Friday, October 31, 2008

~Hunting We Will Go~

Hunting season starts tomorrow and every one is fired up and ready to go~! Fishing season for open water has closed so while the avid outdoors person awaits the ice to form Hunting is a sure pleasure. This site is giving away some cool items check out their site and Good Luck on your Hunt tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Amazon here I come I hope~!

As most of you know it is bloggy carnival week and many are giving away some real nice prizes and this site is no exception. She is having a wonderful giveaway for an Amazon gift card. Now since I am trying to save up to get a Kindle this would help me get a little closer to my goal. Kateedyd get bored according to her profile and would like to chat with others so give her some company , stop and chat and while your their enter her wonderful giveaway.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Savy Soda~!

I'm trying to win this fantastic soda machine. It's the next best invention since toilet paper. lol You see since I live on the mountain and I have to walk the trail up the mountain lugging all the groceries which is a big pain. Lately our old beat up 1985 4-wheeler just doesn't seem to want to stay running so we end up lugging most of the time. This week all week which is a lot of lugging when you have to lug a weeks worth of groceries. The thought of not having to lug soda would be a nice blessing. I have been thinking of buying a cow so I won't have to lug the milk as well. lol Just kidding I think the grain and hay would be a little more than I could handle. Any how I stubbled upon this cool site that is giving one of these fantastic machines away check it out at Mom Most Traveled.
tea party

Do you want a Compaq iPAQ 3955 Color Pocket PC ?

This is a site you want to add to your Blog Roll and stop by often. Right now they are having this awesome giveaway check this out a Compaq iPAQ 3955 Color Pocket PC! I am so excited about this new site.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful Bottle

I love to go antique bottle digging. I find old bottles to be very interesting so when I saw this beautiful bottle I just had to blog about this talented ladies site. The name of her site is Diane Knott's Musing. A friend knows how much I enjoy this hobby and sent me a link to her site so first I must say thanks Michele. Then you must know she is giving away this beautiful bottle at her site. You can find her here at the link in my side bar "Beautiful Bottle"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

PoP Goes The Soda~!

This is a must have for me. It's a soda machine~! I am currently building a house in the woods on top of a mountain. We have not had the money to build a road to the house yet since it will cost around $5,000 and we have to lug all our food and drinks to stay there while we build. We have the electricity installed now and are working on getting the well drilled then on to the road.We figure it will be another year or two before we will be able to afford to put in the road. We have a nice foot path but it's a hike up the mountain for now so when I saw this awesome machine I fell in love with it. Since I have to lug soda every weekend up the mountain this would save a lot of lugging for me. The kids would be in their glory with this. It's an awesome invention for sure. You can make soda in less than 30 seconds and it has reusable carbonating bottles to eliminate the lugging and it cost around .57 cents per liter.They have 20 soda flavors to choose from not to mention the flavored water. It even gets better this cool site is giving one of these machines away check it out by clicking on their button below.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dyson as tough as Tyson?

I just came from the chic site Chic Shopper Chick and checked out this site and while I was there I entered to win this awesome Dyson Vacuum. Since I am currently using an electrolux from the 1970's that my mother passed down to me about 18yrs ago I could really use a new Vacuum. This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and due to this they are giving away a pink Dyson Vacuum which I think is just awesome so Check it out and spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness and remember not only women get breast cancer men do too!

Monday, October 6, 2008


On my way to work this morning someone had hit a doe and left it. They didn't bother to stop and Since we love Deer Meat in this house I stopped and called the Game Warden to see if I could claim it. They told me I could take it, hang it , gut it but not to skin it and when they came to look at it hanging if all is well we could then get a tag number for it. I was thinking well I hope after we do all the work he doesn't decide he is going to take it. But he showed up and said it was ok and gave us a tag. So Deer stew will be on the menu soon~! I couldn't see wasting all that meat letting it rot on the ground. We have already cut up 2 roast and 8 packages of tenderloin and 6 packages of steaks and that's just the start of it so that will sure help the grocery bill for meat this winter.

Cake any one?

No you can't eat it. It's a baby shower cake made out of disposable diapers and it is so adorable and not only that it's useful after the shower. It's made out of things the mother to be can use once the new baby arrives. It is a wonderful idea. The best part is they are also giving one away at the site below. Check it out~

Cute for the Cute~!

This little Cottage is too Cute~! Every little girl would just love to be the proud owner of her own little Cottage. This could be the chance to get it for free. Go to the blog below.