Friday, July 24, 2009

Brite-View CinemaCube Giveaway @thedirtyshirt

This is another new product to me that I learned about at "The Dirty Shirt"
I had never heard of the CinemaCube until today. This is what I learned from reading a review at "The Dirty Shirt"
To use the CinemaCube, simply connect it to the TV and plug in a USB mass storage device in NTFS, EXT-3 or FAT32 format (FAT32 is supported using the playback function, not when using the download function). And because the CinemaCube is networkable, on a living room TV, users can enjoy HD media content such as photo albums, music or movies stored on a remote PC sharing the same network. The built-in BitTorrent client also means BT download can be computer free. At first glance, the 720p HD support seems like a drawback, but that is because the 1080p videos have yet to become main-stream.
If you would like to read the complete review and learn more on what the CinemaCube can do go to the "The Dirty Shirt"
by clicking on the highlighted link above and check it out and the best part is she is giving one away to her readers. Cool or What~!!!

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