Friday, July 29, 2011

She's done it again~! Sweeps4Bloggers Fantastic Review & Giveaway~!

Sweeps4Bloggers is not a new blogger around here. I'm always finding myself blogging about one or more of her fantastic reviews/giveaways. This time is no different. Thanks to her review & giveaway I just discovered a fantastic printing company called This printer stands out from all the rest because you can pick several designs for one printing job and there are tons to choose from right on site. For example I was just checking out all the designs offered for postcards and every time I found one I liked I just clicked the button that said drop down and it would put it in my prints so if I ordered 60 postcards and I had dropped 6 different designs into my prints then I would get 10 prints of each 6 designs. So instead of getting 60 of the same design you can mix it up a bit and get several different designs. Cool right,,,,,well there's more. Sweeps4Bloggers has done a complete review and 5 of her readers have a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate from,,,,,, yes 5winners of $100 Gift Card. I couldn't wait to enter and I'm sure you can't either so just click here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Check Out "Momma Told Me" Rubbabu Giveaway

I discovered a wonderful blog tonight Momma Told ME from Eighty MPH Mom Rafflecopter Linky. Momma Told Me is having a Rafflecopter review and giveaway for Rubbabu Echo Friendly Toy. I had never heard of this company until I read her review and Rubbabu toys are made of natural foam. They are also strong and durable but you won't have to worry about injuries from your child throwing them. That's what I like most about Rubbabu Toys. If you would like to learn more about Rubbabu Toys and enter to win one skip over to Momma Told Me and read her complete review. Just click here.

~Fun Filled Step2 Giveaway @ Go Graham Go

Go Graham Go is having a fun filled giveaway for a Step2 Choo Choo Train Combo Wagon. The kids would have so much fun riding in the Train Combo Wagon. It reminds me of the state fair where they have a small train that hauls the little ones around in a circle. I can smell the cotton candy already lol . All the kids love it so I'm sure they will love the Step2 Choo Choo Train Wagon too~! Check out Go Graham Go review and enter for your chance to win one. Just click here.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lots Of Giveaway Going On @One Crazy Mom Going On Now

I was really excited when I read about the Tersano Lotus LBU100 Sanitizing System at a review over to One Crazy Mom. I have been sick for the past month with sinusitis , double ear infections and pneumonia all at the same time. When I get sick I really get sick that's why I keep hand sanitize on me at all times. I have RA and take medicine to suppress my immune system so that it won't attack my joints so I can walk, type, etc. My son had a minor head cold and brought home these little germs. What causes most to have a minor sniffle puts me down for weeks~! That is why I was so excited about this review at One Crazy Mom because she also has one to giveaway Wooooo Hoooo. The Tersano Lotus LBU100 Sanitizing System is 50% more effective than bleach. You can Sanitize just about any thing. I love how I can sanitize the fruit in a matter of minutes but that's just the tip of what this little bugger can do. To find out all that this little gadget can do and to enter for your chance to win skip on over to One Crazy Mom just click here.

Wait there's more ,,,,yes more,,,, One Crazy Mom has another great giveaway,,,,,,,,,

Anyone like playing DS raise your hand. (hard to type with my hand raised) Ok then listen up. My youngest son who is a tween loves Cooking Mama (my son loves to cook and want to be a chef or a truck driver I know strange combination lol) and after reading a review about Cake Mania I bet he will love this one too. He spends most of his time playing his Guitar Hero or Cooking Mama on his DS and he doesn't have a lot of games so I'm sure he would enjoy a new one. What child (or adult) wouldn't right. Check out the review at One Crazy Mom and you can enter while your there to win the Cake Mania DS game. Just click here.

Hold On ,,,,,Nope There's More,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
TerraCycle Speaker Review & Boom Box Giveaway at One Crazy Mom~! How cool is this~! My Tween/Teen (girl & boy) would both love this. aught oh that means if I win one I'm going to have to buy another lol . They both are definitely going to want their own. I like how inexpensive they are. This is something I can afford.I'm already shopping for Christmas because that's the only way I can do it financially and I love it when I find something they like that's with-in my budget. That's not always an easy thing to do especially with tweens/teens. The older they get the more expensive items they seem to like. When they were little they liked almost every thing and I could spend $5 bucks and they would smile ear to ear. Not so much at this age. Plus the TerraCycle Boom Box Rocks~! (Pun Intended) I have had so much fun at One Crazy Mom today reading and entering her giveaways. I bet you will too. To read her complete review and enter her giveaway just click here.

