Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enter to win a $150 GC @focusorganic

I just loved this new site that Focus Organic
introduced in a review and giveaway she is having to win a $150 Gift Card from the Twisted Limb Paperworks
They have so many wonderful products to choose from. They are made from handmade 100% recycled paper. Some of the items are wedding invitations, business promotional items, holiday greeting cards, birth announcements, shower invitations, thank-you notes, programs, guest books, place cards, menus and favors. The best part is you can enter at Focus Organic to win a $150 Gift Card. Click on the link above to take you to her review and giveaway~!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Help me win~!

I have entered to win a Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike and by creating traffic to their site I have a better chance to win. All you need to do to help is click on the button below or on the button on my sidebar to the left. Thanks for all your help~!
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Win a Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike @focusorganic

I have never seen a bike like this one before. The Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike Is very unique and handy. I can think of a dozen things the Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike would come in handy for. I could use it to haul water from the well down the road. I usually have to make three trips and instead I could do it in one with no lugging at all. I could use it to go berry picking. This would be a great way to haul all them berries home. I usually pick 50 gallons of Black berries during a good season to can jam. I also pick a lot of plums and I could haul them home as well. Plums get heavy real fast.In the fall it would be apples. The Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike looks big enough to haul four bushels of apples at a time. In the spring we also tap a few trees and hauling the sap is lots of work. This would be great to use for that. See this bike would be very useful. We have to recycle everything in the state of Maine and every spring we collect all the bottles from the side of the roads near our house to keep Maine beautiful and this would really come in handy then. If you run errands close to home but it's a little far to walk you could use the Madsen Bucket Cargo Bike to haul home groceries and such. We live about a mile or so from a little meat market & general store and I'm forever needing something. This is just a few of the ways I would use this fantastic bike. I bet you can come up with a list of your own as well. The best part is you can actually win one from a terrific site I just came from "Focus Organic"
Check out the review and the giveaway. Enter to win. It's that easy. I really enjoy the site and decided to subscribe while I was there because it has a lot of interesting reading material. So what are you waiting for click on the links in this post to go directly to the Madsen Cycles and Focus Organic.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Green win a Sodastream~!

I have just been visiting J. Leigh Designz's blog and have subscribed to her blog and followed because this is an amazing site. She has a lot to offer her followers and right now she has posted a review & giveaway for a fantastic Sodastream
This little machine could save me a whole lot of work because lugging soda up a mountain is exhausting. We have a foot path to the top of the mountain to the house and lugging the groceries is definitely no fun not to mention lugging all the recyclables back down the mountain. With the Sodastream I wouldn't have to do all this extra lugging. Many times I have skipped buying soda because lugging the jugs up is an extra trip up the mountain and takes a long time. What impressed me also was all the flavor choices. They even had my all time favorite which is Cream Soda. The best part is you can win one at J.Leigh Designz's just click the link above to check out this really cool site and enter while your there. while your there don't forget to subscribe~!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Win A Oasis Garden~!

I just love being outside and working in the garden. The problem is we have to use raised beds because we are on a mountain that has little top soil and lots of boulders. It's impossible to rototill a garden. We just hit Rock every time. So our only solution was to try raised beds. I was amazed when I saw the Botanical Garden giveaway that anyone could enter and win @ResourcefulMommy
I thought finally a beautiful back yard oasis garden I could escape to and enjoy every single day.
Check out Lisa's blog here

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another GREAT giveaway @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

I told you that "A Giveaway Addicted Mommy"
was a fantastic site with tons of reviews and giveaways and I just entered to win a Epson Stylus NX 400
This printer does everything,,,,,,it just might even dance lol. I was amazed at what you could do with this printer. This is just some of the things it does. It prints up to 34 pages per minute for black and color text, prints 4”x6” BorderFree photos in as fast as 26 seconds and copies up to 30 copies per minute for both black and color. Isn't that amazing~!!!! I sure think so. The best part of this post is that you can enter too. Just click on the link to "A Giveaway Addicted Mommy" above and it will take you directly to her giveaway. Don't forget to subscribe via email while your their so you won't miss any of her reviews and giveaways.

Enter to Win a Megellan GPS @A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

I went to a wonderful new blog site that I had never been to before(thanks to a very close friends tweet about this site) called " A Giveaway Addicted Mommy"
This is a wonderful site full of Reviews & Giveaways. Her site is very easy to navigate with all the bells and whistles listed for easy access like following her on twitter or subscribing. You don't have to leave the page your viewing in order to do either of these. She also has her current giveaways listed on her sidebar which is also very handy for quick review. Right now she has many reviews and giveaways listed and one of them is this great GPS from Megellan's.
I love the idea of knowing what lane to be in at all times for my trips and this GPS displays this in advance so no more being in the wrong lane and missing the up coming turn or exit. How cool is that~! If you would like to enter to win a GPS from Megellan's click the link above in this post and it will take you right to it. But I would check around her site a bit because she also has lots of other great reviews and giveaways on her sidebar. Many will enter but only one will win. Will it be you? You got to be in it to win it is my motto lol

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Want to win a Vado HD Pocket Video Camera?

Want to win a Vado HD Pocket Video Camera? Who wouldn't right~! Well I have been a subscriber since I first starting blogging to " The Dirty Shirt"
Her site is fantastic. She has wonderful reviews & giveaways and right now she is having a review & giveaway for the Vado HD Pocket Video Camera~! How to enter? Just click the link about and it will take you directly to her site giveaway but remember to subscribe while your there so you won't miss out on all her wonderful reviews & giveaways. She is also very active on twitter and if your a twit I suggest following her tweets as well. Have a great day everyone and good luck~!

