Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Box4Blox Review & Giveaway @ Dragonfly Sweetness. Check it out~!

 Some products I just get excited about and this was one of them. Dragonfly Sweetnest posted a review and giveaway about the Box4Blox and this is the best contraption every household needs who has kids and Lego's. We actually have an 18 gallon tote full of Lego's every shape and size you can imagine. They have actually been passed down through 2 generation. It all started with my nephew who was a big Lego collector from age 4.  Every birthday and Christmas I can remember buying him a new set of Lego's. to add to his collection. This went on for years. Then when he grew out of them (if anyone ever really does) he passed them along to me for my son. He is now in college and they were passed down to my youngest son. I am forever finding those small pieces and it's usually by stepping on them with bare feet OUCH!  We even have Lego competitions. It's a great way to get the family all together for some quality time. It's a great past time during blizzards or those rainy days. Of course everyone wins in some type of category. For example "Best Imagination" or "Best Construction" and so on.  The kids loved this. I would grab a camera and have to take pictures when we were done.  Now with the Grand kids there are even more to help build great creations. Now the Lego's are being played with by a third generation. Who would of thought. The only problem is when we are done we have to pick up the entire living room from thousands of Lego's and some get missed that are real small. Well after reading the review at Dragonfly Sweetnest about the Box4Blox I just had to share it with you.  This contraption is awesome. It sorts and stores your lego's. How cool is that~! If you want to learn more about the Box4Blox click on over to Dragonfly Sweetnest and read her complete review and enter to win one while your there. Your going to love it~!

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