Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sick Sick Sick

Well I was lucky enough to escape being in bed during Christmas due to being sick but I'm making up for it now. I have been in bed on and off since Friday with bronchitis,sinus infection, ear infection and high fevers. I'm so glad I made it until the 26th without being sick but I am suppose to take the kids to their grand parents which is a tradition we do every year. All the grand kids go to gram and gramps the Sunday following Christmas for a big get together and to have a tree there and yet I am so sick I haven't been up more than 2hrs at a time and I think the worse is yet to come. I am burning up with fever but yet shivering from being cold not to mention my head feels like it's going to explode any minute. It's definitely no fun. I am so dreading tomorrow. I may have to take them over drop them off and go home to bed and have them call when they want to come home. I don't want to expose everyone so they end up sick to not to mention we have a brand new grand baby that was born Dec 24th that will be there. I don't want that poor baby exposed to this. Scott was in his glory holding his first born grand baby. He looked scared holding her on the video but proud as a peacock at the same time~!

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