Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thanks a lot Oprah

I have been so excited since I heard about the "Kindle". I would love to own one but the price is up there a little to high for me. I can't imagine having so many books downloaded in such a small unit at my disposal at any giving time. I'm hoping like most new electronic gadgets that the price will in time go down so us poor people can afford it too~! I think the Oprah review might of ignited a crave for this new invention and kept the price up there for some time to come. The way I understand it is after Oprah's show and review of the new Kindle they received so many orders that they are currently out of stock and back ordered until the end of February!!! I like you Oprah but Grrrrrr Now us poor people will have to wait even longer I'm afraid.


Eli's Lids said...

Foudn your blog while blog hopping.
Seriously! It would be awesome to have that... maybe in 15 years!

hondaray6 said...

If you don't win one its not from not trying! Go get it girl!