Monday, July 18, 2016

Glad I Owned One Today!

At 20000 mAh this HyperGear Dual USB Power Bank has enough power to charge my Motorola cell phone 10 times. It couldn't have come at a better time. Today while writing review I had to shut down after the first sentence due to severe thunder storms and tornadoes. With the power out I had to rely on this power bank to keep my phone charged so I could check on family members and elderly neighbors. It worked super great. I was so glad I had it when this happened. This is the perfect power bank to have in an emergency because it can charge your cell phone up to 10 times depending on the type of cell phone you have. If you have a good battery in your cell phone that last two days that means it could keep your cell phone charged twenty days! My battery has deteriorated over time and goes dead much faster but if I didn't spend a lot of time on it playing games or just chatting mine would last twelve hours. That means I could keep mine charged for ten days. That is amazing.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sounds Beautiful & ECO Friendly

I originally planned to put this Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chime next to the Bleeding Heart plant by my PaPa's headstone in the cemetery because he loved the sound of a good quality tuned wind chime. However the hanger I had purchased to use wasn't tall enough. This chime is 15.7 inches long and it even looks longer when hanging. The bottom just barely missed the ground. I did a short video so you could hear how nice this chime sounds while I was at the cemetery before I relocated it to my garden until I can find a longer hanger. Now I get to enjoy the wonderful sound this Chime produces for a short time.Check out my video to hear what they sound like and read my complete review on Amazon by clicking on any highlighted hyperlink in this post.If you like my review of this product give my review a "Yes" vote please. While your here leave me a comment on what you think. I love reading your comments.

Monday, July 11, 2016

It Handles All My To Do Jobs Around The House!

We have used the Big Boss Xhose Extra Large Aqua Water Jet Power Washer every day since it arrived on our door step. We have used it to water our garden in the back yard and our raised flower bed in the front of our house. We also washed off the picnic tables and loungers. Today we washed the vehicles. For being powered just by water flow through a hose it's pretty strong. To check out my full review with video on Amazon click any hyperlink in this post. If you like it give it a "Yes" vote.What do you need power washed at your home? Leave me a comment and let me know. I love reading your comments.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Deep Dish Pizza Yummy!

This set of Marx Non Stick 9 x 1.2 inch Pans are perfect for deep dish pizza, breakfast pizza and tart pies. I like a deeper pan for Quiche with at least a two inch side but you can also make quiche in these pans too. It all depends on your personal preference. The best part is it's on sale, regular price $28.99 sale price $14.99. Check out my complete review on Amazon by clicking on any highlighted hyperlink in this post. What recipe would you make with these pans? Leave me a comment and let me know. If you like my review on Amazon give it a "Yes vote please. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

#Win A Stay At Great Wolf Lodge!

Welch's #Free Fruit Snacks & Great Wolf Lodge #Sweepstakes
begins on 07/1/2016 at 12:00 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada)) and ends on 07/31/2016 at 11:59 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada)) (the "Promotion Period").

#Sweepstakes #Grass is #Green & It Needs Mowing

With all the rain lately the lawn grows faster than I can get it cut. My poor lawn mower needs replacing does yours? Good news, you can enter to win a #free one in this Lawn Mower Sweepstakes   Five lucky first prize winners will receive One Cordless 19" Lawn Mower $500 Value!

Chill Out With A Glass of #Wine

I ordered this Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick Aerator by AA Quality Products just in time for the July 4th holiday weekend. I couldn't wait to check it out. This is a very cool product. It not only aerates the wine it chills it too! Great for anyone who loves wine. Check out my video & complete review on Amazon by clicking the highlighted hyper link in this post. If you like my review give it a yes vote on Amazon. I'd really appreciate it. Let me know what you think, I love reading your comments here.

