Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making A Dream One Dollar At A time~

As some of you know we have been building a house for the past 5yrs and we are so excited since we are getting closer to the day we get to move in. We figure if all goes as planned in another year and a half we will be in the new house and no long paying rent YEAH~! The past year has been difficult with the rising cost of fuel and since I live in Maine and it's down right cold here we go through a lot of fuel matter of fact It's suppose to be -10 below tonight and I just had to call for an emergency fuel delivery. I don't think we would of made it through the night. My fuel company forgot to deliver to me on their normal delivery day two weeks ago and I hadn't noticed that I didn't get a bill. The problem with that is they only deliver to my area once a month.Anyhow insulation is important in the construction of a home and over at "Home Construction Improvement" you can enter to win a $50 Gift Card. Now that would buy us another roll of insulation and the staples to install it with~! How great is that. What would you buy if you won. You'll never know for sure unless you enter to win. So click on over to "Home Construction Improvement" and enter just click the link below.

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