Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scott Common Sense and $50 Visa Givaway @blessingsabound

we are a big fan of Scott Paper Products in this house so when I saw this review and giveaway at "Blessings Abound" http://454.me/1bhe3/
I just had to read and enter it. If you want to save money Scott can help you do that. The toilet Paper rolls last twice as long as other brands we have tried so in the long run(pun intended) it's the best for the money. Don't believe it. I challenge you to try it. Buy any 4 pack of toilet paper any brand and two rolls of Scott single roll. See which one last the longest and also cost the least. So far I haven't found one that beat the Scott Challenge yet lol. Any how back to what's going on at "Blessings Abound". She is currently having a giveaway Scott Product coupons and a $50 Visa GC. Coupons on a great product I use anyways is a great savings here. Read her complete review and giveaway by clicking on the link in this post.

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