Saturday, January 17, 2009

Skil Power Cutter Giveaway~

This would be so helpful since I have R.A. and my hands hurt using scissors on hard to cut projects and to open those rotten plastic containers they use all the time in stores now. Those plastic container are so hard to open I usually don't even use scissors on them instead I use a sharp knife. Which of course is dangerous. I also cut up cardboard box's to recycle here and that is such a pain. The "Skil Lithium Ion Power Cutter" would be perfect for that. Check out the link to this great little tool
The best part is you can win one of these Skil Power Cutters at "One Project Closer". They have a nice review of this Skil Cordless Lithium Ion Power Cutter so check it out and enter while you are there. Just click the site and "poof" your there.

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