Colorado Pontoon Boat #Sweepstakes

Enter The #Sweepstakes #Giveaway To #Win Your Own #Free Colorado Pontoon Boat Today! Just click on the hyperlink in blue.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

This is a nice piece to add to your tactical gear. This CREE Ultra Lite Seddy Tecch UltraFire LED Flashlight has an amazingly strong beam. It has 2000 lumens and 5 modes to choose from which are high, medium, low, strobe and sos.
It would also make for a great gift for that hard to buy for man in your life. I did a complete review on this product on Amazon here
I was really impressed just how powerful the beam on this flashlight works. I posted lots of pictures that you can also check out. This item sells for less than $30 and comes with lots of accessories!
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What a great deal for this Firewood Log Tote!,

If you burn wood and have to lug it your not going to want to miss this great deal on Amazon. At only $9.99 this firewood log tote is a fantastic deal and will save you from several trips to the wood pile and save your clothes from getting dirty at the same time. It makes it easy and convenient to lug wood. Check out my full review here

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This Mclintech 5-in-1 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is a great tool to keep in your glove box or car on board tool kit. This tool contains an Red Safety Light, Emergency Seat Belt Cutter, Pop-out Window Hammer, LED Flashlight and a Tire Pressure Gauge. It's a great deal at $14.99 on Amazon. To see more pictures and to read my full review you can find it here
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Saturday, June 18, 2016


This is a great Crafts 4 All Permanent Fabric Markers starter pack from E. I Trading LTD for anyone who wants to do some fabric projects. I had a plain white Calvin Klein fabric tote that I wanted to jazz up a bit with some color so I traced out a flower design in the black marker to color in with bright colors. This set was perfect for this craft project.

I had several colors to choose from in this set of twelve permanent fabric markers. The colors are Black, Grey, Brown, Brilliant Blue, Sky Blue, Vivid Red,Grass Green, Forest Green, Orange, Lemon Yellow, Purple, and Pale Purple.
One of the features I liked about these Crafts 4 All Fabric Markers is the double tip. It has a wide tip for large areas you want to cover and a fine tip for writing and fine lines. You don't need to press down when using these markers and they cover easily and work fantastic. The colors showed bright and vivid.

If you follow the directions on the box you shouldn't have any bleeding problems and get the results your looking for in your project. Keep in mind the harder you press the more marker ink you will receive and depending on what type of fabric your using will depend on how much or how fast it will absorb into the material. With this project I was using a really thin cloth and the fabric soaked up a lot of the marker ink quickly. I also noticed it draws the ink easily which could cause bleeding. Knowing this I kept it just a little bit from the fine black outline that I had drawn and it worked great to keep the black outline from bleeding. I also stuck a piece of cardboard in between so the color would not go through to the other side.These permanent markers are Non Toxic making them safe for me to use with my Grandchildren. That's a must because children love markers.This keeps them safe and they can spend quality time crafting too. Keep in mind these being permanent you might want to save these for the older children to use. The fabric markers are also machine washable and fade resistant. I would use cold water because the company recommended not to use water over 30C/86F to prevent bleeding. It's better to be safe than sorry.One thing I would of done different if I was to do this project again with this type of material would be to apply the black fine line design then allow it to dry overnight before coloring it. Although I didn't experience a lot of bleeding I would not have had to be so careful about how close I came to the black design to avoid the black from bleeding. This is just my personal preference for this particular material. I can't wait to try them on jean material that I have for another project.I'm no artist but the colors did add a bit of fun to this drab tote. I added photos to give you an idea of what the colors looked like and to show how vivid the colors are on fabric. It applies so easy and quickly with no bearing down hard or going over several times.I really liked how well the Crafts 4 All Permanent Markers from E.I. Trading LTD worked. My only regret is not owning the 36 package because now I want even more color choices for a bigger project.

The full review is on Amazon and if you found this helpful please click on this link and give it a "Yes" vote here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's gets pretty steamy but not this mirror!

