Friday, March 8, 2013

Buzzing Down The Snowmobile Trail

We have Bunnies that run around on our property doing pretty much as they please.  They are so funny and entertaining I often find myself laughing out loud. Today was one of those days.   I guess they didn't want to hang out in the barn even though it was a windy chilly day so instead they thought they would go buzzing on down the bunny I mean snowmobile trail.

They even took turns and changed drivers. They are really good at sharing lol lol

Even the baby went for a ride,,,,see him on the foot skid. I guess he was hitching a ride at the last minute.

Some even like to ride backwards. At one point there was 9 rabbits ,,,yes 9 of them on the sled all at once. At that point I was laughing so hard I couldn't see to take pictures. Then I spotted "Socks" swinging on our lawn swing.  That was enough excitement for me for one day.  That was my funny for the day what was yours?

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