Saturday, January 17, 2009

Got Peek?

Now if you haven't heard of this new little gadget called a "Peek" I think your going to find this to be just wonderful. It's a device that you can receive and send emails with. You can access your email form any where Nation Wide. I spend 3 days a week usually where I don't have access to a computer and by the time I do get to check my email I am swamped with them and it takes me the next few days to clean it out just to do it all over again 3 days later. This would definitely do wonders for my stress level and I would be able to enjoy my PC more if I could check and send my emails. If you go to "Busy Mom" you can enter to win one. She is giving one away to a lucky reader. Click the link and check out her blog I think you will enjoy it and while you are there enter to win.

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