Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Art of Being Mom is having a Designer Catbox Giveaway~!

I have never seen a cat box like the Designer Catbox. I was so excited when I read the review at "The Art Of Being Mom" because I have a dog that just won't leave the cat box alone. We have tried everything. We bought a new litter box with a top on it hoping it would keep her out of it but it didn't work. We even tried putting up a child's gate because the cat could jump over it but that didn't work either because she would knock it down. The Designer Catbox not only looks good it's designed good. Dogs can't get into it. Yeah~! and it keeps litter from getting all over the house. I soooo need one of these. You just got to check it out. To learn more go to "The Art Of Being Mom" and check out her review and enter for your chance to win one.

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