Saturday, January 17, 2009

Need a new movie to watch?

We just watched a new movie two nights ago and I'm kinda picky when it comes to movies.I like horrors that actually has a story to it or at least a plot and many are just blood and guts and I think they are so boring and stupid. Horrors are my favorite but I don't watch to many because I think they are just in poor taste. I have found a desire to watch action films lately but I am also a critic since many are featured on the label of the movie as action but then when you watch it you actually could fall asleep. But for you die hard action movie goers I found one that I thought was none stop action and a must see. The name of the movie is "Eagle Eye". I was actually surprised at how good this movie was. It started slow the first 5 minutes or so but when the action started it didn't stop until the end. So if your looking for a new movie to watch check it out.

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