Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bissell Giveaway @ Mommy Brain Reports~!

I just visited "Mommy Brain Reports" blog site This site is fairly new to me. I am a follower and subscriber to "Amanda" blog and she referred this site in an email and I'm so glad she did. Thanks Amanda. I really liked this site and I entered to win a Bissell ProDry Carpet Cleaner while I was there. This is the neatest carpet cleaner. If you have lots of traffic or pets this will really help keep your carpets clean. The best feature of this Bissel ProDry is after you wash your carpet it is dry in 30 MINUTES~! I usually have to wait 24 hours or longer before I can move the furniture back and my house is a disaster in the mean time so this is wonderful. Click on the link in this post to stop over and check out her site and enter to win while your there.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boys & Toys

What a great giveaway going on at "The Dirty Shirt"~! If you have any boys (or men that still like boys toys) they are going to love this giveaway. You can enter to win $100 Gift Card to Ridemakerz (can be used online or in store)
This site is too cool. I have a 16yr old son that said if I win he gets it lol. Just look at what some of the things you can do.
* Chooze - Pick from nearly 70 body and paint styles
* Sonicize - Select from dozens of RideSoundz that jam in a variety of fun ways
* Motorize - Choose Free-Wheel or Radio-Control
* Mobilize - Select wheelz and treadz
* Customize - Add specialty lights, spoilers, side pipes, hood scoops, blown engines, roll bars, decals and more
* Personalize - Create a personalized license plate and receive their own Certificate of Title and unique RIDE Identification Number (RIN) which can be used to view and interact with their RIDE online at
* Cruize
If you are not already a subscriber to "The Dirty Shirt" I recommend you subscribe while you are there. She is always having something cool she is reviewing not to mention real cool giveaways~! Just click the link above to her site and it will take you to the RideMakerz giveaway.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I Never Grew Up Birthday Bash Giveaways Gilore!

This is a must do~! Check this out~!
To celebrate "I Never Grew UP" 1st year in blogging you can enter to win $1200.00 in giveaways. Yes you read it right it's $1200.00 check out the list of giveaways going on right now.
You can click on each item listed to be taken to the page to comment on. Or just scroll down to enter yourself into every giveaway, you will have to click on Older Entries on the bottom of the page to be taken to every single one. You must comment on every single giveaway post that you are interested in winning.

Anchor Giveaways:

Hoover® Platinum Collection™ Stick Vacuum

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Giveaways from My Favorite Companies:

Tiny Sprouts

Natural Pod

Papers Edge

Simple Shoes

Usborne Books

Lovey Duds

LuCoo Kids

Shabby Apple

Poot & Boogie

Kiwi Magazine


See Kai Run

Dilly Dally Bibbies

Plum Pear Apple Designs

That is over 1200.00 in giveaways! Just click on the button in this post to check it all out for yourself.

I have an old hand mixer I have been using for the past 3 or 4 years now and the high speed just doesn't work any longer. I would love to own a kichenAid mixer. This is a top of the line mixer. They don't come much better and if you use a mixer a lot this is the mixer to own. My mother owns one and I am so jealous~! I have burned out 3 mixers so far but being frugal I only have paid $15 to $20 a piece for them and they are only hand mixers and like they say you only get what you pay for. I would love to own a really long lasting great mixer. Check out the specks on this KichenAid Mixer.
* 10-Speed Solid-State Control
* Includes Flat Beater, Dough Hook and Wire Whip
* Power Hub for Additional Attachments
* Unique Mixing Action
* Assembled with Pride in Greenville, Ohio
* Dimensions: H 13.9" x W 8.7" D 14.1" 22.8lbs
Now the great part of all this is you can win one at "I Never Grew Up" She is having a giveaway for this great KichenAid Mixer.
This is a great site to check out. If you have children or grandchildren she is always posting great children's activities so check out her site and enter to win a new KichenAid Mixer to make some great sweets for the sweets in your life.

Want to win a Hoover?

