Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flying with Children~

If you fly with children often this looks like a handy little gadget to have it's called TRAYblecloth. It will keep your children occupied for hours. HKWT is giving away one of these handy little TRAYblecloth. Drop by and check out the site and enter while your there.

What's that Smell and Build-A-Bear ~

What's that smell is having another great giveaway. If you want another fantastic game for your wii check out their site and enter to win a Build-A-Bear Workshop game for wii this is what the game is about Your furry friend is invited to a great party on Palace Island by Bearemy and Pawlette. In order to cross the sea and reach the party, Bearemy and Pawlette offer you the FriendShip. Explore new islands on the way and take time to meet and interact with the furry friends that live there. They love playing games too, so on each island you get to play mini games, help them out, and find the puzzle pieces needed to recreate the map that will lead you to the next island. Finally you reach Palace Island where a big party awaits you!

Told you it was great~! I'm having trouble getting my links to be clickable so you may need to "copy" and "paste" the URL in your Web Browser.

Mommy Daddy Blog is at it Again~ is giving away a Clickfree Portable Backup 160GB External Hard Drive as part of their Three Gs For The Holidays event! Click on over right now to get in on fun giveaways, get shopping ideas from their Gift Guide, and learn how you can help children in need this holiday season!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mom Most Traveled Giveaway

They are at it again :) They are having a giveaway that is real cool. my 11 year old son would love this and I can see him wanting every set before he was done lol I'm having trouble with active links and so you can copy and paste the address link below or click on the button on my sidebar.
and to check out the site they are promoting

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Holidays~

As of 4:30pm today I started my Thanksgiving Holiday. I took a Vacation day which would give my the day before Thanksgiving off so I can clean and cook all day. I have never had time to cook the day before due to working but after 17 years I requested the day off. It will seem nice not to have to rush home after a long hard day at work and start cooking at 6pm. Not to mention no work for 5 long days~! YEAH~! I can smell my kitchen already with all that aroma lol. Since I don't have to work I plan on making a few extra yummy pies and some peanut butter things which is my families favorite. Peanut Butter Things taste a lot like Reeses cups and are very easy to make. All this talk about food is already making me hungry so I guess I better stop now. Happy Holidays and may all your bellies be stuffed~!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Help Children in need this Holiday Season~ is giving away a $100 Home Depot gift card as part of their Three Gs For The Holidays event! Click on over right now to get in on fun giveaways, get shopping ideas from their Gift Guide, and learn how you can help children in need this holiday season!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gift Cards are Great and You can Win~!

Deal Seeking Mom is having a giveaway for a $50 GC to walmart and you can dream about what you would spend it on just for you and no one else. Imagine that. Fun isn't it lol If your like me there isn't ever enough money to go around some else always needs something in the family and you always come last so you go without. Not that I mind I'm use to it and I don't want for much anyhow even though it would be nice to spend the whole $50 on myself. Just once I would like to be greedy and think of only myself and if I win this I just might lol but I figure my chances of winning is slim anyhow and since it was fun just wishing and thinking about it I would share the site with you so click on the button below or on my sidebar for your chance to dream about spending $50 on yourself as well.
Deal Seeking Mom

Want some fun?

If you want to have some fun got to Mommy Knows and Read her Questions and Answers and leave her a comment on some of them. I just did and had some fun with it plus you will be entered in her giveaway just for having some fun so you can't loose right. Just click on the button in my sidebar or link below.
Win Free Prizes Everyday @

Are You Ready?

As like most of you I am getting ready for the Holiday Season. With the Holidays approaching I have lots of cleaning to do. I can use all the help I can get since I'm gone 10hrs a day working with the commute to and from, then there is the kids Basketball, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Drama,Activity Night and the Bowling Night. I have all I can do to keep up with Dishes and Laundry. If you need help like me "Amanda" is having a great giveaway with $100 worth of cleaning products. Click on her button listed in my side bar or you can cut and paste the link below.Sorry I can't seem to get my links active for one reason or another but I like the buttons the best anyhow.

