Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I Hate Cleaning My Grill & Oven & Now I Don't Have Too~!

After discovering these BBQ/Oven Grill Mats I will never have to scrub my BBQ Grill or Oven floor again. These are amazing. I slide one under my electric stove element or on on the rack I'm using and no more oven mess to worry about cleaning. If any food spills or boils over it ends up on the mats instead of my oven. Same with the BBQ Grill. It keeps them clean as well. When I'm grilling steaks I want the flames to lick the meat and give it that charbroil BBQ taste so sometimes I'll still have to clean a grate but when I'm cooking shish kabob hot dogs or chicken I'll use a mat because it will keep the grill grates clean. They also allow me to cook things I normally wouldn't be able to like pancakes, eggs &bacon. Now I can cook breakfast easy on my grill too. When I'm cooking Pizza in my oven or grill now I can cook it right on the BBQ/Oven Grill Mat.

Clean up is a snap. Once the BBQ/Oven Grill Mats are cool I can wipe them clean with a cloth or throw them in the dish washer ( yes they are dishwasher safe too). They clean so easily I usually just wipe the grill mat clean. No scrubbing needed. Nothing sticks to these mats. 

 No more nasty oven cleaner to deal with either. That's a big plus for me. I used to have to hire someone to clean my oven because I have asthma and the oven cleaner was just to much for me. Even the no odor bothered my breathing and over spray burned my arms. Never again now that I have these.

They can be cut to fit any size grill. I kept one for my oven and it fit good. The second one I used for my grill I had to cut to size.  The Grill Mats measure 13x16 Inch and come in a pack of two. They have a life time warranty too. 

These are the best little inventions ever. I recommend this to anyone who hates scrubbing their oven or grill. 

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Disclosure: This is a #sponsored #Ad for BBQ/Oven Grill Mat. I received a review product to conduct this review. Opinions are my own. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

When's The Last Time You Had A Massage? 100% Pure Coconut Oil From Maple Holistics Can Help~!

When I come across a product that I love or a great deal I just have to share it. This time it's both, a great deal and a product I love. It's 100% Pure Coconut Oil from Maple Holistics. It's a great massage oil that leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized. I like adding just a bit to my skin after a hot shower. After I dry off my skin feels great. This also comes with a convenient pump for easy dispensing. 

Common Uses:

Carrier Oil
Massage Oil
Skin Moisturizer
Viscosity Regulator

So far I have used it as a massage oil and a skin moisturizer.  I like it for both and next I want to try it as a carrier for my essential oils. I like that it is odorless too. It won't change the scent of my essential oil and it won't change my perfume with any scent undertones. This is Therapeutic Grade and comes in a 16oz bottle and guess what!? It's on sale right now. I don't know for how long so check it out now. Oh and Maple Holistics also has a free samples program

While your there see what else you might like. I think next I'm going to try their Natural Body Butter or Refreshing Witch Hazel Toner. Hope you enjoy their products as much as I have.

Disclosure: This is a #sponsored #Ad for Maple Holistics. I received a review product to conduct this review. Opinions are my own.