Still more fun going on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What’s in Every Mom’s Beach Bag Giveaway at One Crazy Mom. I always make sure we have a high spf sunscreen in our beach bag and wipes for those messy mishaps. Oh and don't forget a camera for some fantastic beach pictures. I like to keep a beach bag fully stocked for those unexpected trips to the beach. That way if I'm strapped for time and want to get to the beach in a hurry all I have to do is grab my pre-stocked beach bag, my camera and the kids and I'm off in a splash (pun intended lol). So what's in your beach bag !?! Click on over and check out what's in the beach bag at One Crazy Mom and enter while your there.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fabulous Giveaway @ Live Love Laugh With Leslie Going On Right Now~!

First of all if your not following Live Love Laugh With Leslie I suggest you do that. She has introduced to me so many wonderful sites and she did it again today~! The site I'm talking about is called Lilla Rose. If you know me personally you know I'm really fussy. I like special items that are unique that's hence where my blog name exotic1 came from. Chances are if it's unique I just have to check it out. That's what I found at Lilla Rose her items are very exotic you might say and I just fell in love with this site. I could actually shop at her site for hours~! Just for an example I found 12 items that I would love to own already. The best part of this post is to let you all know that Live Love Laugh With Leslie is having a giveaway to Lilla Rose. If you would like to check it out just click on any hyper link in this post or click here.

Wait,,,,,,,,,,,Wait,,,,,,,,,,,Wait,,,,,,,,, Just like I told you she has great reviews & giveaways going on all the time and I just read a wonderful review and entered her Nomad Footwear $55 GC Giveaway. Your going to finds some very unique footware here. Just check these boots out~!

I don't own a pair of Rubber Boots and when I saw these fashionable ones I new that were perfect for me. I told you I like unique items. Remember the old bright yellow or flat black rubber boots. I hated them when I was a kid because they were so plain and ugly. They carry some really wild flats too~! Check Live Love Laugh With Leslie complete review and giveaway here. Better yet read and enter them both. I did~!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Event Going On At One Little Mister~!

Camcorder Giveaway

One Little Mister Blog is having a wonderful giveaway going on right now. It's their Bringing Home The Baby Event~!
Your not going to miss this big event. The Coby Camcorder even comes with a carrying case USB Cable , rechargeable battery and more. To learn more about this giveaway your going to have to read their complete review here.
There's lots going on at One Little Mister. Just check out this list of giveaways going on right now.
# $25 to My Baby Clothes Boutique US 8/7
# $50 Graphik Canvas Giftcode WW 7/19
# Animal Atlas ABC's & 123's DVDs US/CAN 7/28
# Coby HD Camcorder US 8/7
# Glow Crazy Doodler US 7/25
# GreenPan & Accessories US 7/16
Need I say more!?! so click on over and see what's happening.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Staycation Geocaching and More for under $30

