Monday, July 13, 2009

Enter to win a Balloon Kit @PieceOfMe

Have you ever rushed to your local flower shop or retailer to get helium balloons for your party and it took them forever to wait on you and your on a time limit to get them home and ready for the party? Or it's raining or cold out and half the helium leaks out before you get them home for that special party? I have and not only is it annoying but costly. It's also time consuming if the person waiting on you thinks you have all day listening to them ramble with a co-worker about what happened the night before ugh! Well if you hate dealing with all the hassle you will love this. You can enter to win a Portable Balloon Kit at "Piece Of Me"
How cool is that!?! Stop over , read her review and while your there enter for your chance to win just like I did. All you have to do is click the link in this post. Good Luck~!

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Roh Relation said...

Quite useful product. Would purchase it for my son's birthday !