A cordless "Hoover" is just what I could use in this house. I only have 4 outlets downstairs and 3 upstairs and this makes it a pain to vacuum since the cord is always in the way dragged half way across the house catching up on one thing or another. Another feature that the Hoover® Platinum Collection™ Stick Vacuum has is it only weighs 7.5lb. I have to lug a vacuum up and down the stairs and having RA this is painful for me. "I Never Grew Up" is having a giveaway to win the "Hoover® Platinum Collection™ Stick Vacuum"
All you have to do is click on the link in this email or click the button and it will take you to her awesome giveaway. How easy is that~!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leapster2 Giveaway

Over at "The Dirty Shirt" you can enter to win a Leapster2 and game. I subscribed to her site and follow her on twitter as well and I am so glad I did. If I hadn't I just might of missed out on this AWESOME giveaway. Introducing Leapster2 - the only preschool learning game system that offers personalized insights into what your child is learning.
Leapster2 system also offers a whole new layer of benefits by connecting to the computer. Your kids can play on the go, and then connect their handhelds to your home computer to collect fun rewards they’ve earned. A new online creativity studio also lets them upload art that they’ve created, embellish it or change it completely, and publish it to share. Head on over to "The Dirty Shirt" by clicking the link in this post to enter to win~!

Car Care Kit RainX Giveaway~

If you like some interesting reading along with some great giveaways and reviews you got to check out this site.
She is always up to something and right now she is having a giveaway for Rain-X Car Care giveaway. I recommend following her blog and twitter because you never know when she will be posting something new. So what are you waiting for click the link in this post to check out her site and giveaway.

Sweet ~ $150 Giveaway @ Bargain Briana's

I just so happen to subscribe to this awesome site because she always has wonderful Bargains to tell you about and in this economy who doesn't like a bargain. This time the Bargain is at her site to win a cool sweet bundle worth $150. See the picture for what you would be entering for. Nice huh!?! What are you waiting for, click the link below and check out this site for cool bargains and while your there enter to win.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines & Giveaway~

Happy Valentines Day Everyone~! I just came back from "An Ordinary Life" and entered to win this really cool Smartphone. Now I know flowers are beautiful and chocolates are tasty and Diamonds sparkle but truly I would much more enjoy a Smartphone for a Valentines gift~! If you would like to enter to win click on over and check out this cool site and enter while your there.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MoM's Most Wanted ChicBuds & More Giveaway~!

I just came back from "MoM's Most Wanted" and you have got to check out the giveaway going on right now. It's Amazing~! There is not one but "FIVE " winners to be chosen and the prizes are GREAT~! A friend of mine has a pair of these chic buds and they are way too cool. But they also have iPod Cases and much more. Check out the web site here My sons saw these and both want a pair of ChicBuds. I guess it's the new rave in ear buds. If I were you I wouldn't waste much time I would click on over and enter while you can.
ChicBuds have a built-in retractor so that the cords will not tangle and a retractor that will allow for 5 stopping points to adjust the length. They come with nearly 100 Swarovski crystal pieces and have a fastening clip so the cord doesn't bounce around. You can even clip it on the side of your purse so you don't lose them. How awesome is that, especially for those fellow "Alzheimer moment" people out there like myself! They are perfect for working out and travelling and more! Their website even shows you how it works so that you can use them properly!! Really, it can't get better or more simple! So what are you waiting for stop on over just click this link

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Build - A - Bear GC Giveaway~

I have never actually built a bear or anything else for that matter at "Build -A- Bear Workshop". But the kids have and loved it. They have so many different animals to choose from and then you get to pick out what outfit you want your stuffed friend to wear so when your done you have your very own unique friend to hug and love forever~! At "piece of Me" you can enter to win a $25 GC for the "Build -A- Bear" Workshop. So click on over and check out the site and enter the giveaway while your there. Just click the link below.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Create your own stop-motion movies~!

Do you ever get the feeling that your child knows more than you do? Well when it comes to computers I feel like my 11yr old knows more than I do about them for sure. His newest thing is making avatars. A year ago I didn't even know what a avatar was lol. I just came from "The Dirty Shirt" where she is having a giveaway for Honestech Claymation Studio 2.0. I know my son would love having this to create videos with.Using this software you can easily create stop motion video. Capture images using a digital camera, webcam or DV camcorder and add background images, audio, and music to create your own stop-motion movies. Just click the link below check out her stuff and enter her giveaway for the Honestech Claymation Studio 2.0.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Vado Pocket Video Cam Giveaway~!

