Monday, September 5, 2011

$50 for Personalized Gifts from PictureIt Creations Giveaway Going On At It's The Thought That Counts

I just discovered a new site called PictureIt Creations from reading a review at "It's The Thought That Counts". I found some real nice Maple Wood items on their site that I would love to have. The best part is they engrave the items for you. One item I liked was a Compact Mirror and another was a nice Letter Opener. What I liked the best was their Pet Urn. My Mother recently lost her dog named Heidi-Mae who was a family member to all of us and I would of loved to have giving this to my Mother for Heidi-Mae's ashes. Our pets are like family members and we love them dearly. I have a dog named Toto that eats what we eat (I know that isn't good for them but I make her eat rice and veggies too). Sleeps in the middle of our bed in between us and has anxiety attacks when ever we leave her home alone so that rarely ever happens if at all possible. I'm sure when her day comes my heart is going to break~! I will definitely have to order this special urn to keep her among us where as she couldn't stand to be apart from us now. They sell engraved items on all kind of materials such as marble or glass. If you would like to read the complete review and enter to win a $50 GC to PictureIt Creations your going to have to click on over to "It's the Thought That Counts". Just click here.