Who Wouldn't Just Love This~

Thoughts from the Mrs is having 12 days of Christmas giveaway and on the 8th day. You have a chance to win a wonderful "My Little Pony" Sweet Sundae Amusement Park set. What lil' one wouldn't have hours of fun with this set.You can click on the button on my sidebar or the link below. If the link doesn't work just cut and paste into your browser. I find I like the buttons best.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

If there's a will there's a way

This actually all started yesterday at work when we were looking at the sign up list to bring in for food for our holiday dinner. It had Potato's,Stuffing,Cranberry Sauce,Rolls,Veggie platters,Chips&Dip and a spread of deserts everything but the meat. The day before, I had bought 2 turkeys since they were on sale at Hannaford's during my lunch hour and took them back to the office and put them in the freezer. Well while we were discussing the lack of meat on the menu my supervisor said "Rhonda I saw you put 2 turkeys in the freezer cook one of them up for our dinner tomorrow". Well she was just kidding of course since they were frozen solid and it was going to be almost 6pm before I got home. But as I was driving home I got to thinking about it and thought I can do this no problem. (Well not exactly no problem lol) Anyhow I rush to the freezer as soon as I got home and pulled out one of the turkeys and figured since we have microwaves now a days this should be no problem. I'll just stick it in the Mic and nuke it on defrost for an hour. So I cut open the turkey bag and low and behold there was a metal holder in it and of course I had to get that out of the turkey first before nuking it. Now you would think this would be easy right,,,,wrong. I co mensed to soaking it in cold water ,,1 hour,,,2 hours ,,,3 hours of flipping and soaking it, still I couldn't get it out and since at this point it was 10:30pm and 5am comes early I put it in the fridge on a platter and went to bed and figured maybe by morning I could get it out and nuke it for an hour while getting ready for work which I did exactly that and finally I had it defrosted enough to get the giblets and the neck out. I then rinsed it with warm water, put it in the big roaster and smeared it in butter. Now since I commute 45 minutes to work and we wanted this bird cooked by noon I figured why not cook it on the way. So I got my car adapter for AC and plugged it into my lighter and then put the huge roaster in the from seat, plugged it into the adapter and off I went. By the time I got to work it had been cooking at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. When I called my supervisor and explained I would be 10 min late for work but I had a turkey cooking on the way she said "what?" How are you cooking it in your car?" I explained , she laughed and I told her if there is a will there is a way. Sure enough it was ready not only by noon but by 11:30am. It was falling off the bone. So we enjoyed a great "HOT" Turkey along with all the fixing. Oh we did have an incident however. about mid morning the smoke alarm in the board room went off which is where the turkey was cooking unattended of course while we worked so the next thing I know I get a call saying I think your Turkey is calling you lol . I went running to the other end of the building to find the Turkey just fine but the detectors were sensitive so I opened the door and added a little water so the grease from the turkey wouldn't cause any more problems but since I opened the door you could smell turkey all through the building and it was making everyone hungry so they were all glad it was done a little sooner than we thought.

Crafts for Kids

Group 3 giveaway is The Drift Cars Street Team activity set which is great for boys. If you have a hard time finding craft projects in your area for your boys here is a great place to find some real nice ones. Click the Christmas tree button on my sidebar to get started.
What's That Smell?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Alive~

I just came back from checking out an awesome giveaway at Momma Findings She has a link for the WowWee site that have the coolest toys. If your looking for a special gift for that special child you may just find it there. The Toys actually make animals seem real. My favorite is the white Tiger. So click on the Button on my sidebar to check it out. I guess I never out grew stuffed animals~! Or just click the links below

Monday, November 17, 2008

One of Those Days!

Have you ever had "One of Those Days" where nothing seemed to go right? Well yesterday was one of those days for sure. We had 3 days of nothing but rain and I mean down pours. But late yesterday afternoon the wind picked up and after 3 days at camp we headed home however about 10 miles later we came to an abrupt stop because there was a fire truck parked across the road and after sitting still for 20 minutes we decided to find out why. Well come to find out the wind had brought down a huge fur tree and snapped the electric lines. So we waited and waited for the local electric company to show up and shut off the power and remove the line. One man had been there an hour when we showed up and we sat waiting for about an hour ourselves. The poor guy was trying to get home after a long day at work and the kicker was he only had less than 5 miles and he would of been home. Anyhow we finally get to go.Then we drove another 10 miles or so and noticed that all the lights were out in town and since it was the next town over from ours we knew we probably didn't have electricity either and sure enough we didn't. Once we got home we ran around finding as many candles as possible and one kerosene lantern to try and light the house up. Since the power hadn't been out long I figured we better get showers while we knew the holding tank was full of hot water (while the getting was good) just in case the power stayed off for a long period of time at least we all would be clean. So by candle light(and not much of it) I jumped in the shower then while my youngest was taking his shower I commenced to cooking supper in the dim dark kitchen.( thank goodness for gas stoves) No more had we all finished taking our showers and eaten in the dark but on pops the power. Go figure right. Well anyhow at least it wasn't worse since it gets mighty cold here in the winter months with no heat and with no power we had no heat so even though it was one of those days it could of been a lot worse.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How Colorful~

