Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a zoo~

I just visited Vanessa at "I Never Grew UP". I'm a subscriber and I received an email telling me about a cute giveaway she is having from "Zoobies"
These are just way too cute~! They look like a regular stuffed animal but they really aren't. They convert into a pillow or a blanket. Your child can actually use there favorite stuffed animal as a pillow or blanket. Children will love these to take their naps with. What a great way to make nap time a little easier. If you have a child that loves stuffed animals they are sure to fall in love with "Zoobies" They have many different animals to choose from. My favorite was Orazio the Orangutan. Which one is your favorite? Drop on over to "I Never Grew Up" and enter. Just click the link below.

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