Friday, January 9, 2009

Make it beautiful with Cake~~

My mother and a close friend of hers made more cakes than most people would ever want to in their life time. Every wedding and anniversary or birthday and baby shower there they would be making cakes and freezing hand made roses or filling molds to turn a plain cake into a piece of art work. They did this for hours and all they ever charged anyone was for them to supply them with the ingredients. People would pay hundreds for large wedding cakes to be made by caterers and here these two would do it for free. They worked hard but it showed in the end because the cakes were just plain beautiful~!
At "All About Cakes" you can enter to win a giveaway for 200 piece decorating kit to celebrate her 100th post. This is a huge giveaway and I would love to win this for my mother. It would be a great way to thank her for all those dedicated hours of bringing joy on someone else's special day. If you would like to enter just click the link below.

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hondaray6 said...

Okay..I ain't decorating NOTHING but envelopes, but I entered and if I win it belongs to Miss Judy! HeeHee!