Sunday, December 13, 2009

You can enter to win a Sleep Number Bed @OurOrdinaryLife

I just came from "Our Ordinary Life" where you can enter to win a Sleep Number Bed. How sweet is that~! If you suffer from joint pain or back pain or maybe both like I do then your definitely want to read her review and enter yourself. I had a real bad back injury in 1983 and have had a hard time sleeping ever since. Not to mention that I was diagnosed with RA which is disease that attacks your joints usually crippling limbs. It is very painful and it's been a long time between a full nights sleep for me. I decided I needed to spend the extra money and invest in a new sleep system so I bought an adjustable air bed which wasn't the sleep number bed and spent lots of money on it. Unfortunately it last just about a year then all of a sudden I was sleeping on plywood because the air would seep out every 2hrs. I would have to get up every two hours and pump it back up. Talk about a night mare. Any how this went on for another year because I just didn't have the money to replace it and the company went Bankrupt. (Go Figure right) so I spent all my money and had to wait until income tax time when I could afford a regular mattress. That is all I could come up with after spending all that money on the air bed that went flat and bankrupt. How I wished I had known about the Sleep Number Bed back then. They have been around for some time now and looks like they stand 100% behind their product.
Of course the regular mattress I bought just isn't working. I have pressure points and it wakes me up every hour or so and I have to move into another position. How I wish I owned a Sleep Number Bed~!!!! That's why I just entered for my chance to win and you can too by clicking here.

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