Saturday, August 13, 2016

I will never need a Masseuse again!

I have to say the first time I wore the Naipo Shiatsu Kneading Neck Massager I was in love with this thing. It's the first massager that I have bought that actually is comfortable and works independently on it's own and WORKS! This thing is the bomb! It really massages those sore neck and shoulder muscles. I have wasted so much money on massagers over the years and they just caused more pain trying to hold the in weird or uncomfortable positions or didn't feel good at all. As you may know a Masseuse is expensive for even just one hour of pain relieving massage but did know the Naipo Neck Massager is about the same price as once session with a Masseuse or less!?! That's why I had to share this with you.

It is super easy to run with just three buttons which are Heat, ON/OFF button and Direction button. The 3D rotation kneading massage rollers go forward and backwards switching every few minutes. Each motion massaging a different set of muscles. You can select the direction by pressing the bottom button labeled DR for direction.

This also comes with a Heat option feature. The top button with the label HT and icon waves is the heat button option. Just press once to turn it on. I love the heat option. Have you ever slept wrong and woke up with a bad stiff neck? This works great for that. I have used this for that exact reason and although it hurt it felt so good at the same time.

This is the first massager that I have found that works great that I could afford and use every day. 

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