Friday, July 29, 2016

ikris 4 Way #Garden Hose Splitter

Living on a farm you need lots of hoses for watering livestock and gardens. We run two hoses now but want to expand to four so we don't have to lug water to the upper barn and back fruit trees. This ikris 4-way Garden Hose Slitter is perfect. We have one hose running to our garden out back of the house and one to the raise beds and chicken coup out front. I now have a 3rd 100 foot hose that I just bought to run to the barn which I will hook up this weekend. I need to pick up one more for the garage. This will save us lots of work lugging water in 5 gallon buckets!

This is nicely made. Very heavy duty. The whole splitter is lead free metal with a rubber coating on most of it. The female end that we screwed our main hose into is metal not plastic and it has a thick rubber gasket to keep it from leaking. They covered it in a heavy rubber to protect your hands. It's much nicer to use that way. All four male ends are also metal. Each one can be turn on and off individually. They each have their own on/off valve. We have two shut off and two turned on in one of the pictures. All the threads worked correctly. This is made to last.

It is super easy to install. It can screw directly onto your outdoor spout by turning the plastic female handle. It's that simple. You can also relocate it to another place by using a garden leader hose extension. They sell them in all different sizes. We only needed a short 4' leader hose and found a cheap 4' washer hose that worked perfect for us. I wanted mine moved to a new location so we attached ours to the building using a hasp but normally you should use the 5 screw holes that are pre-drilled on the splitter to screw it right to the building. Three holes are between each male nozzle and one on each side of the female nozzle. I would recommend using spacers on the back side of the screws to sit the ikris 4 way Garden Hose Splitter out from the building. You would of course need longer screws to allow for the spacer. Doing this would allow you to screw and unscrew the hoses much easier. We just happened to use a hasp/bracket that I had on hand because I didn't have any spacers. It saved me a drive to the hardware store. If you want to just attach this to your existing outdoor nozzle no tools are required just twist it on and your done.

This works with no leaking at all. Water is a very important resource that should never be wasted so it's important to me this was made well and didn't leak at all.They have this at a great price on Amazon check it out today.

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