Thursday, March 29, 2012

Neutrogena Review & Giveway @ Tatum's Family Reviews

If you live  in a cold climate I don't have to tell you how harsh it is on the skin. My face always gets real dry in the winter months and I have sensitive skin too so it makes it hard to find a moisturizer that does the job without either breaking my face out or leaving it real greasy. Sometimes both occurs. Neutrogena is a name that's been around for a while and when I read the review at Tatum's Family Reviews I was excited to enter her giveaway because I would love to try their Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer. It sounds like what I have been looking for. Check out her complete review on Neutrogena products and enter to win a Neutrogena Prize Package. Good Luck ~!

Tatums #Giveaway Going On Now Quick Enter Now for SodaStream Ends Tonight!

I just came from Tatum's Family Reviews and she is having a fantastic Review & Giveaway for a SodaStream Prize Pack. This product is way cool. Just Imagine being able to make fresh soda at home anytime. They have a large selection of flavors to choose from. They even have my favorite Cream Soda. It's so hard to find this flavor near us that this is awesome~!  I bet they have one of your favorites too. I'll keep this post short because I want you to head over NOW to check it out because it's ending tonight~!!! Quick check out her review and enter while your there.  Click here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Box4Blox Review & Giveaway @ Dragonfly Sweetness. Check it out~!

 Some products I just get excited about and this was one of them. Dragonfly Sweetnest posted a review and giveaway about the Box4Blox and this is the best contraption every household needs who has kids and Lego's. We actually have an 18 gallon tote full of Lego's every shape and size you can imagine. They have actually been passed down through 2 generation. It all started with my nephew who was a big Lego collector from age 4.  Every birthday and Christmas I can remember buying him a new set of Lego's. to add to his collection. This went on for years. Then when he grew out of them (if anyone ever really does) he passed them along to me for my son. He is now in college and they were passed down to my youngest son. I am forever finding those small pieces and it's usually by stepping on them with bare feet OUCH!  We even have Lego competitions. It's a great way to get the family all together for some quality time. It's a great past time during blizzards or those rainy days. Of course everyone wins in some type of category. For example "Best Imagination" or "Best Construction" and so on.  The kids loved this. I would grab a camera and have to take pictures when we were done.  Now with the Grand kids there are even more to help build great creations. Now the Lego's are being played with by a third generation. Who would of thought. The only problem is when we are done we have to pick up the entire living room from thousands of Lego's and some get missed that are real small. Well after reading the review at Dragonfly Sweetnest about the Box4Blox I just had to share it with you.  This contraption is awesome. It sorts and stores your lego's. How cool is that~! If you want to learn more about the Box4Blox click on over to Dragonfly Sweetnest and read her complete review and enter to win one while your there. Your going to love it~!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Check Out The WOODCARVER DVD #Giveaway Going On At Dragonfly Sweetnest

I just read the review of The Woodcarver movie at Dragonfly Sweetnest and this movie sounds like a great family movie that everyone should see. I really like the story behind this movie. I have a teenager that I would love to have watch this movie. I think it's important to instill good morals in our children and this might be a great movie for our family to watch. If you haven't read Dragonfly Sweetnest review on this movie you've just got to check it out. Plus while your there enter for your chance to win a copy of The Woodcarver. Just click any link in this post and it will take you to her review & giveaway.

#Freebie Disney Promo #Free Movie and #Free Phone Call From Your Child's Favorite Disney Character!

I stumbled onto this deal from Disney Movie Rewards this morning that I thought I would share with you. If you own a Blu-Ray and purchase Disney movies make sure you take advantage of their movie rewards program. I entered two codes this morning from the two Blu-Ray Disney movies this morning and scored 250 points but that's not the best part. I also unlocked a special Disney has going on where if you enter two participating eligible Blu-Ray, CD or DVD codes you can get a
free Blu-Ray Movie shipped to you free. All you have to do is enter the codes and fill out your shipping info. You do have to pay shipping but it is reasonable for only $3.95 which is a cheap way to score an expensive Blu-Ray Disney movie. There are three to choose from which are Bridge to Terabithia, Dinosaur and TinkerBell. I chose the Dinosaur for my Grandson. We already have TinkerBell and the Bridge to Terabithia (which I'd like to watch) is to mature for Grandchildren to enjoy and to immature for my teenagers to want to watch (they don't know what their missing) for what would their friends say if they were watching Disney movies lol. What is it they say oh yeah they say "it's just not happening mom" . They think I'm as old as those Dinosaurs in the movie I just ordered. I tell them I get it ,,,I do get it and that I was a teenage once myself but I don't think they believe me lol.
I found another special offer from Disney that I had no idea they offered. Did you know that your child can receive a FREE call from your child's favorite Character. You have to be a member but that's easy because it's free to sign up for the Disney Movie Reward program. Some states are not eligible but most are. To find out exact details check it out here.

