided this would be really nice and probably real soothing for the baby. Some of the features are:

Cozy Seat Cushion with Adjustable Headrest
Mobile with Soft Sesame Street Characters
2-Speed Soothing Vibrations
Mobile Swings Away for Easy Access to Child
Seat Pad Easily Removes for Washing

Some really nice features huh! I also liked that it had a mobile that swings away when you want to remove the baby from the bouncer. The best part is you can enter to win one at J.Leigh Designz just click here. If you would like to check this item or other Kolcraft items then click here.

Kolcraft Stroller Giveaway @ TwoOfAKindWorkingOnAFullHouse

Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House is having a wonderful giveaway for a Kolcraft Jeep Wrangler unlimited g-edition stroller. What I like about this stroller was that it came with a cup holder and a carrying case. I find both those features come in real handy. It folds up nicely for travel. If you would like to read a full review and enter for your chance to win then just click here.
If you would like to check out this product and others by Kolcraft then click here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saving Time & Money Tips and Win a $100 Staples GC @TwitterMoms

Twitter Moms is having a fun filled money saving, time saving, Blog about, giveaway to win $100 Staples Gift Card. Sound fun!?! Sure it does. The first 50 bloggers to post will receive a $25 Staples Gift Card to shop in store. And that’s not all! Ten randomly selected bloggers will receive a $100 Staples Gift Card to shop in store!
With work, the kids and all the extra curriculum I barely have time to shop for the holidays not to mention the card sending and gift wrapping but I have found a few time saving , money saving tricks over the years. Every year around Thanksgiving I order personal postcards to mail at Christmas. I like to upload a holiday background and add a family photo then in about 7 to 10 days my postcards arrive and already I have saved money because as you know stamps are no longer cheap. Postcards can be mailed for $.28 cents and envelopes cost $.44 cents so when your mailing in bulk this savings adds up quickly. You save $.16 for every postcard you send instead of the envelope card. Then I have all my Christmas list address on my PC so all I have to do is put them in the printer and push a button. I also add my own greeting on the postcard. I also print that with a click of the mouse. With in minutes all my Christmas Postcards are ready to mail. Both Time & Money saved. Staples also does custom orders. Another money saving idea is to shop yard sales during the summer months for wall paper. I found that it makes great wrapping paper~! I bought a box of around 12 or more double rolls in a for $2.00 . I had enough wall paper to wrap hundreds of presents. It was beige in color with a little bit of gold leaf and when I added ribbons and bows it made beautiful packages. Remember to keep your Christmas cards for the next year to cut them into tags for your packages another fun way to save money. The kids love making them too~! Staples have some great deals on craft items too. To learn more money/time saving tips click on the highlighted link to Staples in this post. To enter for your chance to win a Staples GC go to Twitter Moms and read all about it.
Deals for Busy Moms This Holiday Season
Check out This Week's Deals!

About this TwitterMoms Blogging Program

$800 Christmas Gifts Giveaway @AGiveawayEveryday

Ok this is just plain AMAZING~! I just came from A Giveaway Everyday where she is doing just that and One family will receive $800 in Christmas Gifts~! The presents are just wonderful. There is something for everyone of all ages. I put a few pictures just to show you an example of how tremendously wonderful this giveaway really is. But remember this is just a few of the items. I was jumping Up & Down with joy ~! I was scrolling down through the presents and when I hit about the 6th one I figured that must be it but no there were more. I just kept scrolling and scrolling~! I couldn't believe how many items there were. It's hard to type when I get excited because I tend to squirm around a lot lol. I entered and so can you. Just click on this link. Happy Holidays Everyone~!

$110 Visa gift card GIVEAWAY from Kodak! @ExperimentalMommy

I just read a great review at The-Not-So Blog Experimental Mommy. Kodak is having r “Save $110 Tour” to show just how easy it is to save on average $110 per year on ink with Kodak’s All-in-One inkjet printers. To help kick off this “Save $110 Tour” Experimental Mommy is having a giveaway and you could win $110 Visa Gift Card~! I just entered for my chance to win and so can you. Just click on this link.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

HP TouchSmart 600 Desktop PC Amazing~!

