Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gift Cards are Great and You can Win~!

Deal Seeking Mom is having a giveaway for a $50 GC to walmart and you can dream about what you would spend it on just for you and no one else. Imagine that. Fun isn't it lol If your like me there isn't ever enough money to go around some else always needs something in the family and you always come last so you go without. Not that I mind I'm use to it and I don't want for much anyhow even though it would be nice to spend the whole $50 on myself. Just once I would like to be greedy and think of only myself and if I win this I just might lol but I figure my chances of winning is slim anyhow and since it was fun just wishing and thinking about it I would share the site with you so click on the button below or on my sidebar for your chance to dream about spending $50 on yourself as well.
Deal Seeking Mom

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