#WIN an iPad 3 #Giveaway

Want to win an iPad 3 ? Click the link below and register with their site which is free and you will be entered. They do require a business name and type of business. If you advertise on your blog then you can put your blog name and advertising as type.
Good Luck~!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

#WIN Inside The Crayon Box #Giveaway At The Dirty t Shirt

I just love to doodle and draw but I can't draw a stick figure no matter how hard I try lol. However we have several artist in my family and Jennifer at The Dirty t Shirt has a fun filled surprise for you. She has posted a Review & Giveaway from Crayola. Peepers favorite past time is to draw, color and paint. She comes from a long line of artist. My brother could draw amazing pictures by the time he was a teenager in High School. I was so jealous~! He drew a rose with morning dew dripping off one of the rose petals and you would of thought it was real. You could almost smell that rose. Now as an adult he has two girls of his own and they too both can draw. One of them actually majored in arts in college. Peepers is seven and I think she may have the gene that skipped over me lol. She just may grow up to be an artist like her uncle (art is just his hobby he is actually a pastor/teacher) and two cousins (who both are in college). So when I saw a Review & Giveaway for Crayola inside the Crayon Box Prize Pack at The Dirty t Shirt I just had to check it out and enter for a chance to win it. You can too~! All you have to do is click on any link in this post and it will take you to The Dirty t Shirt where she has posted the Review & Giveaway. While your there don't forget to subscribe to follow her because you will get an extra entry for subscribing and she has lots going on so it's a win win situation. You get great info, great reviews and extra entries into her giveaways. Hope you enjoy her site as much as I do and Good Luck~!

#Win A Lysol No Touch Kitchen System #Giveaway At The Dirty t Shirt

Jennifer at The Dirty t Shirt is at it again. She has another fantastic review and giveaway going on for the  LYSOL No-Touch Kitchen System. Now for those of you that have known me for years or have worked with me for any amount of time know that I avoid germs when ever possible because what causes most people a sniffle or two puts me in the hospital with pneumonia because I always get severely sick because I have Asthma and I am on medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis that lowers my immune system. I avoid touching elevator buttons , door handles and lots more. I stock up on hand sanitizer and Lysol Spray when fall hits here in Maine. Lysol Anti-bacterial wipes (which are fantastic) are a must have now in this home and I take them when going grocery shopping to wipe the cart handle too. Now Lysol has another must have product for my home~! You got to check it out. Just click on a link in this post and it will take you to The Dirty t Shirt review and giveaway. Good Luck but not to much I'm in on this one and I'm keeping my fingers crossed lol.

#Win #Giveaway Kraft's New Product Going On At The Dirty t Shirt

Check out this prize pack giveaway from Kraft's that Jennifer from The Dirty t Shirt has going on. Sweet huh~! Kraft has always been a favorite in this house and if I get an opportunity try a new product from them then I'm all for it. I read her review and learned about a couple of new products that I have never heard of before. They sound real good too~! If you want to know what they are your going to have to read her post yourself cause I'm not telling. Don't you just hate it when I do that lol. The best part is you can enter to win it after you have read her review. Just click on over from any link in this post and by the way GOOD LUCK~!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

#Win Dragonfly Sweetnest Simply Eden #Giveaway

I just came from Dragonfly Sweetnest where she is having a wonderful review and giveaway. I'm the kind of person when I like something I like it. Just to give you an example I have only changed my hair style once in my adult life. Why because I like it as it is. Same goes for products I buy, clothes,make-up and Jewelry I wear. I was introduced to a fragrance called Black Raspberry Vanilla about three years ago when I bought a candle and I have been hooked on that fragrance. I just love it~!  So when I read a review at Dragonfly Sweetnest about Simply Eden Goat Milk Soap and she mentioned she had tried the "Black Raspberry Vanilla" well that got my attention. I would love to have some wonderful Goat Milk Soap in Black Raspberry Vanilla~! Are you kidding me send me a case already lol.  That's just one product they sell and she is having a giveaway from them right now. If you want to learn more just click on over and read her complete review and enter while your there. Stay for a while and check out her blog. She is a wonderful blogger and has lots going on. I just love her site. Every time I stop buy I find something that interest me and she has fantastic reviews and giveaways all the time. You may just want to follow her on facebook,twitter or subscribe via email/reader.

#Win The TriTective Mystery Game At Tatums Family Reviews #Giveaway

Tatums Family Reviews

My family loves games. You name it we play it. We usually play on the weekends because during the week I get home to late to play games now. We use to play one night during the week but because I travel so far to work now there just isn't enough time but we just moved our game night to the weekend and I found that it's actually more fun because we have more time to play and we spend more time together.  With teenagers getting them to hang out with us parents is hard because they want to spend time with their friends so game time gets them interested and we even have their friends join in sometimes which they like. We play everything from Pit to Clue. My problem is I get board after a while playing he same ole games over and over so a new game is always welcome~!  We all have our favorites. Mine is Clue. I liked it so much I bought the deluxe edition in a tin and it is fabulous. It cost a lot more but was well worth every penny. The pieces are made of metal and large The board is trimmed with gold  and the rooms are real fancy looking. I was amazed at the difference. I now try to collect my favorite board games in deluxe tin editions when ever possible. When I saw the review of the game TriTective at Tatums Family Reviews I was so excited. The game sounds awesome~! It looks like it may even be in a tin by looking at the picture but I'm not sure.The best part she is giving one away. I couldn't wait to enter and so can you. Just skip on over to Tatums Family Reviews check it out and enter while your there.

#Win Tatums Family Reviews and Diversity on Deman Celebrate Black History Month #Giveaway

Tatums Family Review

Tatums Family Reviews is celebrating Black History Month with Diversity on Demand. Stop on over and see what she's writing about and enter her giveaway while your their to celebrate Black History Month. You could win a Diversity on Demand Tote Bag and a $25 Visa Gift Card.