Tuesday, December 29, 2009

100 Uprinting Postcards Giveaway @AHappyHippyMom

My son will be graduating this year and it is very expensive their senior year with all the added cost for prom and such but I found a way to save a bunch by using Uprinting Postcards for graduation announcements. I just entered to win a 100 at A Happy Hippy Mom giveaway. That would save me from having to purchase announcements which are very expensive. Then there is postage cost and again by using Uprinting Postcards I will save money because instead of paying .44cents for mailing an envelope I will only have to pay .28 cents per postcard. That's a $16 savings per 100 mailed. Then the cost of 100 invitations $44 so if I win it will save me a total of $60 bucks. Now that's a great deal~!!!! It's a win win situation. If you would also like to enter just click here.

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