Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jewelry Armoire Giveaway at J.Leigh Designz

If your not following this blog you should be. J.Leigh Designz is always having great reviews and giveaways and this is one of them. It's a picture frame and jewelry armoire in one. How cool is that!?! It even locks to keep your jewelry safe. I fell in love with it. It's wonderful. I love jewelry and have tons of it. Instead of 3 small jewelry box's I could put it all in the Collage Photo Frame Wooden Wall Locking Jewelry Armoire by Hayneedle. In my small jewelry box's my necklaces get all tangled up and I hate that. To read the complete review at J.Leigh Designz and enter for your chance to win click here.

Two Bounce House Giveaways~!

J.Leigh Designz and Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House are both having giveaways. has offered one J. Leigh Designz Readers a Bounce Bot Inflatable Bobble Bouncer by Blast Zone! The arms of this robot themed bounce house actually move up and down as your kids jump around. The more your kids jump the more Bobble Bot moves!To enter to win the Bounce Bot inflatable Bobble Bouncer just click here.

Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House is having a giveaway for a Rock Crawler Bounce House. Up to 6 Kids can play safely with the Huge 18x11x7 Rock Crawler Bouncer at once. The Rock Crawler combo has tons of fun features to keep boys and girls entertained for hours: a ball pit in the engine compartment area, a crawl tunnel tire, a large bouncer in the cab and a 2-kid-wide tailgate slide. A large bounce floor, ball pit/play area and a low height make the Rock Crawler an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor use. WIN a Bounce House at Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House during her Outdoor Oasis Event!To enter click here.

Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House & J.Leigh Designz are both having a Audiovox Giveaway~!

Both Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House and J.Leigh Designz are having Audiovox Giveaway. Over at Two of A Kind Working On A full House you can enter to win a RCA Digital Camcorder. It's small and measures 0.9 x 2.5 x 4.3 inches. Small enough to keep in your purse so you are never gone without it. It can take a memory card so you can have an endless supply of video. To read a complete review and enter to win it just click here.

The Giveaway J.Leigh Designz is having from Audiovox is for a 9 Inch Slim Line Portable DVD Player With Travel Case & Accessories. Check out all these features.
Watch your movies on the go with this Audiovox 9 inch portable DVD player. With an included headrest mounting kit, and two high quality headphones, this is the perfect portable vehicle solution.
9 inch LCD display
Car headrest mounting system
16:9 aspect ratio
Built in high capacity battery
USB connection
To enter at J.Leigh Designz just click here.

J.Leigh Designz & Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House Is Having A Play House Giveaway~!

Step2 has offered one J. Leigh Designz and Two of a Kind Working On A Full House Readers a Neighborhood Fun Center Play House and Country Cottage Playhouse of their own~! How cool is that~!!!! The kids would love to have their very own little play house. What child wouldn't right. The Neighborhood Fun Center play House has a little diner on one side and even a small slide. Plenty to do with ring toss and velcro balls that are on another side of this play house. They didn't forget a thing when designing this play house. The children could entertain themselves for hours. J.Leigh Designz has a fantastic review with lots of pictures and even a video to watch then when you are done checking this Neighborhood Fun Center Play House out enter for your chance to win one. The Country Cottage Playhouse at Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House is 58.50 H x 55.00 L x 54.00 W. There is a phone that also takes 2(AAA) batteries. It also has it's very own door bell. Another fun part of this Country Cottage Playhouse is the sink, swivel faucet, stove burner, and a clicking knob. To enter click here.

The Art of Being Mom is having a Designer Catbox Giveaway~!

I have never seen a cat box like the Designer Catbox. I was so excited when I read the review at "The Art Of Being Mom" because I have a dog that just won't leave the cat box alone. We have tried everything. We bought a new litter box with a top on it hoping it would keep her out of it but it didn't work. We even tried putting up a child's gate because the cat could jump over it but that didn't work either because she would knock it down. The Designer Catbox not only looks good it's designed good. Dogs can't get into it. Yeah~! and it keeps litter from getting all over the house. I soooo need one of these. You just got to check it out. To learn more go to "The Art Of Being Mom" and check out her review and enter for your chance to win one.

Win a Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Phone at Sweeps4Bloggers~!