Oh my what beautiful colorful quilts that the Old Red Barn Co. is giving away. I live in Maine and it gets down right cold here and we love quilts. I was amazed that they were giving away not One but Three of these beautiful quilts~! This site was new to me and I had fun checking it out. I have added a button to my side bar for easy access to their site or you can cut and paste the link below to your browser.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fine for Sure~!

Fineline Antiques is giving away a $25 GC. This site is new to me and I found that it had some wonderful items at reasonable prices. I found some very unique items. check this site out.

Gidgets & Gadgets ~

I just saw a new "Gadget" which is called "PEEK" This awesome little hand held Gadget allows you to check your email from any where. It is wireless and you can pay a flat fee of $20 a month and can cancel at any time. For those of you that need to check your email from away for one reason or another this is the ideal item. The best part is they are giving one away at the link below or just click on the Tea Party button on my side bar.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I just entered 3 ScrapBooking Ladies contest for some wonderful Scrap Booking materials. In my house we go through a lot of materials since my kids like to Scrap Book too. Enter while your there because we all want to win this awesome stuff right!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cream Soda Anyone?

I just found a new site to me that is having a great giveaway for an amazing soda machine and they even have 20 or more flavors including my favorite Cream Soda~! I like this little machine because it is so handy and time saving and money saving and just an earth friendly little machine. We have to lug every thing over a mountain to the house and with this little puppy It could save me a lot of lugging. It has so many advantages,Compare it to the soda you buy in the stores. Mommy Brain Report has a chart to check it out. This site has a lot of great links on her site as well. Go check out her site by clicking on the link in my side bar.

I-Dog Clip

Now I just told you about a giveaway they are having for an I-Dog Dance (which by the way I would love to win) at Bonggamom's blog site and how cool it was but not only is she having that giveaway but she is having another one for an I-Dog Clip. ( My son has his fingers crossed to win this one) I have to admit it is cute~! It's ears wiggle while you plug and play your favorite songs on your i-Pod and it's also a speaker. If you have kids or grandkids this is sure to be a big hit with them. I have linked this giveaway in my side bar so just click :)

~I-Dog Dance~

Have you ever heard of I-Dog Dance ? NO? Me either until I came across this awesome site that has one to give away. This is an electronic dog that will dance when you hook your I=Pod up to it~! How cool is that!!! The site she is promoting has many different colors and ones to choose from. They even have a penguin named I-CY. This would be a fun gift for someone on your Christmas list. So check it out just click the link in my side bar.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I just did a flash to the past with the 80's Favs for arcade games. At Mom Most Traveled they are having a giveaway for a Pac Man arcade game.Now since I practically lived at the local arcade when I was a Teen I would love to have this to play again.copy and paste the link below or just click on the link in my blog roll on my side bar.
If you like the old games you can check it out at for quick access click on the links on my side bar.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mommy's Idea Giveaway

check out Mommy's Idea Blog site she is having a great giveaway for a sony camera. She has a wonderful site so before entering her giveaway click around her site a bit. I think you will find it interesting.Just look for the this title in my side bar for the link and I have also added a button for the site she is promoting below.


A Must for Sports Mom's

If you have a child that is into sports this is a must have. Cleats are always a problem in this house. With football and soccer players someone is always in my car or house with their cleats on! I could scream. Someone got smart and invented cleatskins which is a cover that they slip on quickly over their cleats and can go from the field to the car to the house. If you have kids in sports check out this site because they are giving away 3 pair. I have a link in my side bar just click on the title and you will go to the site in a flash.