Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Very Special Heart Giveaway @The Dirty Shirt

I just read an Amazing Review at "The Dirty Shirt" about A Very Special Heart that may not only save your life but a loved ones life. This is such a wonderful invention I just had to try and spread the word. Do you wear one of those medical alert bracelets or necklaces? If so your going to love this. This Very Special Heart is not only life saving it is beautiful. Inside your Very Special Heart lies or Globe an incredible feat of engineering, which allows you to carry all of your Personal Health Records…and a dose of emergency medication. You can also carry all of your family’s health records and secure copies of important documents like your passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates etc. Just connect it to any USB port and they will be able to see what you take for medication and what health conditions you have. This could save critical time. As you can see from the pictures in this post that they also have a globe that the men can clip to their key chain. To read her complete review and enter for your chance to win one just click here.

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