Read Read Read with Kindle 2~

I love to read however sometimes it's just not convenient for me because of my busy schedule. Trying to juggle work , the kids schedule and maintaining the house keeps me stressed and on the go all the time. Several times I will find myself sitting waiting for the kids practice that ran late or a meeting rescheduled at the last minute and wish I had a good book to read and with the Kindle 2 I could have tons of books at my finger tips at all times because I could keep this one item in my purse. If I'm in the mood to read that new novel but haven't the time to drive an hour to the nearest book store to purchase it and drive an hour back home this would no longer be a problem or having to drive to the library to find out they don't have the book I'm looking for instead I can download it and be done. How great this would be~! I also get eye strain from reading fine print and using the computer a lot and I can change the print on those days my eyes are just to tired to read the fine print of a novel. The Kindle 2 being so convenient would make my reading habits so much better because I would be reading more often. What's even better is the possibility of winning one and at "Julie Stratford" You can do just that. Click on the link to pop on over to enter.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweet Tooth~

Ok I admit it I have a sweet tooth from time to time. Once I saw all the goodies posted at "I Never Grew Up"
I instantly wanted to dash to the store to buy something wickedly sweet. Tell me the picture above isn't making you just crave one of those right now. Well over at "I Never Grew Up" you can enter to win a basket full of goodies. How Awesome is that~! Just click on the link in this post and check out her site and enter to win some Awesome goodies :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Win a V-Motion @Momma'sReview

If you have little ones then your going to love this. Over at Momma's Review
you can enter to win A V-Motion. VTech makes educational learning products for children that allow them to interact, have fun, and learn all at the same time and this is what the V-Motion is all about learning and having fun. Momma's Review tells you all about it. She is always having great reviews & giveaways so if your not a subscriber you should be.If you want to read her review and enter the giveaway just click the link in this post and it will take you directly to her post.

$200 Home Depot GC Giveaway @OneProjectCloser

I have been a subscriber for some time at "One Project Closer"
We have been building our own home to save on labor cost and since we didn't want a mortgage for the next 30+ years we decided to pay as we go pay check by pay check. It has been 5 years in the building and we are finally getting close. We are hoping that by this time next year we will be finished and living in our brand new home. During this time I have been reading "One Project Closer" for great ideas and tips. I just love reading the post and what's better you can enter to win a $200 GC to Home Depot. Now if that isn't an incentive to check out the site I don't know what is. So what are you waiting for just click the link in this post check out the site and enter to win like I did. We have a Home Depot near us and I find lots of savings shopping at Home Depot and you can also rent tools to get the job done and save lots of money from not having to buy those big expensive tool items that you normally wouldn't use more than once or twice. I would rent the Cordless Angled Finishing Nailer come may because we will be installing three lifts of V-Match. Good Luck every one~!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Win Spotlight @creativewriting101

I follow the blog "Creative Writing 101" and she is always posting some great reading material and having giveaways. If you don't follow her blog you should. Trust me I guarantee she will have you laughing. Any how she is currently having a wonderful giveaway for a bottle of Spotlight perfume from Avon. So don't waste any more time click on over and check out her blog a bit and enter to win a beautiful bottle of Spotlight perfume.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Want to win a Fusion Electron Scooter ?

I just watched a video of the Fusion Electron Scooter @theMomBuzz and read her review and this Scooter is too cool~! I like the fact that it is light weight and compact. The wheel system allows for those cool tricks that all our kids just love to do. It features a 360 rotation, so it can maneuver easily.The best part is you can win one of these Fusion Electron Scooters by going to "the Mom Buzz"
How cool is that~! Just click on the link in this post to go directly to her giveaway and you can also check out the Fusion Scooter at the link in this site direct to their web site. Have fun and Good Luck~!

Enter to win a Panasonic Microwave @theMomBuzz

I just subscribe to a new site where I just entered to win this amazing Panasonic Inverter Microwave at "the Mom Buzz"
I have a Microwave that my Mother passed down to me 25 years ago and it's a Panasonic. I think it's one of the first Microwaves to ever come out. So I'm a true believer when it comes to Panasonic being the leader in Microwaves. I couldn't believe all the features this new model offers. I can even make my favorite dessert "Cheesecake"~! How cool is that!?! If you want to know what else it can make or other amazing features read "the Mom Buzz review" and check out the Panasonic Inverter Microwave web site
Can you imagine a Microwave that keeps a meal warm until a family member comes home if they are running late for dinner, this one can. So what are you waiting for check out "the Mom Buzz and enter for your chance to win also.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pampered Chef Giveaway @ This Full House Reviews

I attended a Pampered Chef years ago and I just had to try their product so I ended up buying a stone and a spatula. I was so impressed that the next year I had a party of my own and earned the larger flat stone that I had wanted and the chopper. Now that was about 8 years ago and I still have the products and use them on a daily basis. That's a lot of use and abuse. I have just come from "This Full House Reviews"
and she is having an amazing giveaway for the Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker. This is an expensive piece of cookware and it is worth every penny. I would love to be the proud owner of the Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker so I definitely entered and am keeping my fingers crossed. If you would like to enter for your chance to win also just click the link in this post and read the review and enter.