Saturday, March 3, 2012

#Win The TriTective Mystery Game At Tatums Family Reviews #Giveaway

Tatums Family Reviews

My family loves games. You name it we play it. We usually play on the weekends because during the week I get home to late to play games now. We use to play one night during the week but because I travel so far to work now there just isn't enough time but we just moved our game night to the weekend and I found that it's actually more fun because we have more time to play and we spend more time together.  With teenagers getting them to hang out with us parents is hard because they want to spend time with their friends so game time gets them interested and we even have their friends join in sometimes which they like. We play everything from Pit to Clue. My problem is I get board after a while playing he same ole games over and over so a new game is always welcome~!  We all have our favorites. Mine is Clue. I liked it so much I bought the deluxe edition in a tin and it is fabulous. It cost a lot more but was well worth every penny. The pieces are made of metal and large The board is trimmed with gold  and the rooms are real fancy looking. I was amazed at the difference. I now try to collect my favorite board games in deluxe tin editions when ever possible. When I saw the review of the game TriTective at Tatums Family Reviews I was so excited. The game sounds awesome~! It looks like it may even be in a tin by looking at the picture but I'm not sure.The best part she is giving one away. I couldn't wait to enter and so can you. Just skip on over to Tatums Family Reviews check it out and enter while your there.

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