Sunday, December 21, 2008

Somethings are not meant to be

I had such great plans for this weekend but somethings are just not meant to be. I had planned on finishing my Christmas Shopping on Saturday and wrap all day during the winter storm on Sunday. When I drove 45min to the nearest shopping centers in Waterville ME and bought one item and discovered that my debit card froze do to a limit of access that is a security feature I was unaware of. That was the end of my shopping. Now if I had realized that this security feature existed I would of drove to the bank that morning and did a withdrawal but who knew (not me obviously). I was really disappointed because I really wanted to finish the shopping since I knew I couldn't on Sunday do to the storm.( I should of know this was just the beginning of what was to come because that is just my kind of luck) What a horrible weekend we have had. First of all Remember the freezer full of nice Deer Meat I was so excited about having in my freezer from Octobers post, well it no longer exist. Last night at around 11pm I discovered the freezer had some how ended up unplugged. $600 of meat gone to waste and what a mess. We only get in the freezer about once a month to restock the freezer over the frig and it had been about 2 weeks since we last opened the freezer. The freezer is located in my laundry room and when I was getting ready for bed I went into the laundry room to put the dirty cloths in the laundry and noticed a fowl smell and I immediately knew what that smell was. I whirled around to look at the light on the front of the freezer and it was not on!!!!
I couldn't believe it. With the price of meat today this was a huge loss for my family. I have a relative in the meat business and he gave me a heads up that the meat prices were about to go through the roof and told me if I could I better stock up so that is exactly what we did. We ordered a huge meat package and he vacuumed sealed it all so nice so there would be no freezer burn waste. Then we got a deer in October so the freezer was full to the top. We were all set for the winter. Now I did save about $200 on the meat since 10 days after I bought it even hamburger jumped a $1 a pound. But now that we have lost it all. I ended up not only loosing all that I had invested but now I have to pay top dollar for my meat all winter. The freezer smelled so bad we had to remove it from the house. We cleaned and cleaned it but I think it is going to take some time to completely get rid of the smell. We removed the top door of the freezer and dumped 3 box's of baking soda in it and put it in the garage until spring.(Did you notice I kept saying we removed the freezer and we cleaned and cleaned the freezer well actually it was Scott doing all that while I was spending most of the time gagging in the bathroom) I am not going to even try to use it this winter. One, I can't afford to replace the meat especially at the prices today and two, it was such a job to get it to the garage to start with since we are in the mist of a blizzard of the century here in maine. My floors are a mess from tracking back and forth with bucket of hot water and soap and tracking the snowy shoes in and out. Not to mention in order to get the freezer out we had to remove the continents of the laundry room. I live in a small apartment and the freezer has been there for many years and the only way to get it out is to remove everything else in the room. So my kitchen was a
wreck , my living room couch was now a holding place for all the cloths on hangers and the recliner for holding the clean laundry that had just been washed and needed to be sorted and taken care of. My whole house was just a disaster area. After 8hrs of cleaning the freezer and the mess the house is almost put back together. The key word is almost. I still need to do all the floors. It isn't happening today because i have had it!!! And just think since we were in the middle of having what the weather man calls "The Storm of the Century" the worse blizzard in 10yrs or more and I had planned to wrap all day today and be ready for the holidays for the first time in years. Needless to say no wrapping is done and I'm in no mood to do it( I can't imagine why) lol lol All I can say is I hope everyones weekend was a lot better than mine. HO HO HO Happy Holidays (ya right)


Michele P. said...

omigod, you really had a shitty weekend! I know I will hear all about it at work-doubt you will be showing up tomorrow as the driving will most likely be hell. State govt. will be open at noon, hopefully we can open late too. sorry you lost all that meat, with power outages and stuff in your area I am surprised it lasted that long...I wondered about it when you said you lost power during the ice storm for a day...maybe the freezer never turned back on from last weekend? we got our tree and decorated it, but I am pretty much staying close to home-broke and no ambition to fight the snow. see you Tuesday...

Unknown said...

Well, didn't you just have a dandy time! What a loss...and what a weekend!
Mine was spent babysitting grandkids. Son Bucky had frozen pipe issues and the kids were no help at all! ( He didn't say it quite that nicely!)
I spent all last evening wrap-wrap-wrapping! You know when you have to wrap for 24 people its a LOT!
Sat Kiya and I cooked. Chocolate peanutbutter balls, truffles, and 4 dozen cookies! Now if I can get to the store I can make zucchini bread...if not they won't be seeing any! Yawn.....maybe I need a nap instead!

Charlene said...

What a sad story. Like a chain of bad things happening all at one time. I only had that happen once and I know just how you felt.
We were coming home to N.J. after two weeks in Maine when Kenn told me he had saved on electric while we were away by turning it off. I instantly thought about the freezer just stuffed to the top with meat and several chickens. Had he not told me, I would have known when I opened the front door. The smell was one I will never forget. I hope you had a coffee brandy or two. It doesn't help the smell, but you don't mind it as much either. Better days in 2009. Charlene