Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lolliz Colored Pencil Review

This set of LolliZ Colored pencils are wonderful. They come in a pack of 50 colors which with so many colors your bound to find just the right shade. This is what I liked a lot about this set. They also color adult coloring books without having to bare down hard which leaves indents and destroys the art work not to mention makes your hands hurt from pressing so hard.

My Niece is quiet the coloring artist for her age and loves to use these colored pencils to do her adult coloring books. She spends a lot of time on detail and picking out the colors to make her pictures pop.

Lolliiz pencils didn't seem to break easy and the color is centered perfectly in the pencil. These are of high quality and will bring her joy for a very long time to come. Although she used them to color adult coloring book pictures I think these would be good for lots of arts and crafts.
My Niece did an excellent job on her picture! I'm sure she will get a lot of enjoyment from these Lolliz Colored Pencils. 

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