The Fogless Shower Mirror from Appealic comes in so handy for doing my home made facial sugar scrub I wish I had one of these years ago. I apply the sugar scrub using the mirror in the shower then rinse with warm water right in the shower. What a great way to start my shower and no more mess or wrapping a towel around my neck to protect my shirt while leaning over the sink. I like my shower fairly hot and so far it has not fogged up once. The bathroom gets pretty steamy and my big mirror over the sink gets foggy but this Appealic Fogless Shower Mirror doesn't.

The mirror has a suction cup that holds it secure to the wall of the shower. To lock it you turn it clockwise and to unlock it you turn it counter clockwise. It's that simple to attach it to your shower wall. It has a very strong hold. I like that it can be removed for easy cleaning of the shower wall or to reposition the mirror itself in a different location. I don't like to clean around objects and found it much easier to remove the mirror while cleaning the shower and then put it back when I'm finished. I like that it's not a permanent fixture for this reason. Plus if you remodel or move you still have it available to use in your new shower.
It has a 360 degree knuckle that the mirror is attached to so you can move it to any position for better visibility. This comes in handy especially when shaving sideburns and under the neck line. You can move the mirror so you can see much better. He really liked this feature.
Another feature this fogless mirror has is a place to hang your razor. I hate them lying on the side of the shower. With this it hangs neatly and safely on the mirror where it should be.
It's so convenient and what faster easier way to shave than in the shower. You don't have to worry about making a mess or cleaning the sink. When it comes to getting ready the easier and the faster the better. Am I right!?!


Enclosed was the Fogless Mirror, a pair of Tweezers, a small pair of Scissors in a black drawstring pouch and a small manual of how to install the Appealic Fogless Mirror in your shower. I am super happy with the performance of the mirror and the functionality of it as well.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It meets all my charging needs., May 31, 2016

Universal 3 Port USB Car Charger by TripleBooster [7.2A/36W] for cell phones, Tablets, PSP, iPhone, iPod, Camera, Etc - Comes with 3 USB-to-USB Cables, Cloth Bag, Manual, & Gift Box - All in one set! (Wireless Phone Accessory)


I have so many items that need charging in my vehicle that it was time for a bigger and better car charger. With cell phones, tablets, a GPS unit plus a FM Transmitter Universal Car Radio with Phone Holder that I use to play Pandora, iHeart Radio, and iTunes it was time for a 3 Port USB Car Charger. This Universal 3 Port USB Car Charger by Krispin Electronics is perfect for all my needs. Where it is universal I can use it for a multitude of products that I currently own such as my iPad, Camera, Car GPS, Handheld GPS, Cell Phones, FM Transmitter/Phone and more. I have at least two or three items charging all the time.
I took a video just to show you the components that I had charging today. Sorry about the sound quality I had the air conditioner running and the microphone was picking up the noise from my AC. I didn't realize it until i listened to it later.
The first item I was charging is a Garmin GPS that I use all the time. The second was my Motorola G Cell Phone. The third was an FM Transmitter/Phone Holder. I wanted to listen to iHeart Radio through my car stereo speakers while on a road trip which runs my phone down so I like to keep it charging while listening to music and use my GPS while charging that at the same time. No one wants their GPS battery to go dead while using it to navigate. This worked great for all three components. I plugged all three units in and off I went. It was so nice to be able to charge them all and not have to worry about a dead battery on any of the three units.
I like that they included 3 USB cables all with different ends. One Micro for androids such as my Motorola G Cell Phone, one 30 pin and one 8 pin both used for Apple products such as the iPhones and iPads.
This unit also came with a draw string bag to carry it all in. I put all the cables in the draw string bag and leave it in my console. That way while on the go no matter what needs charging chances are I have a USB Cable to fit it. That's real handy. It's also a nice way to store and keep them neat. 

