Monday, June 29, 2009

Have you checked out yet?

Online Printing Company

Why isn't your average printing company:

Blog Sponsorships:
If you are looking to find a sponsor for your blog, is definitely interested. We offer giveaways, advertising and more for qualified bloggers.

Non-Profit Sponsorships:
The U-Community Program sponsors hundreds of non-profits and education to improve our local communities.

Social Justice Projects:
The UPrinting Kiva account promotes small business growth in developing countries.

Green Printing:
UPrinting supports a sustainable future by recycling, using non-toxic inks, and offering eco-friendly recycled paper stocks for business cards and postcard printing.

I am currently a sponsored blog of UPrinting. Having them as a sponsor is wonderful. If you are looking for a great company to sponsor your blog site this is a company I highly recommend.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Honestech Easy Video Giveaway @thedirtyshirt

Jennifer at "The Dirty Shirt"
has a really cool review and giveaway for a Honestech Easy Video Editor 3.0. My oldest son could really use this for his school presentations. He will be a senior next year and then off to college and the Honestech Easy Video Editor 3.0 would make it so much easier for him to complete all his projects.Check out what you can do with the Honestech Easy Video Editor 3.0
  • Import & Split – Import and split your video clips. Rearrange your video clip sequence as needed.
  • Add Effects – Add transitions, special effects and titles to your video.
  • Publish – Output your video to DVD or other computer file formats.
This is just a portion of her review. To read her complete review and enter to win click the link above.

Fight Ashma with a Dyson DC25 Giveaway @Amanda's

I have been following "Amanda's " Blog
Sometimes known as mommymandy and I have read several reviews and entered plenty giveaways that she has held in the past but this one really excites me because the Dyson DC25 meets or exceeds standard for effectively removing allergens containing dust from carpets and are the first to be certified asthma & allergy friendly. Now if like me you suffer from Asthma and Allergies then you know how important it is to have a great vacuum that doesn't submit dust back into the air we breath. Unlike other vacuums, it doesn’t lose suction so it removes more dust, dirt and allergens from your home. Some vacuum cleaners can’t keep hold of all the dust they pick up - so they vent it back into your room. Dyson cyclone technology is so efficient that it captures 99.9% of the dust from the airflow. The air expelled from a Dyson vacuum has up to 150 less mold and bacteria than the air you breathe. The Dyson web site link is To read the complete review and enter to win a Dyson DC25 just click on the link in this post to "Amanda's" (mommymandy) site above.

ATTENTION Don't Miss This Grand Giveaway & Review~!

Ok I can't say enough about the site I just checked out and signed up for an account thanks to "The Not So Blog"
She has a review and giveaway to win $250 in groceries shipped to your front door from the site "Alice". I had never heard of the online site "Alice" until I read the review at "The Not So Blog" and once I checked out this new site I couldn't believe how fantastic it was. I hate to shop for groceries. It's expensive and I'm not good at the couponing bit and at Alice she deducts the coupon automatically for you. No hunting for or clipping coupons~!!! On a lot of items at "Alice" the items start out cheaper than other retailers such as CVS or Walgreens then if a coupon is available she deducts it for you. This just amazes me. I ended up spending a lot less for every day items I normally buy and it will be shipped directly to my front door. And get this No shipping cost~! This is a win win situation. No more driving to the grocery store~! Yeah~! I can't say enough about this site. Thank You Bridgette for saving me money and time. I think this is the best online tip I have ever found thanks to you :) To read Bridgette's complete review at "The Not So Blog" and enter to win a $250 shopping spree at "Alice" click the link in this post. Enjoy and Save lots everyone~!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scott Common Sense and $50 Visa Givaway @blessingsabound

we are a big fan of Scott Paper Products in this house so when I saw this review and giveaway at "Blessings Abound"
I just had to read and enter it. If you want to save money Scott can help you do that. The toilet Paper rolls last twice as long as other brands we have tried so in the long run(pun intended) it's the best for the money. Don't believe it. I challenge you to try it. Buy any 4 pack of toilet paper any brand and two rolls of Scott single roll. See which one last the longest and also cost the least. So far I haven't found one that beat the Scott Challenge yet lol. Any how back to what's going on at "Blessings Abound". She is currently having a giveaway Scott Product coupons and a $50 Visa GC. Coupons on a great product I use anyways is a great savings here. Read her complete review and giveaway by clicking on the link in this post.

