Thursday, October 27, 2016

Looking For A Fun Gift? This Is Awesome~!

I have had so much fun with this CX-10W RC Mini Quadcopter by oneCase. It's so simple to set up but to operate it is another thing. I don't know if it's because I'm all thumbs on the touch screen controls or what but I am horrible at steering it. I'll have to get a lot better before flying this in a small area or indoors. Sorry about the crash landing video but I can't seem to get by those trees without clipping a leaf or two. This thing goes real high and I can barely see it at times. I can't express how cool this thing is. Makes for a great adult toy! 

This is loaded with fun features. Such as video or still pictures. It comes with WiFi 0.3MP HD camera which can achieve real-time FPV by connecting a your cell phone. What I like is the video the CX-10W RC Mini Quadcopter takes while flying it automatically syncs and ends up on my phone without me having to do anything. No transferring with a memory card. I can view the video or pictures it take on my phone immediately. That is awesome.

First you have to charge the Quadcopter. It comes with a USB cable and the end of the USB cable will glow orange/red when charging. Once it is fully charged the light will go out. Once the Quadcopter is charged it is ready to pair to your phone. To do that you turn on the Quadcopter then go to settings and turn on and open your bluetooth option and “search for devices”. Once it is paired you will have to down load the CX-10W app on your phone. To connect with the Quadcopter you should not be near any other internet service such as your home internet because it may interfere connecting to the Quadcopter. You want the signal on the Quadcopter to be a stronger signal. Go to your internet options and connect with the CX-10W. Now you are set up to enjoy your Quadcopter by oneCase over and over. This is small enough to sit in the pom of your hand. How cool is that. This would make a great gift for that hard to buy for person in your life or maybe a nice stocking stuffer too!

Once you open the app you will see a screen that shows a picture of a Quadcopter and the word play. Just select play and another screen will open and show you all the controls. It has on phone controls for Right/Left, Forwards/Backwards, Up/Down. It has many feature buttons along the top such as the picture, video, photo & video playback, speed, Gravity sensor mode, 3D vision, calibrate the aircraft, Show/Hide control interface, reverse screen and VR mode.

It recommends in the manual to calibrate the Quadcopter. This will help it fly properly.
I had the speed set on 30% and I thought that was fast but according to the manual that is the low setting for speed. It actually has three speed modes low, medium and high.

I liked that although they included a paper manual it's also on the app what all the controls mean and what they are used for. One the start page is a red ? Mark. If you click on that it shows a picture of all the controls and what they are used for. So it has an on board diaphragm short menu.

This is also capable of flying at night but I haven't mastered flying during the day yet. I think I might invest in a remote control transmitter with joy sticks. This would be easier to control and fly with that I think.

This has a very short charging time of 30 minutes but it also has a short flying time of only 4 minutes. I actually used it today for 6 minutes before the battery went dead. I would of liked to have seen a longer charge time and a longer fly time. I find I no more get having fun and it is dead so I have to stop and charge it. If you plan on using this away from home with no USB charging station I recommend that you take a portable power bank with you to recharge this.

I also wish they had added a beacon feature so it would sound so when it drops unexpectedly it would be easy to find. We lost it in a field and it took more than 30 minutes to find it and a beacon or a feature to make it sound would have been so helpful. The battery life span and the beacon are the only two improvements that I can think of to make the experience to fly the oneCase Quadcopter.

I like that they added an extra set of propellers because as bad as I am at flying it I'm sure I'll need them soon to replace the ones that came on it.

WiFi transmission distance is about 65 feet or 20 meters. It seems a lot further than that though. The size is 1.3 x 1.3 x .87 inches or 32 x 32 x 22mm. It weights 1.4 ounces.

The manual has lots of pictures and explains how to use this and care for the Quadcopter so I recommend reading it thoroughly.

You can purchase this fun Quadcopter on Amazon by clicking on any hyper link in this post.