Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Crissy is having an AWESOME Giveaway~!

As some of you that follow my blog know we have been building a new house for the last 6yrs paycheck by paycheck with a deadline to move in by the end of this summer. We are getting real close but of course we still have lots to do and one of them is to pick out the flooring for the entire house. I can't wait because I am so sick of looking at those plywood floors and once we get the new flooring in it will make the house look sooooooooo much better~! As my mother always says until the flooring is in and the curtains hung a house never looks finished and I agree. We now have the new bathroom vanity in and working. Yeah~! The master bedroom is the only room that is finished with flooring (which we put in a hunter green and tan variegated carpet) and curtains. That still leaves 4 more rooms to buy flooring for. I couldn't believe the massive selections at FloorMall to choose from and I was so excited when I received an email from Dear Crissy about the chance to win $1200 of hardwood flooring. I entered FloorMall’s Step Into Summer Flooring Sweepstakes and hope to win $1,200 in beautiful hardwood flooring.

So what are you waiting for just click on any hyperlink or here to enter~!