Battle the Bug and Win @blessingsabound~!

I never know what I am going to read in a review at "Blessings Abound"
This time was no exception. I'm a subscriber and I received an email about an important review and giveaway. Kleenex has invented a tissue that can actually kill the germs in the tissue from colds and flu~! How great is that~! The best part is you can win Kleenex Anti Viral Tissues and a $50 Visa GC~! As a parent it is no fun when the entire family comes down with a nasty cold or the flu not to mention the expense of missing time at work. The minute a family member shows signs of either cold or flu symptoms I spray all the handle with antibacterial spray. Then pull out sample size bottle of hand sanitizer for everyone to use to try and help keep it from spreading to everyone in the house. I like the added fact of a tissue that can help keep the spread of germs at bay so I will be adding this to the home as well. We also keep hand sanitizers at work but the Kleenex Anti Viral tissue would be a great addition to the work force as well so I think that will be on my Holiday list for co-workers this year. Plus it's easy because usually during the holiday season the box's are decorated so all you have to do is add a bow and your done. I like easy. Plus it fits my budget as well. Check out Jacqueline's complete review and giveaway by clicking the link above in this post. Good Luck and Healthy Sneezing lol

Win a Motorola GPS @beeswhobuzz

Have you ever been lost and wished you had one of those wonderful GPS to help find your destination? I have and right now Angela at "Bees Who Buzz"
is having a fantastic giveaway for a Motorola Motonav TN20 GPS System~! Check out the features this GPS offers:

•Spoken street names and turn-by-turn directions

•Over one million searchable points of interests, including restaurants, gas stations, banks and more

•Lane guidance shows which lane to use

•Anti-glare 3.5-inch touch-screen

•Preloaded maps of continental U.S.

•Automatic day/night mode adjustment

•2D and 3D map perspectives

•Zoom and move maps using a finger

•Speed limit display and warning

•SD card slot for updated maps

•USB port for charging

That that's a lot of features~! Click on the link above and enter for your chance to win this fantastic Motorola GPS from Angela at "Bees Who Buzz".

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kwikset Ashfield Handleset Giveaway @OneProject Closer

Some of you know that we are currently struggling to build our new home ourselves without borrowing from the bank paying check by check a little at a time. So I was excited to see that "One Project Closer" is having another great giveaway.
This time it is for a Kwikset Ashfield Handset which is just beautiful and would look great on the new front door. I like that it looks a little rustic or antique. Just check out these features:
  • SmartKey technology
  • Ashfield, Rustic Bronze deadbolt
    • ANSI/BHMA A156.5 Grade 1 Deadbolt Security
    • Titanium alloy throw-bolt core
    • Pick Resistant Solid Brass 6-Pin Key cylinder
  • Ashfield, Rustic Bronze exterior handle
    • Fashionable styling with concealed interior and exterior screws
    • Solid forged brass
  • Commonwealth, Rustic Bronze interior lever
Just click on the link to go to the complete review and giveaway and for those of you that might of missed my earlier post they are also having a Home Depot GC giveaway right now so check that out too~!

I Spy A to Z Prize Pack Giveaway @ThisFullHouseReviews

Oh I was so excited when I received an email from "This Full House Reviews"
about a fun filled "I Spy A to Z Book Prize Pack Review and Giveaway". My kids love I Spy and we have had so much fun and hours of entertainment with I Spy. We actually used the big book of I Spy so much the binder let loose and we had to Duct Tape it back on. Check out what is in this wonderfully fun Prize Pack.
  • Wii Video Game ‘Ultimate I SPY’
  • Board Game ‘I SPY Memory Game’
  • I SPY A to Z: A Book of Picture Riddles
  • I SPY Treasure Hunt
Then there will also be 4 runner up prizes for the I Spy A to Z Book. How cool is all that~!
Check out the complete review and enter to win by clicking on the link in this post.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oreck Halo Vacuum Giveaway @twoofakind