Here in Maine it is against the law to talk on a cell phone while driving. I bought an adapter that you plug into your Radio and the conversation comes through your car speakers. The problem was I could not hear over the noise my car makes while driving. When I read a review about the Spracht Aura Mobile BT Bluetooth Speakerphone at Sweeps4Bloggers and it said you can hear even with the top down on a convertible I got real excited. If you can hear with the top down on a convertible then I could hear it in my car. It also turns any cordless phone into a conference phone. It's very small and can fit in your pocket to take any where. Read Valerie's complete review and enter for your chance to win.

Get Charged Up With Sweeps4Bloggers Energizer Recharge Smart Charger Giveaway~!

Valerie at Sweeps4Bloggers has a Energizer Smart Charger to giveaway to one of her lucky readers. Check out the review and enter for your chance to win one. look at all the great features that the Energizer Recharge Smart Charger has.

Energizer® Recharge Smart Charger

  • Countdown timer shows how long until batteries are charged
  • Battery Fuel Guage shows charge status
  • Bad Battery Alert detects alerts and shuts off charging when a non-NiMH or old NiMH battery is inserted
  • Large visual display can be viewed from across the room
  • Charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Charges batteries at a safe, steady rate which improves the long-term health of the NiMH battery
  • For approximate charge times, download the user manual.
  • Energy Star® certified
  • Bounce on over toThe Ethertons and Enter Their Bounce House Giveaway~!

    What a fun filled giveaway going on at "The Ethertons". The kids would love this little bounce house from Hayneedle. It's small enough for indoor play on them cold winter days or on spring rainy days or you can set it up outside during those beautiful summer days. That's what I liked most about this Jumpolene Bounce House. It's a toy that the little ones can enjoy year round here. To read the complete review and enter to win one Bounce on over to "The Ethertons" just click here.

    Enter to win a Gourmet Gift Basket at The Ethertons

    I just read a review about at "The Ethertons" and entered to win a wonderful basket. I was amazed at just how many different kinds of baskets that they had to offer. Mother's day is coming right up and they had some wonderful Mother's Day baskets like Gardening Gift Baskets (like the one in this post), Soup and Crocks, Tea Time and more. Men are always hard to buy for in my family so when I saw some of their beer baskets I thought what a perfect gift for fathers day coming up in June. Then I found some other good ones too like fishing baskets, golf baskets, BBQ baskets and more. They have baskets for every occassion. Check out the review & giveaway going on at "The Ethertons" and enter for you chance to win. Just click here.

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Soda Stream Giveaway Going On At The Ethertons

    There is a really flavor filled giveaway going on at "The Ethertons" for a Soda Stream. You can make your own soda right at your home. Cool huh!?! They have over 30 syrups to choose from. They carry diet too. If you like energy drinks they have them too. If you prefer flavored sparkling water they have that too. Each bottle of sodamix makes about 12 liters of soda (about 33 cans!) for around 25 cents per 12-ounce can. So it also saves money~! If you would like to enter to win a Soda Stream just skip over to "The Ethertons" by clicking here.

    Don't Miss The Vinyl Lettering Contest Going On Right Now~!

    Have a wall you would like to dress up? Then you want to check out the Contest to win a gift certificate for Vinyl Craft Lettering. Over $200 in Prizes. They also have Decorative Tiles too~! I would love to have one of their tiles to put on hearth in my house. I also would like to spruce up a wall in my dining room. To enter just click here.

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Sweeps4Bloggers Honestech VHS to DVD 4.0 Deluxe Giveaway and It's Awesome~!

    I have tons and tons of box's filled with my favorite VHS movies. I hate the space they take up compared to the new DVD's but I spent a lot of money over the years collecting them and I just can't seem to part with them. Plus I have my oldest son's first five years on VHS tapes and they are so precious to me. I would love to convert them all over to DVD and Sweeps4Bloggers is having a giveaway for a machine that can do just that. I would love to win it~! I can just picture those huge box's of over 600 VHS movies turning into one small case. When I started switching to DVD movies and from Casettes to CD's I bought a nice metal case that holds 1000 DVD'S/CD's . I could actually copy all my VHS tapes to DVD's and store them in this one small case. How cool is that~!!!! Real cool~!!! lol If you would like to know more about the Honestech VHS to DVD 4.0 Deluxe and enter for your chance to win one then just shoot on over to Sweeps4bloggers.