I just read a review and watched a video about the HP TouchSmart 600 Desktop PC at Jolly Mom. This machine is AMAZING~! I can't even imagine how cool it would be to own this phenomenal Desktop. The HP TouchSmart 600 has many built-in touch optimized applications. One is for twitter which would be one of my favorites. Another application that it comes with is Netflixs and since I use a Roku that I down load instant movies from Netflixs so this would be another great application for me. Of course this is just a few I know I would use on a regular basis. To learn more you can go to Jolly Mom and read her complete review and watch the video and if you still want to know more you could check out HP yourself. Just that it is a touch excites me so the added applications just blows me away. But wait I haven't told you the best part yet. You could actually win this fantastic HP TouchSmart 600 Desktop PC at Jolly Mom. You read that right, you could win one. Ok calm down I know your excited too just as I am but collect yourself and click on any Jolly Mom highlighted link or click the button below.
HP TouchSmart 600

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fujitsu Uncover the Possibilities

Labyrinth Balance Board Giveaway @MomMostTraveled

I was just introduced to a really cool new site by "Mom Most Traveled" called Museum Tour. They have some really unique cool items. I fell in love with a wall mounted 5 foot fish tank that I would love to have in my bedroom. Everyone in the family found something they would enjoy. The best part is Mom Most Traveled is having a giveaway for a Labyrinth Balance Board which my youngest would enjoy a lot~! To learn more stop on over to Mom Most Traveled and enter to win while your there. Just click the highlighted link in this post.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Win a Brugo @AHappyHippyMom

What's a Brugo? That's what I first thought too. It a new to enjoy a nice cup of coffee at the perfect temperature while on the go. It also eliminates the spills, spatters, burnt lips, and stained clothes all associated with the “to-go” coffee experience. Which is exactly what I need. I hate it when I burn my mouth on a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning because I know I won't be able to taste a thing in days. If you want to know how this works your going to have to go to A Happy Hippy Mom and read her complete review and while your there enter for your chance to win one. Just click here. Happy Sipping.

Need A New Vacuum? How About Winning A Hoover T-Series Rewind from @TheMomBuzz

I wonder why I even bother to Vacuum. I know because it beats sweeping rugs for sure but with my antique vacuum it's not much better. It spits the dirt more than it picks it up and I would so love to win this Hoover T-Series Rewind. The Mom Buzz is giving one lucky winner just that. Check out what this machine is all about:
It is lightweight, only weighing 16.5 pounds.
Automatic rewind cord.
The 8’ Stretch Hose allows for above-floor cleaning with simple tools, plus the 5 Setting Height Adjust provides the flexibility of adjusting for all flooring types.
And check out these tools.
  • Turbo Tool – maximizes attachment cleaning power
  • 12” Extension Wand – extends reach of the hose
  • Crevice Tool – helps clean nooks and crannies
  • Upholstery/Dust Brush – helps get furniture clean
So what are you waiting for click on the highlighted link to "The Mom Buzz" and enter for your chance to win.

Win a Butterball Turkey @RockinMama

I just love Butterball Turkeys. They are so moist. The only thing better is a free Butterball Turkey~! I can taste it already. If you would like a chance to win a Butterball Turkey just pop on over to Rockin Mama and read her review and enter while your there. It's that simple. There will be FOUR WINNERS~! Just click on the highlighted link in this post and it will take you directly to her giveaway. Good Luck~!

