Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Get The Hits Giveaway @Maria's Space

I grew up on AC/DC music and could never get enough. I can remember cruising in my first car with the Back In Black tape maxed on the car stereo system. With the generation gap I never dreamed any of my children would have music interest the same as mine. but My son is their ULTIMATE fan. He loves them more than I do and it's so nice to have something in common with my teenager.When he pops in AC/DC on my car stereo today I grin thinking that was me years ago except it was a cassette not a DVD back then.

Maria's Space is having an amazing 12 Days of Christmas Get The Hits Giveaway~! I am so excited about today's giveaway because it is for an AC/DC Deluxe Box Set :) My son is their biggest fan for sure. He actually is a drummer but because he idolizes Angus and can't get enough of their music he just had to learn all their hits on guitar. By age 12 he was jamming out AC/DC and loving every minute of it. Some have a favorite band for a while then a few months later a new band hits the charts and they now have a new favorite band but not my son. Once he heard AC/DC that was it for him and he has been hooked on their music ever since. That's him in this photo enjoying some great Angus leads lol . Told ya he is their biggest fan.
I just entered Maria's Space AC/DC Deluxe Box Set Giveaway because I would love to be able to give this to him. You can enter too by clicking here.

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