    Mom Start is having a $100 Men’s Wearhouse gift card giveaway

    My oldest son is graduating this year (yeah!) and when I saw a review at Mom Start about the Men's Wearhouse I just had to check it out. She is having a wonderful giveaway for a $100 Men's Wearhouse Gift Card. With my son graduation just around the corner this would come in real handy right now. Being on the unemployment line has put a big crunch in my budget and this would help out a lot~! Wouldn't he look handsome in a tux at the prom!?! I was surprised at all the options that was available at Men's Wearhouse. They have several colors to choose from. I also learned that they provide professional clothing to nonprofit organizations that have workforce and job readiness programs. Mom Start will tell you about it in her complete review. Which is wonderful~! Thanks Men's Wearhouse for doing this. They have Tux rentals for as low as $49.99 and they also have style advise for the prom of 2010 that you can check out.

    I entered and so can you just click on any hyperlink to Mom Start and it will take you to the review and giveaway.

    Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed Giveaway at Mom Start~!!!

    I just read a FANTASTIC review and watch a video about the Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed at "Mom Start" . I can't imagine sleeping straight through from night time to morning. It's been so long I can't even remember what it feels like anymore. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my so called mattress is horrid. I wake up every 40 minutes or so in severe pain from the pressure on my joints. Out of the eight hours I spend in my bed I think I get about 3 hours sleep. After watching the video at Mom Start I new this is the mattress I need ~! You really got to check out the Sleep Number Bed. It's AMAZING~! After you read her review and watch the video your going to want a Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed if you suffer from pain and sleepless nights. What is even more AMAZING is you can enter to win a Queen Sleep Number p5 bed set valued at $2059.97. at Mom Start right now. What are you waiting for, quick go to Mom Start and check it out. Thanks Louise from Mom Start and Select Comfort for sharing this Amazing Bed to one lucky winner.

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Eighty MPH Mom Sunshine Kids Car Seat Going On Right Now~!

    I just read a review at Eighty MPH Mom about a Car Seat that requires NO seat belts. I didn't know they made such a car seat but they do at Sunshine Kids. They have a latch system that works with out seat belts. It accommodates children from birth to 80lbs so no need to buy more than one car seat for different stages. Another great feature that I read about was the car seat can actually fold flat and has a shoulder strap to carry it. Now that's helpful~! Those two features make it so much easier to transfer the car seat to and from Grammy's and the Sitters for sure. I wish the seat in my car was as comfy as there car seats look~! They come in a variety of colors and patterns too. If you would like to learn more about Sunshine Kids Car Seats you'll have to hop on over to Eighty MPH Mom and read her complete review and while your there enter for your chance to win one. Just click here. Don't wait to long because the giveaway ends 5/10

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Check Out The Mimobot Giveaway At Sweeps4Bloggers

    These are the coolest Flash Drives I have ever seen~! They are called Mimobot's and Sweeps4Bloggers have teamed up with Mimoco to give one Sweeps4Bloggers reader a GiddyUp 4GB USB Flash Drive ~! That's her in the top left photo. Awesome right!?! Well that's just one of many designs of Mimobot's .
    This is Molegory another Mimobot that you will find at Mimoco
    This is Tikigod and as you can see they are all different and have there own personality and story to tell. Your bound to find one that you like. I myself liked GiddyUp the best and was excited to see that Sweeps4Bloggers is giving a GiddyUp to one lucky winner. I've got my entry in do you? If not and you want in for your chances to win GiddyUp just click here.
    While your there you might want to subscribe through a reader or by email because this lady is busy and delivers some awesome reviews and is always having one giveaway or another. Your not going to want to miss out on all she has to offer trust me. My teenagers think I'm hip now because I know about new products before they do. I'm telling them about some of the new sites and tech items instead of them telling me now and one of the reasons is because I read Sweeps4Bloggers.

    Sweeps4Bloggers Is Sharing Another Great Product The Couture Caddy Purse Hook

    Sweeps4Bloggers Is Sharing Another Great Product, The Couture Caddy Purse Hook. This is a handy must have for all women young and old. I hate sitting my purse on the floor and with the Couture Caddy Purse Hook I wouldn't have to. I love it when an item is not only helpful but beautiful at the same time. These lovely Purse Hooks are like an added jewelry item except your purse wears it instead of you. I would love to have one for myself and my mom. My mother is so hard to buy for when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries , mothers day,,,,, you get the picture. She is retired and has most items that she would ever use or need so it's come down to flowers and gift cards to local restaurants for almost every occasion which gets not only boring but expected with no ultimate surprise what so ever. The Couture Caddy Purse Hook is something she would definitely use and like. She also hates to sit her purse on the floor when she is out and about and lots of times she leaves it in her lap. Let's face it the floors are dirty and we handle our purses all day long and we don't want them to get dirty. I think most teenagers would also like these so it's also a great gift for that young lady. Sweeps4Bloggers has a review and giveaway going on right now. If you would like to learn more and enter her giveaway just click here.