TWO winners will each receive a $30 dollar Gift Card to Walmart @Amanda's

What a wonderful way to spread some cheer for the holiday season than to win a $30 Walmart Gift Card. With this gift card you can feed your entire family for Thanksgiving. How fantastic is that. I just came from "Amanda's" aka "Mommy Mandy's" where she had not one but TWO she is giving away to some lucky winners.
At Walmart you can feed a family of 8 for $20
The meal includes one 12-pound Grade-A turkey, three cans of vegetables, three boxes of stuffing mix, one 5-pound bag of red potatoes, two cans of cranberry sauce, one package of dinner rolls, and a pumpkin roll cake for dessert.
and just think you still have $10 left over to use towards your Christmas Dinner as well or maybe some craft items to make a nice center piece for your Thanksgiving meal.
If you would like to win a $30 Walmart Gift Card click the link here for your chance to win. Thank You Amanda & Walmart. I sure appreciate all you do~!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

@TheDirtyShirt win a copy of Jillian Michaels’ new Wii game “Fitness Ultimatum 2010″ and a Wii Fit Plus board

We all would like to either loose weight or keep in shape or both. In my case it's lose weight and get in shape~! Over at "The Dirty Shirt" she is having a great giveaway to win a copy of Jillian Michaels’ new Wii game “Fitness Ultimatum 2010″ and a Wii Fit Plus board~!!!! This is a fantastic way to do both get in shape and loose weight but the best part is you'll have fun doing it. We all dread that boring exercise routine that we force ourselves to do every other day. But this looks like my type of fitness program for sure. One I think I could do every day and actually look forward to doing it. My problem isn't how much I eat but what I eat and I pay the price. Bacon , cheese, lots and lots of pasta all those cravings and no exercise means one thing extra pounds. I've already cut back on all those cravings but I still need the exercise in order to loose weight not maintain it. So what did I do I just entered to win the copy of Jillian Michaels’ new Wii game “Fitness Ultimatum 2010″ and a Wii Fit Plus board at "The Dirty Shirt". You can too, just click on the highlighted link in this post.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winter's Tail DS Giveaway @MyCharmedLife

My family is a bunch of animal lovers. My house kind of looks like a local animal shelter with cats, dogs, Rabbits, birds, fish and chickens. The Winter's Tail is a great DS game that has all these features.
• Immersive interactive story – Based on real life events
• Fish Facts: Teaches children about dolphins, marine biology and conservation
• Whale Words: A glossary that teaches pronunciation and definitions
• Fun Micro-games reinforce the meaning of each chapter
• Storybook editor, paint & color mode and more
The best part is you could win one of two of these at "My Charmed Life". She has two to giveaway. If you would like to learn more read her full review and watch her video and while your there enter to win one. Just click HERE.

How many Kindles will Bibliofreak Giveaway?

To Enter for your chance to win click the on the link in this post. You may just win one of 15 or more Kindle 2's How cool is that~!
Join the Great Kindle II GiveAway!

15 Kindle Giveaway @Bibliofreak

Wooohooo I just entered to win a Kindle 2 at Bibliofreak and the best part is they are giving away 15 of them. Yes you read that right 15 of them and possibly more. You have to subscribe to Bibliofreak news letter and confirm by clicking on the link they send you in an email to be eligible. How easy is that!?! Plus you can earn extra entries by blogging like I am or following them on facebook or twitter and many more ways to earn entries. It real easy and fun not to mention you just may end up a winner~! I am so excited about this giveaway. I have never seen so many in one giveaway before. It is amazing~! Just click HERE to enter at Bibliofreak.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oreck Giveaway @MommyGoggles~!

If your in the need as I am for a new Vacuum your going to love the Oreck Halo Vacuum Cleaner~! I just read a review and watched a video at "Mommy Goggles" and couldn't believe all this machine can and will do. I have been using an antique electrolux from the 70's that my mother gave me years ago. It has been used and abused and is time to retire the old beast. I would love to win an Oreck Halo. This machine has a germ-killing UV-C light~! I hate the thought of all those germs on my rug where the kids sit playing. I have Asthma and Allergies so this would make me real happy to rid all those dust mites~!!!! I just entered to win won at "Mommy Goggles" and for your chance to enter just click the hyper link in this post.

Trying to win a Kindle?

