Monday, November 25, 2013

Dragonfly Sweetnest And Sven Clogs Means A Great Review & Giveaway!

With RA I have trouble finding anything I can wear on my feet for shoes. Crocks and Clogs are the only two shoes I have found that I can wear. Come winter time my feet get real cold in the Crocks. My summer Clogs are to cold for winter so when I saw this pair with the puffed collar I had to check more into this company. I learned they had lined and boot ones at Sven Clogs.  I was so happy. I even found on their web site that they can make specialty shoes as well. This was a big deal because I just may be able to get a pair of Clog Boots in the future. Dragonfly Sweetness has a giveaway going on for a pair of Sven Clogs.  To see and learn more check out the complete review at Dragonfly Sweetnest and don't forget to enter while you are there. Just click on any hyperlink in this post.

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