    Another Sweeps4Bloggers Fantastically Fun Giveaway~!

    I know, I just blogged about a review & giveaway at Sweeps4Bloggers but like I said she is always having one fantastic review after another and this just proves it. I just learned about the Motormouse by reading a review and entering to win one at Sweeps4Bloggers. My son wants one real bad and I must admit it would make a great going away present for when he leaves for college in the summer. I myself think this would be kicking to use with my laptop while working away from the office. Everyone needs just a little bit of fun while working right!?! I'm not going to tell you all I learned about this too cool mouse (but I will say it has some cool features) your going to have to go to Sweeps4Bloggers and read Valerie's complete review. Oh and don't forget she is giving one lucky reader one to enjoy so enter while your there, I did. Just click here.

    Visioneer RoadWarrior Scanner Review & Giveaway at Sweeps4Bloggers~!

    I've been following Sweeps4Bloggers for some time now and I can tell you she is one busy lady. She has numerous reviews and if you can keep up with her your doing a lot better than I am. She also has several giveaways at any giving time and you will always find something of interest that she has posted. Today I just read a fantastic review about the Visioneer RoadWarrior Scanner and I am so excited about this product. I work away from the office on many days and have to bring back tons of documents to copy for my files but with the RoadWarrior I wouldn't have to do this anymore. I could just scan my clients documents right at their home and copy them when needed back at my office. People don't like there important documents to leave their hands and I don't blame them. I don't like taking them either. I know how important some of them are and wouldn't want them lost in the mail. Which you know does happen even though not often. The RoadWarrior Scanner would also save lots in shipping cost to because I wouldn't have to mail those important documents back to my clients. This machine is unbelievable and I would love to be the next proud owner of one so that is why I entered the Sweeps4Bloggers giveaway for one. If you need a mobile scanner you really should read her complete review of what the Visioneer RoadWarrior Scanner can do and enter while your there. Just click here.

    Come on Join Kiddies Corner Deals for some Fitness Fun~!

    Kiddies Corner Deals

    Whooo hoo what are you waiting for come join the Fitness Fun Event a April 26. There will be some great sponsors in the event. Healthy recipes, photos, some tips along with giveaways!!!

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    Baby Loving Moma is having a Guidecraft Store and Take-a-Long giveaway~!

    you can read a review and enter to win a Guidecraft Store and Take-a-Long from "Baby Loving Moma". This bright colored storage unit has three shelves and six bins. It is on wheels and you can move it from one room to another. This is great for keeping your childs toys organized. I can picture one used for match box cars. Another used to hold all those barbie doll cloths and accesories. Lego's in another. Make believe make up and accesories in another. What can you picture in yours? If you would like to learn more about the Guidecraft Store and Take-a Long then go to "Baby Loving Moma" and read her complete review with lots of pictures. While your there enter for your chance to win one. Don't know how to get to "Baby Loving Moma" no problem just click any highlighted phrase or just click here.

    Check it out ~Mommas Review is having a lipsmacking SodaStream Giveaway~!

    Can you imagine making soda instantly right at your own home!?! That's what the SodaStream does. I just read a flavor filled review & giveaway for a SodaStream at "Mommas Review". She is giving one lucky winner who enters a Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker and assorted flavors~! That just Rocks~! This is the coolest little machine. To grasp the concept on how the SodaStream works just head on over and watch the video she made of Marc demonstrating it. It's really simple to use and your not going to believe all the flavors they have. I just love Cream Soda and have since I was a kid but it is hard to find around here. I go months and months with out having my favorite flavor in the frig because you just can't buy it. I live in a very very small town and some items are just not available. I was soooooo excited that they carried cream flavor soda mix. If you would like to enter to win a Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker and assorted flavors just head on over to "Mommas Review" and read her complete review and enter while your there. You don't know how to get there? That's easy click any high lighted word in this post or just click here.

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    ~Spring in the Air~

    It's hard to believe that spring is here and we don't have snow on the ground. You see in Maine we always have snow on the ground in April. Matter of fact we have had significant snow fall in April. Up to 12-14 inches in one storm. It's usually hovers around 50 degress in the Month of April but not this year. We have had several days in the 60's and even a couple in the 70's. That is why I usually don't care for what most people call spring. To us Mainers Spring doesn't start until the Month of May here. Then it rains most of that month and into June. But not this year. It's been a beautiful spring. My 13yr old is all hyped up cause now it's finally bike riding and skateboarding season. He has so much energy and loves to do both and living in Maine the season is short. Time to dig out the bikes and get the tires pumped up and scooters wheels greased and the basketball hoops up again~! YEAH~!