This Universal 3 Port USB Car Charger by Krispin Electronics comes with a 100% Warranty for 18 months and a lifetime support where you can contact them with any issues you may have. I have used this product every day since the day I received it and I am thrilled at how well it charges all my devices. You can purchase this product on and if you found this review helpful you can view it on Amazon and click on the "Yes this review was helpful" here

Great for camping & yard work

SHVIRO Folding Hand Saw - Ideal Tree Pruning Tool for Your garden - High Carbon Steel Blade with Heat Treated Rugged Teeth - Durable and Easy to Use - 7 inch


I have so many trees that need to be pruned and the branches cut back that this SHVIRO Folding Hand Saw will come in handy all spring summer and fall. I live in the country and winter is harsh on the trees breaking tons of branches. I like to do a major clean up in the spring with lots of raking and even more pruning. I don't like using Loppers because they don't flush with the tree and most of the time it tears or rips the branch leaving stubs sticking out of the trees. I like the that the SHVIRO saws the branches flush to the tree leaving no nubs sticking out.

Most of the branches that this saw has been used for so far is approximately 1 inch in diameter. About the size of a quarter in comparison. It saws them quickly and easily. I wanted this SHVIRO Folding Hand Saw to cut branches low to the ground or to small to use a chainsaw to prune them without damaging the tree and this hand saw worked great for this.
It has a strong 7 inch steel blade with teeth that cut in both direction. This makes sawing much faster. The blade folds into its plastic handle which makes it light weight for carrying and sawing. It's also easy to stick in your back pocket or a backpack. It has a black button that releases the blade to open it. The plastic handle has 5 rubber circles down both sides to make holding onto the handle easier with less slippage.

The SHVIRO Folding Hand Saw will also make a great addition to my camping gear. I plan on storing mine in my camping gear that way I'll always have it when I'm off camping somewhere. It will come in real handy when making a small fire pit to cook hot dogs or to roast marshmallows to make smores.
It also comes with a 100% risk free guarantee with no questions asked.

It has worked wonderful for pruning small limbs and trees on my property and I'm happy with it's performance. You can purchase this item on If you liked this review and found it helpful you can view it on Amazon and hit the "Yes I found the review helpful" here

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Some Unique Wonderful Products For My Son & Daughter In-Law's Baby Shower

These Bandana Bibs by uBaby are just adorable. I'm about to be a Grandmother in just a few short weeks and I thought these Bandana Bibs by uBaby would make great bibs for my new Grandson. I just love the new style and the fun patterns they offered. The feather pattern is my favorite although I like them all.One feature that I liked most is the uBaby Bandana's fit for a very long time because they are adjustable. They have snaps in the back so you can adjust these bigger as the baby grows. Depending on the size of the baby I think these would fit up to size 24 months.
They are very soft to the touch which is important for babies sensitive skin. I was really pleased with how these were made.
This set also came with a bonus pacifier clip which is so handy and saves you from hunting for it and washing it on and off all day. It has a sturdy clip to hold it tight. This was a nice added bonus for sure.
I gave these to the parents to be at their baby shower and they were a big hit. Everyone had to check them out. They all wanted to know where I got them. I took a picture of my son showing off these adorable bids.

Another item that will come in real handy when there new bundle doesn't feel so well is the Non-Contact Forehead Digital Thermometer. I love the idea of being able to take the babies temperature and not having to disturb the baby while sleeping. Just aim the Non-Contact Forehead Digital Thermometer at the childs forehead and it will give you a read out. It also lights up so you can do this in the dark. Another feature I liked about this product. I always hated to turn on the light in order to read the temperature. I can quietly enter the nursery without turning on the light. Aim it at the forehead or below and behind the ear lobe if child is sleeping on their side. Make sure the hair is not in the way or that the child is sweaty in that area or you may not get an accurate reading. You want a dry exposed skin area with nothing between the scanner and the skin. I've tried this thermometer several times on family members to make sure it was working properly. It worked great every time and I'm super happy with this product. If would like to read my full review on Amazon you can find it here If you like it please give it a helpful vote

The theme for my Son's baby shower was the Woodland/Camouflage. It came out wonderful and I love this Fox Storage bin for them to put the babies toy's in.The Fox matched perfect for the theme and will come in real handy for all the small hand toys and little stuffed animals. It's just the right size. It actually holds more than you would think. I used this also as the gift bag for all their other items I got them for their baby shower. I made 4 small baby blankets and put them in there along with the items above plus a Monitor set and a large baby book. It still had a little room left too.
Check out my full review of this cute bin on Amazon and if you like it please leave a vote here.
Hope you enjoyed these product reviews!