Ok I'm really thrilled about this fantastic giveaway that is going on at "Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House"
She is having this amazing giveaway for an Oreck Halo Vacuum Cleaner
I have been using an antique Electrolux vacuum from the 1960's that was handed down to me from my Mother. I'm amazed it still works~! The problem is I have Asthma and as most of you know the old vacuums blow dust back into the air. Lot's and Lot's of dust.So I hate to vacuum because of this. With this new Oreck I wouldn't have this problem.
The Oreck Halo uses a Hepa 13 filter bag that creates a nearly impenetrable wall. The fiber is so tightly woven that dead germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and mold stay inside while the Sani-Seal tab keep dust and debris from escaping. This is so wonderful. No more dust induced Asthma Attacks~!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wii Game Giveaway @mommymandy Amanda's

Another fun giveaway is going on @mommymandy "Amanda's"
If your family is anything at all like my family they are going to love this giveaway for the Wii Pikman or Mario Power Tennis. I like that the Pikman is different than any game we currently have tried because it has a combination of real-time strategy, adventure, and puzzle elements all in one game. Check out the review at Amanda's and enter for your chance to win either the Pikman or Mario Power Tennis. Click the link in this post and check it out~!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tie Dye Kit Giveaway @MomMostTraveled

This family just loves Tie Dye T-Shirts. We all have our favorite Tie Dye shirt.

"Mom Most Traveled"
is having a wonderful giveaway for a Tie Dye Kit. There are so many fun ideas you can do with this Tie Dye kit. I would love to have a Tie Dye party for the kids this summer. The ideas are endless. They could Tie Dye Socks, Pillow Cases, Bandannas and more. The Tie Dye kit can Dye up to 5 adult sized shirts just imagine how many pair of socks or bandannas you could Tie Dye. Another idea is shoe laces. You could Tie Dye a bunch of shoe laces and with a regular large safety pin you could make a cute Tie Dye bow to pin on and put them in your shoes to go with a cute Tie Dye theme outfit. To read the complete review and to find out more about what comes in this kit and to enter for a chance to win one just click on the link in this post to Mom Most Traveled.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Win a Hoover Rug Washer @3kidsandus

If your rugs are in need of a great Rug Washer then check this out. I just came back from a great review about the Hoover Rug Washer Platinum Collection at "3 Kids and Us" Your going to want to watch the video she did because it shows you everything you need to know about this great machine. She did an awesome review and she is having a giveaway for one reader to actually win a Hoover Rug Washer Platinum Collection. Check out these key features:
  • MaxExtract Technology™ features the most advanced combination of multi-action agitation, carpet washing, dirt removal and direct heat drying.
  • High intensity LED spotlight illuminates problem areas
  • Wash with AutoRinse
  • Includes SpinScrub powered hand tool, upholstery tool, and crevice tool for hard to reach areas
To read the review and enter just click on the link in this post and Good Luck~!

What's a Roku Digital Video Player?

I had never heard of the Roku Digital Video Player until I received an email from "My Charmed Life"
about a review and giveaway she was having for a Roku Digital Video Player. This is really unique. You can watch TV shows on demand with just a couple of clicks on the remote. With the Roku digital video player, you can watch any of over 50,000 titles from Netflix or Amazon Video on Demand within just a few seconds. To read the entire review and enter to win a Roku click the link to "My Charmed Life here

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fantastic Sportsman Giveaway @blessingsabound

There is the most fantastic Father's Day Fling giveaway going on at "Blessings Abound" .
I spend a lot of time reading her reviews and entering her giveaways but this one tops them all~! Just check out some of the pictures of the products in this giveaway in this post. She did a great review about all of these products and the Dad in this family would drool to have these products for Father's Day. It would be the best Father's Day he ever had so I was all excited after reading her review to enter. Being a Father of 5 children he could really use something special like this for himself. I don't know about you but I couldn't wait to enter. Subscribe while your there so you don't miss all her wonderful reviews.

Vado Giveaway~!

