Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~Spring in the Air~

It's hard to believe that spring is here and we don't have snow on the ground. You see in Maine we always have snow on the ground in April. Matter of fact we have had significant snow fall in April. Up to 12-14 inches in one storm. It's usually hovers around 50 degress in the Month of April but not this year. We have had several days in the 60's and even a couple in the 70's. That is why I usually don't care for what most people call spring. To us Mainers Spring doesn't start until the Month of May here. Then it rains most of that month and into June. But not this year. It's been a beautiful spring. My 13yr old is all hyped up cause now it's finally bike riding and skateboarding season. He has so much energy and loves to do both and living in Maine the season is short. Time to dig out the bikes and get the tires pumped up and scooters wheels greased and the basketball hoops up again~! YEAH~!

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Nichol said...

It's been gorgeous here as well but it's saying snow for Friday boohoo! Not happy about that but it always happens.