Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Check Out The Mimobot Giveaway At Sweeps4Bloggers

These are the coolest Flash Drives I have ever seen~! They are called Mimobot's and Sweeps4Bloggers have teamed up with Mimoco to give one Sweeps4Bloggers reader a GiddyUp 4GB USB Flash Drive ~! That's her in the top left photo. Awesome right!?! Well that's just one of many designs of Mimobot's .
This is Molegory another Mimobot that you will find at Mimoco
This is Tikigod and as you can see they are all different and have there own personality and story to tell. Your bound to find one that you like. I myself liked GiddyUp the best and was excited to see that Sweeps4Bloggers is giving a GiddyUp to one lucky winner. I've got my entry in do you? If not and you want in for your chances to win GiddyUp just click here.
While your there you might want to subscribe through a reader or by email because this lady is busy and delivers some awesome reviews and is always having one giveaway or another. Your not going to want to miss out on all she has to offer trust me. My teenagers think I'm hip now because I know about new products before they do. I'm telling them about some of the new sites and tech items instead of them telling me now and one of the reasons is because I read Sweeps4Bloggers.

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