Lolliz Colored Pencil Review

This set of LolliZ Colored pencils are wonderful. They come in a pack of 50 colors which with so many colors your bound to find just the right shade. This is what I liked a lot about this set. They also color adult coloring books without having to bare down hard which leaves indents and destroys the art work not to mention makes your hands hurt from pressing so hard.

My Niece is quiet the coloring artist for her age and loves to use these colored pencils to do her adult coloring books. She spends a lot of time on detail and picking out the colors to make her pictures pop.

Lolliiz pencils didn't seem to break easy and the color is centered perfectly in the pencil. These are of high quality and will bring her joy for a very long time to come. Although she used them to color adult coloring book pictures I think these would be good for lots of arts and crafts.
My Niece did an excellent job on her picture! I'm sure she will get a lot of enjoyment from these Lolliz Colored Pencils. 

You can read my complete review on Amazon. If you like this review please click the link and give the review a helpful vote here 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Lumsing Harmonica 10400mAh Portable Power Bank Review & Giveaway

Welcome to exotic1, If you have followed my blog you know that translates to "Unique One". I love finding unique products to try and share with my family and friends. Today I'm excited to introduce you to Lumsing's Harmonica 10400mAh Portable Power Bank. 

For those that have never heard of a portable power bank battery it is a power source to charge electronics devices such as android phones, tablets, iPods, iPads and more during power outages or on the go. Living in the country when we lose power it can be days before our power is restored. It's important to have a nice power bank to keep our cell phones charged for emergencies. The Lumsing Harmonica 10400mAh Portable Power Bank came nicely packaged and included a USB cable and a protective carrying case with instructions. I immediately thought what a great gift this would make someone on my holiday list.

We do a lot of geocaching and nine times out of ten there is no power where we set up camp. That's when the power banks come in real handy. I like to have not just one but several power banks to take camping. This way I don't have to worry about my handheld GPS going dead. I can keep it charged so we don't get lost and we can continue to have fun geocaching. I can keep my android phone charged to keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter while sitting around the camp fire at night too. At bedtime I like to read on my kindle app on my iPad 2 to help me fall asleep and the power bank keeps it charged so although I'm enjoying nature by day I can also enjoy the tech life by night. 

The Lumsing Harmonica 10400mAh Portable Power Bank features two outputs. One output is 1.A the second is 2.1A that's a total of 3.1A which means it can charge two electronic devices at the same time too. That is fantastic because I was able to charge my iPad 2 and my cell phone at the same time. It also has an on/off switch. When you turn it on it shows 4 led lights. Each light indicates 25% of power available. If one light is on that means you have 25% , two lights on mean 50%, three lights on means 75%  and four lights mean fully charge at 100%. The lights blinks when charging so you know the unit is working. 

I wanted to make sure this power bank could fully charge both my devices so I put the Lumsing Harmonica 10400mAh Portable Power Bank to the test. I plugged in both devices. I checked it 4 hours later and my Motorola Moto G Phone was fully charged and the iPad 2 was at 58% charged (keep in mind an iPad 2 requires a lot of power). I checked it again 3 hours later and the iPad was fully charged. The battery life indicator light on the Lumsing Harmonica showed only 1 light lite which means it had less than 25% left. I knew at this point it would also charge my android phone several times   

One of the features I liked is the size and weight of this device. It was approximately the same width as my cell phone just longer which made it easy to hold onto. It also has a slight curve to it that also makes it easier to hold. It's called a Harmonica and it's shape actually reminds me of a Harmonica instrument.  To give you a better idea of the size I took a picture of it with a regular size playing card. The actual device measures 5.4" long by 2.3" wide by 0.8" thick. 

