Monday, July 20, 2009

Wave LX Skateboard Giveaway @MomStart

Ok My son went to a school field trip in June of this year to a Skate Park which to him was the greatest because he loves skate boarding. He comes running through the front door all excited about wanting a Wave board. Well I had no idea what he was talking about but of course he explained it in detail all wound up like a top about this new kind of skateboard. I live in a very small community and there isn't a lot to do for kids in this area but skateboarding is one thing he found that he loves and even when he doesn't have any friends around to play with he can ride his skateboard for hours. Well then I received an email from "Mom Start" (I'm a subscriber so I get all her cool updates) and it was about the Wave LX Skateboard~! Of course I had to check it out and she is giving one away to a lucky person. How cool is that. I call it the rave wave because my son raves about wanting one so badly. If you would also like to read her review and enter click on the "Mom Start" link here

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