Monday, December 3, 2012

I just entered a Rock Crawler Bounce House Giveaway~!

The first time I ever saw a bounce house I was at the Skowhegan state fair here in my home state of Maine. The children were having a blast and I can remember thinking I wish They had those when I was a kid. It's one of those things that bring out the kid in all of us. I happened to be reading A Happy Hippy Mom review about the Rock Crawler Bounce House and When I saw that you can actually buy one for your own children just in a smaller version I thought how cool is that. The Rock Crawler is huge and it can hold up to six children. Just looking at it is enough to know your going to have a blast the minute you get into it. What is even cooler is you can enter to win one. Just click on over to A Happy Hippy Mom and enter. I just did.

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