    Networking Witches is having a Modern Wall Graphics $200 Giveaway.

    Networking Witches is having a review & giveaway from Modern Wall Graphics and I never thought about using stickers to decorate a room with until I read her review and checked out what they had to offer at Modern Wall Graphics. My 13yr olds room is in desperate need of a makeover. It is just plain white painted sheet rock. He really wants a space he can call his own and likes. When I pulled up the web to Modern Wall Graphics I really wasn't thinking I would find anything that would work for his room but was surprised to see how much they had to offer. I told my son to come check it out because after all it's his room we would use this for and it should be what he likes not myself. At first he wasn't that excited but then he saw a few that sparked his interest. Then when I pulled up the Graffiti Wall Graphics he just flipped. He said "That's it~!" He really liked it. I said with a gallon of gray paint and a quart of another color for accent and these wall stickers his room would look pretty darn cool. He was grinning from ear to ear just thinking about it. This was just one style that a teenage might like. They also had a skate boarding set of wall graphic stickers. Networking Witches is having a giveaway for a $200 GC to Modern Wall Graphics and if you want to check it out just click here.

    Want To Win A Yo-Be Sling Disc? Go To Eighty MPH Mom

    I just discovered a new toy at Eighty MPH Mom. It's called the Yo-Be Sling Disc from Banzai and it's really cool. My 13yr old hates to sit still for long. He likes to be jumping, running and bouncing all the time. He is always busy. I think he would love the Yo-Be Sling Disc. I think he would have lots of fun sharing this with his friends. you also can lean some really neat tricks and you can watch videos where you can Yo-Be in action. Check out Jennifer's complete review and enter to win at Eighty MPH Mom. Just click here.

    Football Snack Bowl Giveaway at A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

    My sons a football player and football season is really busy around here with practice , meetings and banquets. I'm always making a dish for one reason or another not to mention we celebrate Pro ball all season. I just read a review and giveaway at "A Giveaway Addicted Mommy" for a Football Snack bowl. It looks and feels like a real football ~! It also plays the Fox NFL theme music when you push a button. The team players would love it. I would use this 2 or more times a week during football season. I have been carrying food to and from football functions for 7yrs now and I would love to have this for that. If you would like to enter just go to "A Giveaway Addicted Mommy" read her review and enter while your there. Just click here.

    Oreck Steamwand Giveaway at A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

    The Oreck Steam-It All Purpose Steamwand requires no detergents or chemicals to clean those nasty surfaces~! I suffer with Asthma and this is a big plus for me. I would love to try this on the grout in my bathroom. I just read a review at "A Giveaway Addicted Mommy" and she has photo's on how well it cleaned grout and it was very impressive. It also comes with a 6-piece attachment kit and a 1-year warranty. I'd like to use this to clean my drapes in the bedroom too. The best part you can enter to win one at "A Giveaway Addicted Mommy" just click here and check it out.

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    Summer Infant Classic Wooden High Chair Giveaway at The Bragging Mommy

    What a wonderful review & giveaway for a Summer Infant Wooden High Chair Giveaway is going on at "The Bragging Mommy". I like that it is made of wood. That means it will last forever. One of the features I liked best about the Summer Infant Classic Wooden High Chair is that the tray is dishwasher safe. I have a setting on my dishwasher for sanitize and being able to sanitize the tray to the high chair would be fantastic. If you would like to read more about this wonderful High Chair from Summer Infant hop on over to "The Bragging Mommy" to read her complete review and enter for your chance to win one. Just click here.

    Go Graham Go Is Having A Giveaway For A BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

    Felicia at Go Graham Go has a review & giveaway going on for a BabyBjorn Travel crib Light. This item would come in so handy on the days the new Grand Babies come to visit for the day. It sets up so fast and easy~! I just watched a video and even I can do this with out any help so it's got to be easy lol. It stores away nice and neat for the next time it's needed too. You really got to watch the video's. The crib only weighs 11 pds. The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light comes in it's own case and can be carried like a carrying bag. Check it out,just pop over to Felicia's at Go Graham Go and read her complete review then enter. Just click here.

