Sunday, July 12, 2009

Enter to win a Kiddie Pool @TheNotSoBlog

I just read a review about the company "BackYard Ocean" about " The Swan Kiddie Pool" at "The Not- So- Blog Experimental Mommy"
I thought this was the most adorable Kiddie Pool~! The Swan Kiddie Pool is currently on sale now for $44.99 and is a great deal. I found several wonderful pool toys and accessories like the "Fun Jumper" and the "Surfer Slide" on sale at "BackYard Ocean". But wait the best part is you can enter to win "The Swan Kiddie Pool" by clicking on the link in this post to "The Not-So-Blog" . If you have never visited this blog site before your going to love it. She has some awesome reviews and introductions to many interesting web sites. You might just want to subscribe to her blog in order not to miss out on some great reading~!

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