Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brrrrrrrr It's Cold~! Frozen Pipes Again GRrrr~

I have lived in Maine my entire life and this past week has been one of the coldest weeks we have had in years. Some places reached -50 below and we have been at -20 below for a few days. When I woke up yesterday morning we had -33 below and that was without any wind chill factor. I have woke up to frozen pipes 3 days in a row. I don't know what I would do without my trusty hair dryer lol. We have frozen pipes on occasion and I'm use to that but it is usually located in just two places in the house and is usually the hot water. That has not been the case these few past days. Every pipe in the house has been froze up cold and hot. Having to deal with thawing pipes at 5AM before I get my first cup of coffee is no picnic I can tell you that. The first pipes we tackle are the kitchen sink so we can get coffee brewing to give us the strength to tackle the others so out come the space heater and the hair dryer and extension cords.It was obvious this mornings thawing was going to be a bit longer and more challenging since every pipe was frozen. The only item in the house that uses water didn't work except the toilet. The longer pipes are frozen the chances of the pipes breaking are better so we moved quickly. I have found that the hair dryer produces more hot air and works better than the space heater so we used that on the kitchen sink while the space heater was running in the bathroom since showers were our next priority. Once we thawed the kitchen sink we grabbed the hair dryer and ran to the bathroom and started that with the space heater. Then all that was left was the dish washer and washing machine. In that order lol All in All it wasn't to bad with in about an hour we had all pipes thawed and working with no broken pipes. I was some glad of that because if you end up with broken pipes it's a mess and can cause damage to rugs and such not to mention that it will probably take a few hours to fix as well. I know this from experience trust me~! We came home from a three day trip from NH back about 3 or 4 years ago to the house frozen solid. My father was suppose to run the water 3 times a day for us while we were gone but even though he did this it froze during the night and since he didn't know the procedure that we now have down packed from years of frozen pipes he didn't know how to get them thawed out. Not to say he didn't try because he did for hours but just didn't know the right spots to stick the hair dryer in. I wish my parents had called me I could of walked them through it but they didn't want to spoil our vacation so didn't bother to call and let us know so when we came home we had a mess and I mean a big mess! ( I so wished they had called). We ended up with three broken pipes and a rug that ended up being replaced. It took over 6hrs to fix the pipes and another day replacing the living room rug. I was lucky as far as expense went though since I didn't have to hire a plumber because my soul mate is quite the handy man to say the least. If you have ever had to pay a plumber you know exactly how much that saved me in money. Three days in a row of frozen pipes is enough for me~! I am wishing for warmer weather soon~!

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