This is a new product to me that I had no idea existed until I read the review at "Go Graham Go" This is a wonderful video camera called "Vado Pocket Video Cam". I have seen many reviews about the flip video and after reading about the Vado Pocket Video Cam I find that it beats the flip video hands down. The Vado has 2 hours worth of recording and playback time. It charges itself when you plug the USB into the computer! Just think of all the batteries you are going to save and in doing so you are being eco friendly. can enter one to win the Vado Pocket Video Cam at "Go Graham Go" Just click the link below and it will take you to this fantastic site and giveaway.

Greatest little MP3 Player~

After reading the review on this Zen Mozaic MP3 player I just had to enter to try a win this fantastic player. You can even down load audio books on this MP3 player. You can store pictures and play them back on the 1.8” screen or go ahead and watch a video. It even has built in speakers. What more could you ask for. Check out this awesome site and review at Jolly Mom Mom Time in "09 and enter while your there.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Getting Fit and Having Fun~

"Wii Fit Mommies Twitter Bling Party!"Check out Wii Fit Mommies for some great ideas on fitness. Now we all can use great ideas on keeping fit and this site can help. There is a lot going on at this site everyday and today they are even having a great giveaway for some cool items you just have to check it out.
These are some of the items you can enter to win while your checking out the site and getting some great fitness advise. Do you like what you see so far!?! Of course you do. These are some fun cool items.
So what are you waiting for. Stop on over and check out the site and enter while your there. Just click the link below.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Slanket Giveaway~

If you live in an extremely cold state you might just want to get in on this one. It gets to -40 below here and since I have R.A I get so cold. My body can not regulate temperatures so it makes it hard to warm up in the winter here. These Slankets look so warm and comfy I would just love to own one. You can even get them in children sizes and now that my family has seen them they all want one. they come in a wide range of colors too. Check it out here

Jolly Mom is having a giveaway to win one. The problem is I need four lol. If this looks and sounds like something you would like stop by and check out her site and enter to win one while you are there.
Thanks for stopping by

VTech Phone System Giveaway~

Ok just when My phone dies and I'm in great need of a new phone Jentifa at "The Dirty Shirt" is having this Kicking giveaway for a VTech Phone system. Now this
Includes: 3 Handsets, base unit and 2 additional charging units. 3 AC adapters. 3 battery packs. Telephone line cord. User’s manual. Quick start guide. Is this a fantastic set up or what!?! I could then have a phone in 3 rooms of my house!!!! That's three ,,,I'm going to write that again ,,,Three phones. I have one right now and spend half my time running up and down stairs to get to the phone. I could put one on my PC desk and another one in the living room and one UPSTAIRS~!!! So what are you waiting for kick in gear and click on over to enter this kicking giveaway.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whhoooo hooo Go Wireless~!

Whooooo hooooooo a wireless HP printer~! Now were talking lol . I spent a whole day running cords to this and that and drilling holes through ceiling and walls just to connect 2 computers and now there is such a thing as wireless, go figure right. Well the great news is you can win one free by entering at "The Mayhewreview"
Just picture sitting back printing from your laptop from the recliner nice and comfortable. Doesn't that just sound awesome!!! If it does then just click the link below and check out this great site and giveaway.

Apple iPod touch~!

Mommy Daddy Blog is giving away something you’d love to touch; a shiny spankin’ new 2nd Gen 8GB iPod Touch MP3 player and a $10 iTunes gift card! Click here to enter this sweet giveaway!
Talk about an awesome site and giveaway~! I have been wanting one of these since they hit the market.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Color Me Beautiful~

If your children are anything like mine then they love to draw and color. It seems like we never have enough markers , colored Pencils or crayons to satisfy them. If this is the case at your house you might want to stop over and enter to win some cool eco friendly art supplies at " I Never Grew Up" . She is having this cool giveaway here