Have you always wanted a Kindle but just don't have the funds to buy one? Then why not try to win one. The Kindle has been on my wish list for 2 years now but the price is just to high. Just when I think I could afford one then one of the kids needs new boots or a jacket or money for school ect... so just never seem to have the extra to spend. But everyone can afford FREE right so when I found Lisa and Laura Write and their FREE KINDLE GIVEAWAY I was so excited~! Just click on the link in this post and it will take you to their site where you can enter too~!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kindle 2 & $100 Amazon GC giveaway~!

If you would like to win a Kindle 2 or maybe $100 Amazon GC then you have come to the right place. Just click on the link and it will take you to Noobie where you can enter for your chance to win just like I did. The Kindle has been on my wish list for 2 years now~! I would love to get my hands on a Kindle. The idea of having my entire library at my finger tips at all time just amazes me~! When traveling no more packing those heavy books. How cool is that!?! Just click the link

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy 3 Year Anniversary Contest @Fangs,Fur&Fey

It's Fangs, Fur & Fey 3 year Anniversary and to celebrate they are giving away a KINDLE yes you read that right a KINDLE. This has been on my wish list for 2 years now and I would love to win one~! Check out Fangs, Fur & Fey and enter to win a Kindle~! Just click on the highlighted link and it will take you directly to it. How simple is that. To enter is easy as well, just shoot them an email with your name and address to be entered. For a second entry blog about this contest with a link back to the contest just like I did and send another email letting them know you blogged about it with a link back to the contest. Maximum is 2 entries. For more details and the email address you must go to their site here.

Skin Game by Ava Gray Released Nov 3rd review

Chapter One

Kyra held the guy’s balls in the palm of her hand. Literally.

Just for a second as she brushed by him, but it was enough. His eyes widened, and she knew he took the touch as a sign he’d get lucky after he won her last hundred bucks. The crumpled bill lay underneath his, weighted by a cube of pool chalk.

Poor, stupid mark.

She slid him a slow smile as she racked for their fourth and final contest. His friends stood with beers in their hands, half-smiling in anticipation of a sure thing. In a seedy place like this, they only had an old table with worn felt near the right corner, making it necessary to compensate. That wouldn’t slow her up this game, though.

Her opponent had years of practice on this particular table. A scruffy, hard-drinking son of a bitch like him had no better skill, nothing else going for him. No, calling himself reigning champ at Suds Beer Factory defined him. She counted on that.

Spinning her cue stick between her palms, she paused before taking the first shot. “You want to make this interesting?”

Her voice had often been called throaty. Kyra sounded like she smoked unfiltered Camels and drank too many whiskey-sours. In fact, she did neither. That was just one of nature’s cons, more flash for the package to distract people from what lay underneath.

“Darlin’,” drawled one of the barflies, “it already is.”

Now somebody would comment on the sweet curve of her ass or the way she filled out her jeans. Kyra managed not to roll her eyes, but it was a near thing. If she ever sunk so low that she needed a boost by picking up a man in a place like this, she hoped somebody would shoot her and put her out of her misery.

The man she’d been reeling in for the past hour couldn’t resist asking, as she’d known he couldn’t. People were so damn predictable. “What’d you have in mind?”

“Double or nothing.”

“You don’t have the cash,” he scoffed.

Her smile didn’t falter. “No, but I have a fully restored 1971 Mercury Marquis parked outside. It’s nice, fresh powder blue paint. You’d get a good chunk for it.”

“That’s yours? Big ride for a little thing like you,” her opponent said. Chet, she thought his name was.

For that comment alone she wanted to smash his nose through his forehead, but he’d feel the hit worse in his wallet. It wasn’t like he used his brain much, after all. Kyra made herself smile as she put her keys on top of the two bills.

A stocky guy near the bar shook his head, a crop of coarse brown curls bristling from beneath his baseball cap. “Don’t take the lady’s ride. She probably has a gambling problem…don’t know when to quit even when she can’t win.”