    Eighty MPH Mom How to Train Your Dragon Video Game Giveaway

    Over at "Eighty MPH Mom" Jennifer is having a review and giveaway for "How to Train Your Dragon" video game for the Wii system. She is giving away FIVE copies~! This sounds like a real fun game. You get to design your own dragon and then train them for battle. My youngest son loves dragons. What boy doesn't right. So I know he would really enjoy and play this game a lot. You can also play with friend or family members. Many games the kids play I don't care for or just don't interest me but this is one I just might enjoy playing myself. I kind of got hooked on dragons myself after watching the movie Eragon and can't wait to see How to Train Your Dragon movie. Want to check it out and enter too!?! Just click here.

    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Outnumbered 3 to 1 is having a Review & Giveaway for a Hoover FloorMate~!

    Can you imagine inventing a machine that can vacuum, wash and dry your floors? Well I just read a review at Outnumbered 3 to 1 about a machine that can do just that. It's a Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub. I was so amazed that one machine could do all that. I have been washing my floors on my hands and knees for years and now with my Arthritis I just can't do it anymore. I would love to own one of these Hoover FloorMates and Outnumbered 3 to 1 is having a giveaway. If you want to learn more about this wonderful machine then just pop on over and read her review and enter the giveaway while your there. Just click here.

    Want a Hexbug? Enter at Eighty MPH Mom

    Want to know what a Hexbug is and what it can do? Then your going to have to read the great review at Eighty MPH Mom. I will tell you that these are too cool and when my son saw them he got all excited and wanted two of each lol. I did put a picture in this post of one kind of Hexbug but there are many of them. I really can't explain them. You can also accessorize but building a habitat for your nano collection. You really have to go to check out her complete review and while your there enter to win. Just click here.

    I just found some really cool day packs from a review & giveaway that Momma's Review is having.

    I don't know if it's a boy thing or what but my son goes through about three day packs a year. He is so hard on them. I have bought all his day packs from local department stores and never gave much thought about the style or type because there really isn't much to choose from. Now that I saw all the styles and types that High Sierra Sport carries from a review I read at Momma's Review I would really like to get one that fits his needs. Plus the quality that goes into these day packs might be what I need where he goes through so many. It would be nice to only have to buy one nice one instead of three of less quality. I found the perfect day pack for him which was the Malcolm skateboard. He skateboards all the time and lugs it everywhere he goes so this would come in handy for him. I never saw one that had straps to hold a skateboard before so that just goes to show you how many different kinds that they carry. Momma's Review is having a great giveaway to win a High Sierra Sport day pack. If you would like to learn more and enter to win just click here.

    Momma's Review Giveaway HP 8" Smart WiFi Display

    So excited ~! I just read a great review & giveaway at Momma's Review for an HP 8" Smart WiFi Display and it rocks~! I was shocked at all it could do. You can share and receive photo's , Listen to the radio or pod and browse your photo's online or off plus lots more. I would love to own one. If you would to just head on over to Momma's Review and read her review and enter while your there. Just click here.

    Saturday, April 3, 2010

    True Fit Premier Convertible Car Seat Review & Giveaway at 3 Kids and Us

    I have not one but two new grand babies born this year and as most of you know it is no fun hooking and unhooking car seats up all the time. Every time we would want to take the grand babies we would have to switch over car seats. This is such a pain pulling them in and out of the cars all the time. I just read a fantastic review at 3 Kids and Us for a True Fit Premier Convertible Car Seat ~! I would love to have a True Fit Premier Convertible Car seat. It would last both grand babies until they weigh 65pds. That is awesome~! I love the easy use of this car seat too. It has so many features that make this car seat easy to adjust. I not only read the review but I entered to win one at 3 Kids and Us. If you would like to check out her complete review and enter for your chance to win one just click here.

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Paslode CF325 Cordless Framing Nailer Giveaway Going On At Home Construction Improvement~!

    We have been building our new home pay check by pay check and we we would love to get it finished. We hope to be in the new house by late summer or early fall. Our biggest issue is it's located on top of a mountain and we had to lug a lot of the lumber and use a generator for the power tools. Once this is done we will be starting on the garage so we still have lots to do. Home Construction Improvement has a great review & giveaway for a Paslode CF325 Cordless Framing Nailer. This would come in sooooooo handy to help get the job done. The best part is The Paslode CF-325 is a fully portable/cordless nail gun that does not require a compressor, hoses or power. This is amazing. I just entered for a chance to win it at Home Construction Improvement. If you would like to read up on this wonderful tool and enter to win just click here.