Friday, July 22, 2011

Lots Of Giveaway Going On @One Crazy Mom Going On Now

I was really excited when I read about the Tersano Lotus LBU100 Sanitizing System at a review over to One Crazy Mom. I have been sick for the past month with sinusitis , double ear infections and pneumonia all at the same time. When I get sick I really get sick that's why I keep hand sanitize on me at all times. I have RA and take medicine to suppress my immune system so that it won't attack my joints so I can walk, type, etc. My son had a minor head cold and brought home these little germs. What causes most to have a minor sniffle puts me down for weeks~! That is why I was so excited about this review at One Crazy Mom because she also has one to giveaway Wooooo Hoooo. The Tersano Lotus LBU100 Sanitizing System is 50% more effective than bleach. You can Sanitize just about any thing. I love how I can sanitize the fruit in a matter of minutes but that's just the tip of what this little bugger can do. To find out all that this little gadget can do and to enter for your chance to win skip on over to One Crazy Mom just click here.

Wait there's more ,,,,yes more,,,, One Crazy Mom has another great giveaway,,,,,,,,,

Anyone like playing DS raise your hand. (hard to type with my hand raised) Ok then listen up. My youngest son who is a tween loves Cooking Mama (my son loves to cook and want to be a chef or a truck driver I know strange combination lol) and after reading a review about Cake Mania I bet he will love this one too. He spends most of his time playing his Guitar Hero or Cooking Mama on his DS and he doesn't have a lot of games so I'm sure he would enjoy a new one. What child (or adult) wouldn't right. Check out the review at One Crazy Mom and you can enter while your there to win the Cake Mania DS game. Just click here.

Hold On ,,,,,Nope There's More,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
TerraCycle Speaker Review & Boom Box Giveaway at One Crazy Mom~! How cool is this~! My Tween/Teen (girl & boy) would both love this. aught oh that means if I win one I'm going to have to buy another lol . They both are definitely going to want their own. I like how inexpensive they are. This is something I can afford.I'm already shopping for Christmas because that's the only way I can do it financially and I love it when I find something they like that's with-in my budget. That's not always an easy thing to do especially with tweens/teens. The older they get the more expensive items they seem to like. When they were little they liked almost every thing and I could spend $5 bucks and they would smile ear to ear. Not so much at this age. Plus the TerraCycle Boom Box Rocks~! (Pun Intended) I have had so much fun at One Crazy Mom today reading and entering her giveaways. I bet you will too. To read her complete review and enter her giveaway just click here.

Still more fun going on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What’s in Every Mom’s Beach Bag Giveaway at One Crazy Mom. I always make sure we have a high spf sunscreen in our beach bag and wipes for those messy mishaps. Oh and don't forget a camera for some fantastic beach pictures. I like to keep a beach bag fully stocked for those unexpected trips to the beach. That way if I'm strapped for time and want to get to the beach in a hurry all I have to do is grab my pre-stocked beach bag, my camera and the kids and I'm off in a splash (pun intended lol). So what's in your beach bag !?! Click on over and check out what's in the beach bag at One Crazy Mom and enter while your there.


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Thank you so much for posting about our giveaways, I got a few laughs.. loved the post