When I discovered Lumsing offered a "Portable Battery Combo 3 Haromonica 10400mAh Power Bank Series Package" I was thrilled because if your like me and need to take your tech gadgets with you no matter where you are and have family members that do to this combo pack is great for you. Buying the Combo 3 can save you money. It comes with 3 colors Black, White and the Champagne Gold. You can purchase the Combo 3 pk on Amazon right now for $45.99 with FREE SHIPPNG~!  Now that's a deal. If you only need one you can order just one on their web site here at Lumsing.
This also comes with a worry free 18 month warranty. I found working with Lumsing representatives to be prompt, courteous and such a pleasure to work with. 
The only thing that I can think of that would of made this product any better is if it had included a wall charger. I have one that is compatible that I can use but not everyone does. I like being able to recharge the power bank using my home outlet plug-in. Not many companies include them but in my opinion it would be nice and convenient if they did. 
I feel fortunate to have received one to review for my honest opinion and the good news is Lumsing is also going to give one away. You can enter using the Gleam widget below. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Tech Gadget Coming Spring 2016

 I read an article today at Popular Science writing by Carl Franzen about The Glyph Virtual Reality Headphones to be release this spring 2016. The Glyph has a hefty price tag but it comes with a twist. It's more than a virtual  reality headset but if you want to know the price tag or what makes this gadget unique your going to have to check out the video.....

Friday, March 13, 2015

Ergo Chef My Juicer Giveaway Going On Now!

 I don"t own a good juicer and after reading the review at The Stuff of Success about the Ergo Chef My Juicer I've determined I really need a nice juicer. With summer around the corner I know I will be making lots of juice to drink and this would come in real handy. If your thinking about getting a juicer you should stop over to The Stuff of Success and read her review, plus enter to win one. Yup that's right, she is co-hosting a giveaway so be sure to enter.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our Favorite Things Blog Hop Alex & Ani Charm Bangle by Devine Lifestyle

I just came from Devine Lifestyle where she is having a fantastic giveaway along with a bunch of great bloggers in the "Our Favorite Things Blog Hop". She is #16 in the above picture and is giving away a beautiful Alex and Ani bangle set. It is just beautiful and has been on my wish list this year for the holidays. For a better picture I downloaded her picture for you to see the details of one of them. 

To see both up close and individual you need to go check her blog out and while your there enter your chance to win like I did. She also has the links to the other 15 giveaways too. So hurry go enter them all and have a great time doing it. I sure am~!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


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Image courtesy of: SnapKnot - ">Wedding Ideas

Monday, September 1, 2014

Over @ Peanut Butter and Whine there is a fun Diamond Candle or $25 Paypal Cash #Giveaway ~!

Here's another great giveaway from Peanut Butter and Whine. Are you following her yet? If not see what you are missing. Tons of great reviews and giveaways.  This one is for a Diamond Candle or $25 Paypal Cash! Good Luck!

Peanut Butter and Whine Fan Giveaway For A Gift Card or Paypal

Are you a fan of Peanut Butter and Whine? If so thought you might want to know about the Gift Card or Paypal thanks for being a Fan #Giveaway. If not, you can become one. You can click on over say hi and enter her fun giveaway or you can enter using the form below.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Need A Fryer Without All The Oil? I know Where You Can Enter To #Win One~!

I just love the taste of fried foods but I don't need all that grease in my food and now with the Jet Fryer I can cook without the grease. The Jet Fryer uses hot air circulation to cook the food. How cool is that~!  You can enter to win one at these Host:

Proudly Brings You The