The cost of taking a vacation this year just wasn't in our budget with trying to get the house finished by late fall. Of course the kids don't understand priorities and when on school vacation they just want to have lots of fun. Winters here are brutal and we are cooped up for months with usually game night and movie night but not much for fun trips so when summer comes we like to plan several fun trips for the kids but this year we decided it would have to be simple & cheap. So I packed a picnic, grabbed my camera, put $20 in the gas tank and off we went to celebrate the 4th of July. We payed some respect to our fallen troops and had a nice picnic and then we spent the rest of the day exploring and treasure hunting doing a lot of geocaching. The kids had a blast~! While looking for a geocach we came across The Blacksmith Museum and decided to stop and check it out. The cost was by donations with a steel drop box inside. Which I thought that was wonderful because that way everyone no matter what their financial situation could enjoy the museum. We all signed the book and the kids started exploring the museum.It was educational for them to because I had to explain what the tools were for and how they used them and they were able to handle all the tools and make pretend they were blacksmith's.
These pictures were of the Blacksmith Bellows and they had it set up so when you cranked the Bellow the air would blow colored tinsel to imitate fire and that the air would make the fire grow larger and hotter. The kids really liked trying this out. One would crank the Bellow while another put their face over the air shaft to feel the air rush up. They did this several times laughing at each others faces they made. This was just one of many tools that were at the Museum.
We spent about an hour exploring all the tools in the Museum and the whole times the kids pretended they were working as Blacksmith's in the shop. It really was a good time for all of us. I didn't know how well the pictures would come out because there was no light in the building and it was kind of dark in there but they came out pretty good considering. Can you tell they had a good time lol
They tried on hats and gloves and used all the tools before we left. Finally we decided it was time to finish looking for the hiding treasure so we left a $10 donation in the drop box and off we went to explore some more.
On the last treasure hunt we had a little mis-hap which made me laugh so hard I cried. Because we want it to be fair and give everyone a chance to find the geocach we take turns and go in pairs each sharing the handheld GPS . It was the last geocach hunt of the day and it was the youngest turn to try and find it and the two boys ran off to find it while us girls stayed at the car waiting to see if they could find it. Then they came running back with the geocach box in hand all excited and laughing really hard.

When I discovered what they were laughing about I also broke out in laughter. I guess what happened is they were racing to see who could get to the location first when the younger one ran straight threw a pile of poop slipping, fell and slide threw it. He was covered from knees down with the mess. Well I said your not getting in my car like that~!!! We ended up stripping his pants, socks and shoes off and tied them in a plastic bag and put them in the trunk to wash when we got home. I'm sure the go-byers on busy Rt 150 was wondering why this little fellow was stripping off his clothes on the side of the road lol (a few blew the horn and waved) and he road home in his little boxers. I think next time maybe we will take a change of clothes and some baby wipes just in case.
When I asked how and where did the um poop came from they said some one had left a bunch of diapers just off the highway at the edge of the woods (grrrrrrrr that really annoys me) and they were running so fast they didn't see it in time for him to stop. He tried to stop and that's what made him slip and slide straight threw it~!!! Needless to say we laughed all the way home. The only thing that upset me was some individual was crude and rude enough to litter and leave such a mess. Maine is a beautiful state and we enjoy keeping it clean so when some idiot does this it really makes us mad. If you don't know much about geocaching the reason most people go is because it will take you to some of the most beautiful sites the state has to offer because most people hide them in their favorite spots. That's why you always want to take a camera. Geocachers also care about the environment and they hold what they call "CICO" which stands for Cash In Carry Out.
When they have a CICO everyone takes a trash bag and ties it to their belt loop and they look for the geocach treasure on the way in and after they find it they clean any trash they see on the ground on the way out. (Thank You fellow geocachers)
The total cost of our staycation was $30 total. I donated $10 for the Museum and I put $20 in for gas and we had as much fun as any vacation day that has cost us over $500. By saving on our staycation we will be able to do this 4 more times this summer and spend about $100 total.
5 day trips at $500 equals $2500 and 5 staycation cost us $100 saving us a grand total of $2400 and we will still have as much fun. I'm already planning our next staycation that we will be taking in two weeks. Total cost for it should be $25.-$35 stay tuned for staycation #2.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Live Love Laugh with Leslie :Wind & Weather $50 Gift Code*Giveaway* 6/28-7/13

I just wanted to pass on to my readers that Live, Love, Laugh, with Leslie is having a wonderful Wind & Weather $50 Giveaway. Just look at some of the wonderful items I found at Wind & Weather that I would love to have in and around my garden.

Isn't this Butterfly Feeder Just beautiful~!

I also thought this Solar Glow Birdbath was beautiful too~!

If you like unique items for your garden this is surely the place to find them. They carry lot's of different items from Flashlights to Flying Kites. Your sure to find something you like and you can win a $50 GC to shop at Wind & Weather at Live, Love, Laugh with Leslie. What a you waiting for check it out and enter for your chance to win~!