“I never walk away from a bet.” She hadn’t affirmed what he’d said, but these yokels would never notice the difference. “What about you? Scared?” she mocked gently.

Oh, that would never stand. As a chorus of “ooohs” arose from his friends, Chet shook his head. “It’s your funeral, lady. You’re on.”

Finally. She never knew how long a boost would last, so she needed to get this game in the bag, or she really would lose her ride. Since the car was the only thing she owned, that’d be catastrophic.

Kyra broke then, a perfect scatter. The red three slipped into a pocket, deciding whether she’d shoot solids or stripes. Four more shots lined up for her, and she called them in a neutral tone.

A con could go south pretty fast if she didn’t play it right. Chet might suspect he’d been hustled when she was done, but men seldom started a fight with ‘a little thing like her.’ If they did, they found themselves unpleasantly surprised—after she tapped the toughest among them.

Bank, carom, and suddenly she’d sunk half the balls on the table. Suds got really quiet and someone muttered, “I call lemonade.”

“Yep,” another guy said. “She’s torching him.”

If she hadn’t been worried about the clock running out, she might have stalled a shot and put a ball in jail just to let Chet use his cue, but she needed to wrap things up. She rounded the table, using his own skill against him. Kyra sank the next shot easily, as she knew everything about this game and this particular table. She didn’t bother with showy play; the point was to win, not to impress.

The bar was dead quiet when she pointed to the far left pocket, called it, and banked the eight ball toward it. She narrowed her eyes as its roll slowed. She hadn’t noticed the faint wear near that pocket as well, but it didn’t matter. Chet had learned to compensate over long years of practice; thus, so had she.

The black ball sank with a quiet plunk.

“I believe that’s a dime in all,” she said with a smile. “Cash only.”

A dime was a thousand bucks. Kyra knew pool hall slang because she’d worked this particular con a lot. Now it just remained to be seen whether he’d pay up politely.

“You played me,” Chet growled.

She pretended to misunderstand, opening her eyes wide. “So I did. I won, too.”

This was the moment of truth. Most guys wouldn’t take a swing at her, no matter how mad they were. She’d run across some real sons of bitches in her travels, though. So Kyra braced herself.

“Pay the lady,” came a low, rough voice from the back of the bar. “Unless you want people to call you a welsher.”

With a muttered curse, Chet handed back all the money he’d won, plus a few hundred more. Kyra smiled, claimed her keys, and the last two bills beneath the chalk cube. She thumbed the white rabbit’s foot on her keychain, as she did after every successful con. Superstition had its place.

“Table’s all yours, boys. Thanks for the fun!”

Before the mood could turn from puzzled to hostile, she grabbed her denim bag and headed out. It was best to hop into the Marquis and hustle down the road. Nobody prevented her from pushing past the front door and into the humid kiss of Louisiana twilight. Jasmine growing wild on a broken down fence scented the air.

Kyra cast a look back at the timber road house. Places like this made up her bread and butter. So many suckers, so little time. She loved the euphoria of getting away clean.

Then she heard the crunch of footsteps on the gravel behind her.

Shit, she thought. I knew it was too good to be true.

She picked up the pace to no avail. A hand on her arm spun her around, and she found herself craning her head back to see who had a hold of her. At five foot four, she was neither petite, nor average either, and he topped her by a foot. More interesting, he hadn’t been involved in the game.

“What did you do in there?” She recognized his voice—a cross between black velvet and a buzz saw—he’d demanded Chet pay up. The guy had been drinking alone near the back, but she hadn’t gotten a good look at him.

She’d remember a face like this, hard angles, softened by a spill of midnight hair and eyes so dark they seemed to drink the light, black pools with azure lightning in their depths. He had skin like old mahogany, weathered but lovely. But his fine, unusual looks didn’t give him an excuse to touch her.

With a prowess she must’ve snagged from him, Kyra neatly broke his grip on her forearm. Surprise flickered in his gaze, as if he recognized the maneuver but didn’t understand how she’d done it. Well, hell, she didn’t know how either, and sometimes it got damn confusing, but it was a living.

