Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saving Time & Money Tips and Win a $100 Staples GC @TwitterMoms

Twitter Moms is having a fun filled money saving, time saving, Blog about, giveaway to win $100 Staples Gift Card. Sound fun!?! Sure it does. The first 50 bloggers to post will receive a $25 Staples Gift Card to shop in store. And that’s not all! Ten randomly selected bloggers will receive a $100 Staples Gift Card to shop in store!
With work, the kids and all the extra curriculum I barely have time to shop for the holidays not to mention the card sending and gift wrapping but I have found a few time saving , money saving tricks over the years. Every year around Thanksgiving I order personal postcards to mail at Christmas. I like to upload a holiday background and add a family photo then in about 7 to 10 days my postcards arrive and already I have saved money because as you know stamps are no longer cheap. Postcards can be mailed for $.28 cents and envelopes cost $.44 cents so when your mailing in bulk this savings adds up quickly. You save $.16 for every postcard you send instead of the envelope card. Then I have all my Christmas list address on my PC so all I have to do is put them in the printer and push a button. I also add my own greeting on the postcard. I also print that with a click of the mouse. With in minutes all my Christmas Postcards are ready to mail. Both Time & Money saved. Staples also does custom orders. Another money saving idea is to shop yard sales during the summer months for wall paper. I found that it makes great wrapping paper~! I bought a box of around 12 or more double rolls in a for $2.00 . I had enough wall paper to wrap hundreds of presents. It was beige in color with a little bit of gold leaf and when I added ribbons and bows it made beautiful packages. Remember to keep your Christmas cards for the next year to cut them into tags for your packages another fun way to save money. The kids love making them too~! Staples have some great deals on craft items too. To learn more money/time saving tips click on the highlighted link to Staples in this post. To enter for your chance to win a Staples GC go to Twitter Moms and read all about it.
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