Win a Creative Vado during a Funfilled summer enter to win at and
Check out some features of this Creative Vado
It is a convenient size at 3.9″ x 2.2″ x 0.6
You can record up to two hours (2 GB) of video
Vado has internal memory built into the camera
you do not need batteries! All you need to do is plug the camera into your computers usb port and charge it there!
This is just some of the features to read a full review and enter to win visit the links in this post.

Honestech VHS to DVD Giveaway @thedirtyshirt

Jennifer at "The Dirty Shirt"
is always having wonderful reviews and giveaways and today I received an email (because I'm a subscriber to The Dirty shirt) about this fantastic giveaway for a Honestech VHS to DVD 4.0 Deluxe. I have a collection of over 500 VHS tapes that I need converted to DVD and this would be so wonderful to have. I have so many video's of the kids school sports,band,parades and awards that I treasure and would love to convert to DVD and make extra copies for the children all to have when they graduate from high school not to mention copies for the Grand Parents.

Big Giveaway @Fantabulously Frugal

There's a big giveaway at "Fantabulously Frugal"
You won't believe the list of items that the winner will receive in this wonderful giveaway. Just check out this list:
  • Decorative envelopes from etsy seller Adnagam
  • Frango Dark Chocolate Mints
  • Sunshine Yellow Hair Pins from etsy seller creamrose
  • Purple Rain Amethyst Earrings from etsy seller Sew*Cool Design
  • Paperchase 8 Folded Cards with Envelopes
  • Small change purse from etsy seller Made by Hank
  • Cucumber Melon Salty Soap Scrub from etsy seller Sissy Soap
  • Soap Nuts from Laundry Tree
  • Spring Flower Garden Cupcake Liners from etsy seller Layer Cake Shop
  • 2 Vera Bradley cloth napkins
  • Musings Recycled Notebook in Blue from etsy seller subu
  • Fleur de Lis Necklace from etsy seller Bumble Beadz
  • Marc Jacobs key fob
  • Stationery and small letter-pressed notebook from etsy seller Sarah Drake
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex
  • Coriander Ivory Small Cosmetic Bag from etsy seller The Sweet Sugar Beet
  • Smashbox Lip Gloss
  • Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags from etsy seller Green Street
  • Reversible Coffee Sleeve from etsy seller LilE
  • Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs
  • OPI Nail Polish
  • Stick With Me, Kid Shopping Tote from etsy seller Earth Cadets
  • As well as MANY MORE surprises!
  • The retail value of all the items in this giveaway is nearly $300.

Just click on the link in this post to check it out~!

Monday, June 8, 2009

$100 Home Depot GC @OneProjectCloser

As a lot you my readers already know we are currently building our own home to save on labor cost and with out a mortgage. Paying rent, lights, gas and other household bills and trying to have enough money left over to put in the house is really hard right now. It has been almost 6 years in the making and we are now on the home stretch lol But with the recession and I being laid off right now the building has been slow going. We usually take what ever we can out of our pay checks each week to buy materials and if it's only $25 then that's ok we buy nails or screws or maybe some plumbing parts. No matter every dollar gets us closer to the finish. Last week I bought 6 boards of V-Match 8' and a drain for the kitchen sink. That was enough to finish the bedroom off in V-Match and finish the kitchen sink plumbing. Two more projects finished and that much closer to finishing the house. So I was thrilled to see that "One Project Closer"
is having a great giveaway for a $100 GC to Home Depot. I would love to win this for my man for Fathers Day. That would buy the Sand Paper, mask, tack cloth and the polyurethane for the Bedroom. He would be so happy to be able to finish the Bedroom. The room then would only need a rug and it would be COMPLETED~! If you do a lot of do it yourself projects you should subscribe to "One Project Closer" because they have some great advise and articles on how-to-do-it-yourself~!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nature Station Playhouse Giveaway @Momma'sReviews

"Momma's Reviews"
Is having an amazing giveaway for a Nature Station Playhouse from "Step 2"
I was amazed at the variety of playhouses, climbing walls and Bounce houses they carried. It makes you wish you were a kid again~! lol If you can imagine it they probably have it. Just click the link above to read the review and learn more about "Step 2 and enter for your chance to win.