“I won a pool game. And now I’m leaving.” Her tone dared him to try something, especially when she sensed the deadly readiness in her muscles. She knew without a doubt she could snap somebody’s neck. Comforting. It’d be better if she wasn’t nearby when the skill she’d stolen reverted to him.

“You think so?” He fell into step, alarmingly casual as they came up to her car.

“Who’s going to stop me?”

“This is a nice ride,” he observed. Suddenly he had a knife in his hand, but instead of threatening her with it, which she could’ve handled, he traced it down the front whitewall. “And I guess I could stop you.” Understatement.

“Yeah.” She wouldn’t even breathe without his permission. Those Diamond Back tires had set her back a pretty penny in South Carolina, but nothing was too good for the Marquis. It was all she had left of her daddy, after all. “Just what do you want from me?”

Ten minutes with you up against a wall.

For a second, Reyes thought he’d spoken out loud, but she wouldn’t be regarding him with the same mix of wariness and puzzlement in her jade eyes, if he had. Up close, he saw freckles smattered her nose and cheeks, making her look young and vulnerable. He’d bet she played that for all she was worth.

Not tall, but she gave the impression of being leggy, lean along with it. She wore strawberry blond hair in a wavy nimbus to her shoulders. Her jeans were old, torn at the knees, but her boots looked expensive.

And he absolutely couldn’t explain his vicious urge to grab her with both hands, mark her with his teeth, and ride her until she begged for mercy. Maybe it was because he couldn’t picture her crying uncle; spirit in a woman made his heart kick like a half-broke horse, and she’d shown such a roguish blend of guile and confidence inside the bar.

The first three games, she hadn’t been able to play worth shit. He’d watched his share of hustlers over the years, and he always knew when a player stalled. They had a tell in the way the handled the cues, something, but this woman, he’d have sworn she barely knew how to hold the stick. Until that last game. Until she turned into a tournament player before his eyes, like magic.

Reyes didn’t believe in magic.

She’d done something when he touched her. He felt different. Energy coursed through him with no outlet, as if a customary corollary had suddenly been blocked. He felt slower too, as if his muscles had forgotten how to move.

Just as well he hadn’t intended to do anything here at Suds. He never acted without all the facts, and he needed to know more about this woman. It worked on him like a compulsion. He wanted to know her better than his own name.

Like most impulses, he’d resist it, taking satisfaction instead in leashing his appetites. Reyes almost enjoyed letting the longing build to fever pitch, only to turn his back on it. He never let hunger overwhelm him, not anymore. The consequences were just too dire.

But for the first time in years, temptation tugged. She smelled like coconut oil and sunny days. He wondered what she’d do if he leaned down to breathe the scent of her. Would she fight? Scream?

“We’ll take a ride,” he said easily. “You probably should get away from here. Once those rednecks figure things out, they’ll come running.”

“You’re not getting in my car.”

Smart woman. But that wouldn’t do her any good, not when he already knew her weakness. Attachments, whether to people, places or things, only led to trouble.

He applied a little pressure on the tire. “Both of us go or…neither. Take your pick. But I’d hurry. Sounds like they’re getting riled inside.”

No lie. Reyes heard shouting. Soon the men she’d swindled would come pouring out, looking to take the money back and maybe a pound of flesh. Chet had probably worked himself up to thinking she owed him sex to make up for the heaping helping of emasculation she’d served with a smile.

She swore. What a mouth she had, but everything sounded better when spoken in a husky undertone. “Come on. I’m only taking you as far as Lake Charles, and if you spill a drop of anything on Myrna’s upholstery, I’ll kill you with my bare hands.”


The woman shot him a look that said it wasn’t the time to talk about the name of her car. By the time she got the keys in the ignition, he’d settled into the passenger seat. She handled the big car with careless expertise, backing out in a spit of gravel.

Just in time, too.

The bar door flew open, and six men poured out. One chucked a beer bottle at them, and it smashed against the fender. To his amusement, the hellcat spat another curse and reversed hard into the lot, like she’d happily run all the rednecks down. They apparently thought so too because they scattered, fell on their asses. She shifted gears and then stuck her hand out the window, flashing the finger as they fishtailed out onto Rural Route 9.

“Myrna Loy,” she said, as if they’d never been interrupted. “I’m nuts about her.”

It took him a minute to place the name, and then connect it to her car. He tended to connect the dots, not make tangential leaps. Logic, not Rorschach blots.

“You like her movies then?” This wasn’t going at all as he’d planned. She still hadn’t even answered his original question. He prided himself on being adaptable, however; it made him the best at what he did. So he’d circle back to it soon enough.

Before answering, she adjusted the radio and tuned it to KBON, filling the car with zydeco music and rushing wind. “Love them. Have you ever seen The Thin Man?”

“I’m afraid not. Good?”

Her smile flashed, a dimple in her right cheek. “Fantastic. She and William Powell were the couple back then. So suave and charming. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Nora Charles.”
Nick and Nora Charles—the two names popped into his head as a matched set. Where had he heard them before? It would come; he had a nearly eidetic memory.

“Dashiell Hammett.” He finally remembered. “I read the book a long time ago. I prefer Mickey Spillane.”

She glared at him out of the corner of her eye, green eyes practically throwing sparks. “Heresy. I should put you out of the car.”

Reyes tried to picture that. Nobody ever made him do anything he didn’t want to. Odd, she didn’t seem in the least intimidated. Nothing in her manner indicated she was worried about acquiring a passenger his size, armed with a knife. She ought to be tense, sweating, and when things didn’t add up, it troubled him. It was like she knew something he didn’t. And he hated that feeling.

He slid the blade back in his boot. Threatening her ran counter-productive to his aims at this point, so he improvised. “So what did you do back at the bar? Or maybe I should ask how did you do it?”
That would give her a reason to be wary of him, thinking he’d noticed something askew. Which he had, of course, but it wasn’t the big picture. Honesty often provided the best smokescreen for his other endeavors.

She lifted a shoulder. “Maybe you should.”

“So how did you do it?”

“Do what?”

He had the feeling she could continue this line of circular conversation all night. Well, it didn’t matter. In time, he’d wear her down. She didn’t realize it, but she’d gained his company for a while.

That was something of a specialty of his—breaking down barriers, building trust. Reyes bet she’d yield what he needed to know before too much longer. A softness about her mouth said she liked what she saw when she looked at him. He was used to that, but this woman made him want to use sex, a tactic he seldom employed these days. Too many complications, too many variables.

“What’s your name anyway?” He played the rootless hitchhiker with a familiarity born of experience. That impression would be reinforced by his appearance and his lack of personal belongings. “And thanks for the lift.”

“You didn’t exactly give me a choice.” Her husky voice sent a pleasurable spike along his nervous system straight down to his groin. Reyes shifted, unwilling to let the erection gain full flag status.

“No, I didn’t. You love your whitewalls too much to gamble with them.”

“I love this car,” she corrected, stroking a hand along the blue dashboard.

Reyes watched her fingers with a clawing hunger that astounded him. He wanted them on his chest, his abdomen…lower. He wanted two weeks with her in a hotel room, nothing but bare skin and cool, white sheets. Despite iron discipline, his penis swelled all the way up, straining his zipper.

“I can see that.” His voice rumbled low, even for him.

“Isn’t she a beaut?”

“Sure is.”

So are you.
But he didn’t say that out loud. It was too soon. Like a wild thing, she would be skittish, slow to gentle. She still hadn’t told him her name. Such a way she had about her—appearing to give away everything, when in fact, granted nothing—could’ve come only through years of practice.

All in all, Kyra Marie Beckwith was a lot more intriguing than her dossier let on. Too bad he had to kill her.

Check out her site here Ava Gray for more great reads~!

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